Law and Disorder (1) - Recap

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The scene opens at a night club where a girl walks around lightheaded. She has been drugged. She stumbles up to the bar when a man asks her if she is alright. Suddenly the girl stumbles out of the club and a man hits her. Frank gets on scene and has the driver take a Breathalyzer Test, but he turns out to be sober. Horatio gets there and the Medical Examiner says that she was poisoned and that she was dead before the car even hit her. Horatio calls for a lockdown on the club. Walter says that they have to interview the people at the club individually. Delko and Duquesne talk to the waiter and he says that he asks her if she needed another drink. Duquesne takes a call and confirms a meeting and Delko overhears it. They run the tests and can’t find anything on the glasses. Duquesne finds a purse in the trash. It is the victim’s and they ID her as Denise Banes. Delko says that he heard her on the phone and she says that she is not going for a Private Investigator job and for him not to worry.

Delko finds that her eye drop solution in Denise’s purse has traces of Serine, a poisonous chemical. The Medical Examiner realizes that anyone who was near her could have been affected by it. Walter talks to the valet who had seen a girl come out, throwing up. He says that she gave him $100 to get her in a cab. They run a test on the money she gave him and it is positive for Serine. He asks if he is going to be infected and Walter says that he would have already been showing signs. Frank and Samantha go to the location where the female passenger wanted to be dropped off at by the cab company. Frank finds the girl. She asks for help. As Frank approaches her, he sees that she has a bunch of money in a duffel bag. Suddenly, the girl gets the upper hand on him and beat him up she walks away, but Samantha is there and hits her. She is a contract killer and says that she got a little Serine on her when she gave it to Denise. Frank asks her who hired her. She doesn’t say.

Delko and Boa Vista get to Denise’s apartment and she asks what she was doing to get targeted. They go through the apartment and all the files and books. They are not finding significant, until they find several containers of Chinese food. They realize that Denise wasn’t alone. They also find a dress and some “contribution” on it. Delko bags it. He hears an altercation outside to find a man and woman arguing. The woman accidentally hits Delko and he asks them if they knew Denise. They say that she was very promiscuous. Delko goes to Duquesne and gets patched up. He asks about the meeting she has. She says that she is thinking of adopting Austin and his sister. He says that if she needs help, to let him know. She says that she needs to have the kids to have stability and reminds that she and Delko are not in a stable relationship to be involved together. She gets up and leaves to go to her meeting. Boa Vista examines the dress and calls Horatio. She says that the “contribution” was from Randall Stafford, the head of Miami City Council. Horatio goes up to a press conference and says asks very loudly if he was involved in Denise’s murder. He walks over and says that he will talk to him later with his lawyer.

Randall Stafford’s lawyer, Volgo, comes in and Horatio is not happy to see him based on their past encounters. Gabby, Volgo’s co-counsel, asks Delko where he put the evidence when the couple in the hall had their altercation. Delko says that the evidence was out of his line of sight for a moment. Volgo says that it is inadmissible in court. Delko and Horatio talk and Horatio says that there has to be more to this. Boa Vista and Delko look at Denise’s notes. Boa Vista sees that they are in shorthand and deciphers that her notes are all linked to articles written by Denise. They realize that Denise was getting information from Stafford to go after the city. Delko remembers a case that happened where there was a street ordinance signed by Stafford. It was with a man named Ruiz and a man named Delonte Cassell. Delko says that he got away from the murder. Boa Vista says that they need to dig up the street. They do so and find that there are bullet casings embedded in the asphalt. They examine them and see that there is a fingerprint that belongs to Cassell.

They bring in Cassell and talk about the casings which they found in the asphalt. Cassell asks for his lawyer and Ryan says that ASA Josh Avery is there to prosecute him. Volgo arrives with Gabby and Ryan asks why he is there. It turns out that Cassell is Volgo’s client as well. Volgo looks at the casings picture and says that there is a .45 casing in the mix of the 9mm casings. Samantha looks it over again and realizes that he is right. Volgo says that all the evidence is to be thrown out. Later, Walter and Delko look at the clients that Volgo represented. They see that there is a pattern of Hung Juries and Acquittals due to lack of evidence. Delko recognizes that one of the clients is the same man who staged the fight outside of Denise’s apartment. Horatio goes up to Stafford at a memorial service for Denise. He says that they know about how Volgo has been blackmailing his clients to get information on people so that they can get an Acquittal on all their cases that come their way. Stafford says that he can’t testify in front of a jury with that information because he would get killed. He says that he is going to have to make a choice.

Horatio gets a call telling him that Volgo is there. He gets back to the lab and Volgo laughs at the accusations that Horatio puts on him about how Volgo has blackmailed his clients. Volgo turns the tables on them by forcing Gabby to take the fall for hiring the contract killer to kill Denise. Horatio tells her that she doesn’t have to do this and Horatio asks her if she has ever been to prison. She says that she hasn’t. Boa Vista says that she doesn’t have to be his scapegoat. However, she says that she will make her statement. Later at a press conference, Volgo says that there is evidence that Samantha mishandled evidence and that his client Estaban Avaro is to go free.

Samantha walks in and Ryan says that he thinks that Josh is the one who planted evidence. Unbeknownst to them that at that same moment, Volgo is meeting with Josh and it is true that he is working for him. Samantha says that if it is true, then she is done. Ryan says that it won’t happen as long as he has something to say about it. The episode ends.