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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Blink

The team finds three young women, all of who appear to have been brutalized in the same way. The only witness they have is the surviving young woman, who can communicate only through blinking. Photographs found at one of the crime scenes lead the team to a couple that had sponsored one of the victims, and the boyfriend who claims he hasn't spoken to her in weeks.
Guest Stars: Conor Dubin as Jason Parnell | Michael Hagerty as Tim Goodman | J. Grant Albrecht as Dr. Leonard Giles | Jewel Christian as Jane Doe | Ana Alexander as Zoya Pavlova | Arsha Darbinyan as Nadia Ivanov | Jennifer Jackson (1) as LeAnn Goodman | Vitali Baganov as Dr. Bogdhan Ivanov | Andy Comeau as Carson Silo | Ajay Mehta as Dr. Smythe
Director: Deran Sarafian

2 :01x02 - Creatures of the Night

Junkie Jordy Thompkins was shot dead in an alleyway, but the bullet that killed him is missing. Taylor and Hawkes soon realize that a rat may have eaten the bullet, and finding the rat leads them to a robbery that occurred earlier that day. After Robin Prescott is found raped and beaten in Central Park with only a peony leaf on her clothing, Stella and Flack have the daunting task of trying to find the man who raped her, but Prescott has no memory of the crime.
Guest Stars: Josh Hammond as Calvin Montgomery | J. Grant Albrecht as Dr. Leonard Giles | Paul Greene as Young Man | Michele Hicks as Robin Prescott | Germaine De Leon as A.J. Dalton/A.J. Mata | Joseph Thomas as Donovan Tracey | Trae Ireland as Man | Nick Damici as Detective Patrick Colton | Sven Holmberg as Jordy Tompkins | Fred Koehler as Billy Rendish | David Marciano as Karl Drewdetski | William Russ as Arnold Prescott | Jeris Lee Poindexter as George Albergo | Carol Kiernan as Officer Jody Henderson
Director: Tim Hunter
Writer: Pam Veasey
Songs: UNKLE -- Celestial Annihilation

3 :01x03 - American Dreamers

After a skeleton is found on a tour bus and turns out to be over a decade old, Mac and the team use the backpack they have found to track the belongs to a young man named Aaron Moreland, only to learn that the body they have cannot possible belong to him. By tracing the victim's shirt, detectives are led to a youth center worker who claims not to remember the boy, but is hiding an old secret of his own.
Guest Stars: Julian Cain as John Doe | J. Grant Albrecht as Dr. Leonard Giles | J. Kyle Manzay as Boyfriend | Latarsha Rose as Girlfriend | Frank Medrano as Bruno | Charles Parks as Mr. Moreland | John Ross Bowie as Lester Jayne | Johnny Sneed as Joel/Aaron Moreland | Susan Ruttan as Mrs. Moreland | Thomas Kopache as Paul Danner
Director: Rob Bailey
Writer: Eli Talbert
Songs: Secret Machines -- Sad and Lonely

4 :01x04 - Grand Master

On the very night that he wins a D.J. competition, DJ Banner is found dead in an alleyway outside the club where the contest is being run, prompting Mac and Flack to investigate not only the club but also Banner's primary competition, who was jealous that his girlfriend's voice was part of Banner's act. Stella and Danny investigate the death of fashion designer Deborah Gayle, found face-down in the pool at her apartment by her assistant, who isn't concerned by her boss's demise. An autopsy reveals that the cause of death was poisoning by tetrodotoxin, a poison found in blowfish, which leads Stella and Danny to Fuqua Sushi.

