CSI: Miami

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In what year did the show premiere Medium msd85• 2000
• 2001
• 2002
• 2003
On what network does the show air Medium msd85• ABC
How many episodes were in the ninth season Medium msd85• 22
• 23
• 24
How many episodes were in the eighth season Medium msd85• 22
• 24
How many episodes were in the sixth season Medium msd85• 20
• 21
• 23
How many episodes were in the fifth season Medium msd85• 22
• 23
• 24
• 25
How many episodes were in the first-third seasons Medium msd85• 22
• 23
• 24
• 25
As of the 2011-2012 tv season, how many total seasons of CSI: Miami have aired Medium msd85• 11
• 13
What was the suspects profession in Broken Home Medium DeathIsARight• Doctor
• Lawyer
• Teacher
Why did the parents of the babysitter's charge come home late Medium DeathIsARight• Police stopped them
• Lost track of time
What was discovered that the Montavo's son was doing Medium DeathIsARight• Killing people
• Setting fires
• Lying
What jewelery caught Horatio's attention in Broken Home Medium DeathIsARight• Watch
• Bracelet
• Earrings
• Ring
Who asked Calleigh if there was a confidence issue why didn’t she say so in Broken Home Hard DeathIsARight• Ryan
• Horatio
• Tim
What was the unusual murder weapon in Broken Home Medium DeathIsARight• Bat
• Motorcycle Helmet
• Tree
Where did Horatio go at the end of Broken Home Medium DeathIsARight• Home
• Church
• Cemetery
What is the significance of the 100 in the episode title Death Pool 100 Easy DeathIsARight• 100 days since Horatio's wife died
• Total number of victims in the series
• There isn't one
Which inmate in Body Count was the child predator in Broken Medium DeathIsARight• Stewart Otis
• Hank Kerner
• Joe Aviar
• Robyn Kaye
What did the robbers demand from the quests in Death Pool Medium DeathIsARight• Wallets
• Jewelry
• Car Keys
• Nothing
Which CSI told another to stop touching evidence in Death Pool Medium DeathIsARight• Horatio
• Calleigh
• Eric
What was the gambling habit of a suspect in Death Pool Medium DeathIsARight• Dog Races
• Politics
• Poker
Which inmate was after Calleigh in Body Count Medium DeathIsARight• Joe Aviar
• Robyn Kaye
• Hank Kerner
Which two CSI agents were at the club that killed 20 in Tinder Box Medium DeathIsARight• Tim and Ryan
• Ryan and Horatio
• Tim and Eric
• Horatio and Calleigh
In Double Cap, what information was learned about Duke Medium DeathIsARight• Heavy Drinker
• He has AIDS
• He has cancer
• He killed someone
In Dead Woman Walking, What style poison killed Belle King Medium DeathIsARight• Bleach and Raid
• Acid and Bleach
• Rat and Acid
• Ingested radiation
Who turned out to be the assailant in Slaughterhouse Hard DeathIsARight• The Son
What was the last name of the Kennedy-esque family in Just one kiss Medium DeathIsARight• Hamilton
• Carter
• Dawes
• Anderson
What specialized unit did Horatio used to be part of Medium DeathIsARight• Bomb Squad
• National Guard
Why did Megan take time off Medium DeathIsARight• Having a baby
• Her husband was killed
• Illness
• She didn't
In Death Pool, who had a $100 note seized by the treasury Medium DeathIsARight• Calleigh
• Horatio
• Eric
In Death Pool, what part of Dakota's body held the clue to solving the case Medium DeathIsARight• Eye
• Earlobe
• Stomach
How many people survived the plane crash in the first episode Medium DeathIsARight• 2
• 4
• 1
• 3
What was the name of the toddler in Slaughter House Hard DeathIsARight• Jamie
• Lynn
• Brad
• Erin
Who got shot in the eye with a nail gun Hard DeathIsARight• Ryan
• Horatio
• Erica
• Calleigh
Why did Horatio hire Ryan Hard DeathIsARight• He didn't
• He liked him
• He had a degree
How many children does Alexx have Medium DeathIsARight• 2
• 1
• 5
Who pushed the man overboard in open water Medium DeathIsARight• Mother
• Stepdaughter
• Wife
What reporter was Ryan's fan Hard DeathIsARight• Mary
• Erica
Who is Horatio's brother Medium DeathIsARight• Raymond
• Dan
• Dillion
Who stole evidence in wannabe Medium DeathIsARight• Horatio
• Calleigh
• Wally
• Eric
Who did Ryan tell he wouldn't abandon their team in kill switch Medium DeathIsARight• Eric
• Calleigh
What was the treasure found in kill switch Hard DeathIsARight• Drugs
• Watches
In kill switch, what information did Ryan provide Medium DeathIsARight• Names and Numbers of individuals making threats
• Numbers of threat makers
• Email addresses
Who said people have gotten to casual about seeing a dead body Medium DeathIsARight• Ryan
• Calleigh
• Horatio
What was Ryan Wolfe's new career in Kill Switch Medium DeathIsARight• Teacher
• Artist
• Judge
What fear did Calleigh get over in season 1 Medium DeathIsARight• Dogs
• Birds
• Fire
Who was Calleigh's boyfriend in season 7 Medium DeathIsARight• Ryan Wolfe
• Eric Delko
• Frank Tripp
What is Calleigh's last name Easy DeathIsARight• Duquesne
• Anderson
• Mitchell
What is Eric Delko's real last name Hard chrhaga• Delektorsky
• Delko
• Delkorsky
Which of the team members has the nickname "Bullet Girl" Medium chrhaga• Calleigh Duquesne
• Natalia Boa Vista
• Maxine Valera
• Yelina Salas
What is the name of Horatio Caine's ex-wife Medium chrhaga• Alexx Woods
• Sarah Baxter
• Julia Winston
What is Horatio Caine's job Easy chrhaga• Doctor
• Sergeant
• Lieutenant