Habeas Corpse (2) - Recap

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The episode begins with Wolfe regaining his consciousness. He appears to have a broken lip and a dislocated jaw. He is thinking about a conversation he had earlier in the day; about the State Attorney and Eric calls it heavy duty, going after the State Attorney for planting evidence. Boa tells them that every case that Sam woks on gets thrown away. Sam hears that. She calls Boa a bitch and leaves. Wolfe too leaves, saying that he has better things to do. Actually he is going to have a conversation with Josh. Wolfe tells Sam that either Josh played them or it’s Sam who is cheating them. He leaves. Cut to the present, he finds Josh lying on the floor at a distance. He tries waking him up, but he realizes that it’s late; he is dead.

He calls for help. Next, the team is at the office. Boa tells Sam that Wolfe had gone there only because of her. Sam tells her that she tried to stop him. Eric photographs Wolfe’s hands for evidence. Boa tells Sam that the one person who could testify that Sam has messed up the evidence is dead and she finds it leery. Wolfe tries to tell Caine that he didn’t kill Josh. He tells Caine about the conversation he had with Josh; as to how he feels that it is Josh who messed up the evidence. There is a burn on Wolfe’s hand which is caused by him running into a lamp during the scuffle at Josh’s and that Josh knocked him down and he passed out. Caine sees traces of blood on Wolfe’s jacket, but Wolfe tells them that Josh wasn’t bleeding during the fight. The forensics examines Josh’s body and the crime scene; and they find no trace or signs of the killer. Josh was attacked by a wine bottle.

Tom tells Walter that they should follow every detail closely. Meanwhile, Calleigh is going through the adoption formalities; as she is adopting two children. Her phone rings and she leaves. Calleigh strings the crime scene. And they conclude that Josh had another visitor, and Wolfe wasn’t lying. Wolfe arrives at the scene. Wolfe tells Walter that Josh had a cell phone, and they find it. But they also find out that the phone is a transmitter. Wolfe finds out that the land line too is bugged. Who wants to listen into the State Attorney’s phone calls? Wolfe thinks its Darren Vogel. Caine calls Vogel, but Vogel asks him to call back with evidence. Just then Caine is informed that the bug they pulled out of Josh’s phone belongs to the PD and the bar code suggests that it belonged to Sam. Caine confronts Sam. Sam tells him that she did it because he set them up and she wanted to prove it.

Caine wants her off the case. Eric tells Calleigh that they didn’t find anything from the cell phone but they find a conversation between Josh and Vogel. They bring in Vogel. But it seems that they don’t have a warrant for recording this conversation and if that is the case then that is an illegal wire tap. Caine wants him to listen to the conversation. Tom tells Vogel that Josh manipulated evidence for his clients. Vogel tells them that Josh had a lot of illicit activities but cant disclose them; attorney-client privilege. But he also says that Josh wasn’t his direct client. Sam is frustrated. Wolfe asks her for more information about Josh. She tells Wolfe that Josh had a boat; but never once has he taken her on it despite being in a relationship for two years. Wolfe asks her to tell him where the boat was docked. She tells him to inform her, just in case he found out something.

Next, the guys from the adoption agency arrive at the office and they meet Eric. Eric tells them that he and Calleigh have been there for each other for years; and that it makes them a family. He tells them that the kids would be blessed if Calleigh adopts them as there would be a lot of people to love them and protect them. Calleigh is not alone. They leave. Next, Frank and Boa go to the boat. The caretaker tells them that Josh’s buddy is on the boat dropping something. Just then someone opens fire and the caretaker is shot. Frank calls for help and Boa takes the guy down. But he is dead. Boa finds narcotics on the boat. And that was the reason he never got Sam on the boat and that’s what he got killed for. Eric suggests that they should find out the chemical composition of the drugs and work backwards. They find the composition and find a guy on the database who used to deal with that composition; Eddie Coster. And they find a link that leads to Darren Vogel. They bring in Eddie and ask him as to how his attorney got him out of that case.

He tells them that he cut some deal with the State Attorney. They inform Eddie that Josh is killed and that they found his stuff on the boat. The cops had confiscated 40kgs of narcotics from Eddie. Caine checks the evidence locker and finds that it’s all there. But just then they find some bugs in the packets and find out that the powder isn’t dope and that it’s been moved out. They check the list of people who accessed the evidence locker. Walter figures out that it was Sam. They are unable to reach Sam on the phone. Next, we see that Sam is driving and someone is holding a knife against her cheek; it’s Eddie. Vogel is at the back seat; cuffed. Vogel asks him to calm down. Eric and Caine are behind Sam’s car. But Sam’s car runs off the bridge and nose dives to the ground. They run down to get Sam and Sam is injured.

Vogel is badly injured. Wolfe finds a small green colored glass piece stuck in Sam’s shoe. It’s similar to the one he found at Josh’s place; when he came back to his senses. He runs a test on it and it’s a match. Sam was there the night Josh was killed. Wolfe wants to break the news to her. He goes to the hospital. He tells her that he knows that she was there. Sam asks him whether she is going to jail. She tells him that she arrived at Josh’s place and finds Wolfe lying on the floor. She got angry and asked Josh as to what he did to him.

But Josh slapped her and told her that it was her who brought Wolfe to his door. Sam got angry and attacks Josh with the wine bottle kept on the table. She got scared and left. Wolfe is upset that she left him there. He says that he always defended him but she still lied to him. She says that she is sorry that she let him down. Next, Calleigh is at the adoption agency and the adoption is approved. Both the children are happy that they are allowed to go with her. She calls Eric and breaks the news to him. Next, the team is trying to cheer Wolfe. The episode ends.