Guest Stars: Shi Ne Nielson as Mitchiko Muzawa | Master P as Kevin Vick | Matias Masucci as DJ Francais | Maya Rubin as Monique | Ruel as Christopher Marcus/DJ Banner | Chayton Arvin as Samir Persaud | Jaerin Washington as Club-Goer | Olivia Burnette as Madison Haynes | Billy Aaron Brown as George Thomas | Symba Smith as Deborah Gayle | Ricky Harris (1) as Disco Placid | Long Nguyen as Mitsuo Katsui | Dorian Missick as MC Jayden Prince
Director: Kevin Bray
Songs: The Beastie Boys -- An Open Letter to NYC, LL Cool J -- Headsprung

5 :01x05 - A Man a Mile

Stella and Aiden investigate after finding the body of a teenage girl in a creek so soon realize that she was a middle-class girl attending a fancy school who was trying to make it seem like her family had more money than they did, and trace her movements to a nightclub. Mac and Danny investigate when a body is found in the tunnels without any protective gear on, and end up running into a brick wall when the Sandhogs union blocks many of their attempts to get information about the victim.
Guest Stars: Sarah Foret as Tina Paulson | Sarah Amstutz as Hannah Recchi | Mel Rodriguez as Al McGrath | Joshua Leonard as Matt Paulson | Melissa Lee as Melissa Wesley | Scott Richards as Attorney | Terry Kinney as District Attorney Tom Mitford | Vince Donvito as Jeff Wesley | Shashawnee Hall as Foreman | John DiMaggio as Mike Donelly | Joseph Sikora as Joe Riggs | Rosalee Mayeux as Hannah's Mother | Melissa Zanit as School Girl | Mike Pniewski as Tom Zito | Eric Ritter as Pete Riggs
Director: David Grossman

6 :01x06 - Outside Man

Terrell Davenport and Octavia Figueroa are the only survivors of a brutal slaying and robbery at a fast food restaurant that leaves Danny and Aiden scratching their heads when they can't find a suspect until they take a closer look into the life of one of the survivors. Mac and Stella investigate the death of a man who recently had his leg amputated, only to learn that there was no medical reason whatsoever why the limb had to be removed.
Guest Stars: Leticia Castillo as Octavia Figueroa | Greg Davis, Jr. (2) as Terrell Davenport | Patrick Bauchau as Dr. Willems | Sean Shanks as Jared Perkins | Laurence N. Kaldor as Frank Hertzberg | De'Angelo Wilson as Lamar Adams | Jacob Vargas as Luis Torres | Michael B. Silver as EMT | Paul Perri as Joe Garford | Denice J. Sealy as Raquel Trinidad | David Barrera as Jose Figueroa | Kristen Shaw as Deirdre Hertzberg
Director: Rob Bailey
Songs: Kenny Inglis -- Senseless

7 :01x07 - Rain

When the charred bodies of two men who had been robbing a Chinatown bank are found, the entire team investigates the crime, which leads them to Doris, the missing infant of the bank's manager. The team realizes that Joanna Cho assisted with the robbery out of fear for her daughter's life. Mac and Stella finally manage to track down the third robber, only to find him lying in a pool of blood, with a trail of bloody baby handprints leading away from the body.

Guest Stars: Samantha Quan as Joanne Cho | David Guzzone as Kevin Moretti | Kym Hoy as Nina Chang | Andre Ware as Tony Fenn | Mark Kelly (1) as Rob Bloom | Matt Bushell as Marvin Hummel | J. Scott Shonka as Handyman | Alex Sol as Luther Willett
Director: David Grossman
Writer: Pam Veasey

8 :01x08 - Three Generations are Enough

Danny and Mac investigate after a briefcase belonging to Luke Sutton is found left in the NYMEX with a bloody note inside. Their investigation into Sutton's activities leads them to Nick Lawson, whom Sutton had been investigating for illegal trades, but who swears he had nothing to do with his disappearance. Stella and Flack investigate the death of Trina Rolston, a young pregnant woman who fell to her death from the roof of a church. With Hawkes help, Stella realizes that the body was thrown off the roof to mask the true cause of death. The detectives soon realize that their two cases are connected.

Guest Stars: Kevin Pierce as Trader #1 | Sonya Walger as Jane Parsons | Mike Kirkland as Trader #2 | Mark Crane as Trader #3 | Gustavo Navarro as Trader #4 | Alex Madison as Trina Rolston | Peter O'Meara as Paul Stryzewski | Jerry Brennan as Security Rover | Nick McCallum as Rookie | Steven Flynn as Luke Sutton | Larry Clarke as Father Tim Murphy | Sarah Aldrich as Emily Dent | Tom Bresnahan as Nick Lawson | Jeff Campbell as Bomb Squad Lieutenant
Director: Alex Zakrzewski

9 :01x09 - Officer Blue

After mounted officer Valasquez is shot down in the park, Mac goes looking for the bullet that killed the officer only to learn that it is lodged in the horse's spine and cannot be removed without being fatal to the horse. The investigation leads them to a local street vendor, but stalls when the D.A. asks Mac not to do anything to risk the horse until after the woman who donated it has a chance to say goodbye. Aiden investigates the body of a young man, Lenny Starks, who was found face-down, dead in the street. Aiden traces the young man to a local pizza parlor where she faces intimidation from the bookies who use it as a gambling front.

Guest Stars: Terry Kinney as District Attorney Tom Mitford | Kanin J. Howell as Lenny Starks | Erin O'Connor as Mandi Como | Joleigh Fioravanti as Pizza Girl | Ara Anton as Pedestrian | Juddson Keith Linn as Officer Valasquez | Stig Eldred as Thug #1 | Kevin 'Repo' Thomas as Thug #2 | Sonya Walger as Jane Parsons | Gabriel Casseus as Jerald Brown | Barry Del Sherman as Richard Smockton | Denice J. Sealy as Raquel Trinidad | Paul Carafotes as Detective Charlie Thacker | Jude Ciccolella as Nick Vicenzo | Jim Metzler as Dr. Huff | Elle Fanning as Jenny Como | Charles Hutchins as British Tourist | Allen Payne as Willie Chancey
Director: Deran Sarafian

10 :01x10 - Night, Mother

A game of one-on-one is interrupted by the discovery of a woman covered in blood leaning over the body of another woman who has had a stake driven through her heart. Mac soon realizes the woman was sleepwalking and tried to save the victim's life, but the case stalls because she is the closest thing they have to a witness, and she has no memory of the event. Danny and Aiden investigate the brutal murder of a pickpocket whose identity they track down using information on an experimental medical trial. Money found in the victim's underwear leads the two to another pickpocket, but there is no obvious motive for Lenny Cook's death.

Guest Stars: Nicholas Pratley as Ryan Mallone | J. Grant Albrecht as Dr. Leonard Giles | Corin Nemec as Todd Camden | Sidney Faison as Dwayne Meade | Jamie Burton-Oare as Angela | Carmen Plumb as Sunshine | Heath Castor as Officer | Heather Kafka as Ophelia Dichiara | Michael Irby as Eduardo | Scott Valentine as Dr. Steven Rydell | Craig Baxley, Jr. as Lenny Cook | Ranjani Brow as Rachel Camden | Bradley Stryker as Jason Walder
Director: Deran Sarafian
Writer: Janet Tamaro
Songs: Jay-Z -- Dirt Off Your Shoulder, Terror Squad -- Lean Back

11 :01x11 - Tri-Borough

Mac and Stella investigate the electrocution death of a man found in a subway tunnel. Danny investigates the murder of a gallery owner whose death is connected to the mob. Aiden and Flack investigate the death of a construction worker.

Guest Stars: Kelly Hu as Detective Kaile Maka | Kellan Lutz as Alex Hopper | Brad Prepon as Bill Lemakkia | Noa Hegesh as Julie Galanis | Eugene Collier as Working Man | Freddy Bouciegues as Randy Hontz/Slick | Carter Jenkins as Will Galanis | Sean Vincent Biggins as Leo Whitefield | Peter Giles as John James III | T.J. Thyne as Ron Leatham | Dennis Keiffer as Skinhead #2 | Jay Acovone as Paul Gianetti | Derek Mears as Skinhead #1 | Ray Abruzzo as Bob Galanis | Patrick Brennan as Ryan Brocco
Director: Greg Yaitanes

12 :01x12 - Recycling

Mac, Aiden and Flack investigate when Elaine Curtis is found dead at a dog competition, a knitting needle sticking out of her chest, and no shortage of suspects ranging from judges to trainers to contestants. Stella and Danny investigate the death of bicycle messenger Michael Starling, but the crime scene may have been anywhere along his route.

Guest Stars: Neil Giuntoli as Mark Stutz | Sonya Walger as Jane Parsons | Hira Ambrosino as Angie Soon | Desi Lydic as Elaine Curtis | Marc Lynn as Owner #1 | Tiger Mendez as Detective | Marcia Firesten as Owner #2 | Julia Duffy as Millie Hanford | Steve Hytner as Alvin Marbert | Brad Greenquist as Theodore Gates | Robert Costanzo as Frank Meadows | Paul Carafotes as Detective Charlie Thacker | Aisha Hinds as Brett Stokes | Zach Grenier as Dr. Ross Howell
Director: Alex Zakrzewski

13 :01x13 - Tanglewood

Mac and Stella investigate the death of Paul Montenassi, a young man left to bleed to death in the snow. The investigation leads them to another victim, Mihok Lev, who had been killed by Montenassi in a robbery earlier that evening. When Hawkes concludes his autopsy on Montenassi, he is able to reveal a sanded-off tattoo that leads the detectives to the Tanglewood Boys. Danny and Aiden investigate the hit-and-run that caused the death of Marta Santo. After discovering sperm on the woman's clothing, Danny and Aiden learn that Santo liked things rough, and their investigation leads them to an erotic massage parlor.

Guest Stars: Michael DeLuise as Sonny Sassone | Nick Di Brizzi, Jr. as Paul Montenassi | Michael J. O'Hara as Bartender | Vivan Dugre as Marta Santo | Bret Ernst as Pelham Boy #1 | Tyler Reign as Pelham Boy #2 | Anthony Martins as Mihok Lev | Bryan Hayes (1) as Tony Baba | Sonya Walger as Jane Parsons | Anjul Nigam as Harish Lev | Irene Tsu as Madam Tuki Song | Fredric Lehne as Ross Lee | Jordana Spiro as Secretary Tavia Greenburg | Denice J. Sealy as Raquel Trinidad | Marco Sanchez as Ramir Santo | Eamon Behrens as Johnny Lucerno | Cyia Batten as Ariana Lee | Stacy Edwards as Debbie Montenassi
Director: Karen Gaviola

14 :01x14 - Blood, Sweat & Tears

The body of a young trapeze artist is found folded into a box on Coney Island, leading Mac and Stella to the circus where they find themselves embroiled in a real-life Romeo and Juliet story between the dead contortionist, Lukas, and a trapeze artist, Anasuya. Danny and Flack find a woman's body in a laundry chute and learn that she was actually the former sorority sister of the woman who lived in that building, and turn their suspicion to the abusive husband the woman was hiding from.

Guest Stars: Katie Chonacas as Anasuya Espargosa | Bee Jay Joyer as Juggler #1 | Olga Karavaeva as Juggler #2 | Matthew Love as Clown #3 | Jim Pirri as Bernardo Espargosa | Hugh Scott as Eric Slovenski | Daniel Browning Smith as Lukas Neiman | Kendra Sue Waldman as Lita Cartey | Darlene Ava Williams as Elephant Rider | Perry L. Brown as Grady | Kevin Bickford as Clown #2 | Brian Tahash as Clown Judge | Victor Browne as Jason Cartey | Anthony Crivello as Ringmaster | Michael Maize as Jake Lydell | Mark Ivanir as Maxwell Neiman | Michael Cornacchia as Rosie | Sarah Lafleur as Paige Worthy | Chris Kohn (1) as Gator | Ted Shred as Fire Eater
Director: Scott Lautanen

15 :01x15 - 'Til Death Do We Part

The team's investigation into the death of Hannah Bloom, who died at her own wedding, is put on hold when her father refuses to allow them to perform an autopsy until after his daughter's body is blessed by a rabbi. Danny and Mac turn their attention to the woman who trained the doves who were supposed to be released, but cannot tie her directly to Bloom, who died from formaldehyde poisoning. Stella, Flack and Aiden investigate when a hand is found deep underground, and soon realize that the dead man, Rick Amadori, chewed off his own hand. It seems like a slam dunk when the son of a man Amadori killed three years earlier confesses to the crime, but things aren't as easy as they seem.

Guest Stars: Christopher Watters (1) as Rick Amadori | Bess Wohl as Audrey Davis | Diva Zappa as Della Fallon | David DeLuise as Lance Moretti | Michele Specht as Assistant Medical Examiner/Jenny | Moshe Rothblum as Rabbi Meir | Haran Jackson as Groom #2 | Laura Buckles as Bridesmaid | Kelly Hu as Detective Kaile Maka | Rick D. Wasserman as Walter Lisco | Tracey Costello as Toni Terrell | Jim Ortlieb as John Swinton | Neal Matarazzo as Henry Milton | Andy Milder as Truman Jafari | Jeff Parise as Bobby Lugano | Robin Thomas as Abel Bloom | Allen Rice as Minister | Sam Huntington as Connor Mulcahy
Writer: Pam Veasey

16 :01x16 - Hush

Mac and Stella investigate when they find the body of Paddy Dolan, a longshoreman. Part of the body is found on a transport truck and another part back at the warehouses, but Mac encounters difficulty with the investigation when the workers put up a wall of silence against them. Aidan and Danny investigate the death of Debbie Bogda, who was found naked on the expressway, and their investigation leads them into a world of sexual games and bondage once they realize she was actually harnessed to the front of a truck.
Guest Stars: Chad Lindberg as Chad Willingham | Ed O'Ross as Paul "Tiny" Wojewedski | Tory Kittles as Sean Bally | Carlos Sanchez (1) as Manny Moraga | Kevin Kerns as Paddy Dolan | Tauvia Dawn as Debbie Bogda | Martin Bright as Jeeves the Slave | Sonya Walger as Jane Parsons | Laura Leigh Hughes as Jennifer Stupaine | Albie Selznick as John Stupaine | Ted Raimi as "Garage" Joe Strahil | Kim Coates as Detective Vicaro | Matthew Porretta as Ron Bogda | Mark Sheppard as Kevin Hannigan | Jared Poe as Jimmy Prineman | Dermott Downs as Bartender | Bumper Robinson as Mike Prineman
Director: Deran Sarafian

17 :01x17 - The Fall

When young gang members murder the owner of an upscale Bronx wine store, the CSI’s must work to find evidence that ultimately ties someone to the crime. Before dying, the storeowner makes a statement to police identifying his attackers as young gang members. Tempers flare when the murder investigation reunites Detective Flack with his long-time mentor and friend Sergeant Gavin Moran, who was the first to arrive at the crime scene. Meanwhile, Danny and Aiden investigate the death of an influential movie producer found dead on the canopy of his Chelsea apartment building.
Guest Stars: William Wallace (4) as Owner | Brad Grunberg as Melvin Heckman | Sonya Walger as Jane Parsons | Mike Risco as Hector Vasquez | Erik Alexander Gavica as Tomas Perez | Cisco Reyes as Luis Accosta | Casey Strand as Gwen | Patrick Fischler as Brent | Stacey Travis as Chandra Heckman | Rose Abdoo as Blanca Vasquez | Jack Gwaltney as Sergeant Gavin Moran | Clark Gregg as District Attorney Allen McShane
Director: Norberto Barba
Writer: Anne McGrail

18 :01x18 - The Dove Commission

When the chief investigator of a controversial report documenting corruption within the NYPD is gunned down the day before his findings are published, Mac and Stella must find the killer, launching a massive search that makes every officer listed in the report a suspect. Meanwhile, Danny and Aiden investigate the murder of a gypsy cab driver.

Guest Stars: Mike Starr as Chief Vince Robinson | Patrice Fisher as Jamie Banks/Savannah | Joy Gohring as Donna | Timon Kyle Durrett as TARU Officer Jasper | Dar Dixon as Commission Member | Toby Holguin as Fernando Reyes | Diana R. Lupo as Charlotte DuBios | Ben Robin as Strip Club Owner | Chad Lindberg as Chad Willingham | J. Grant Albrecht as Dr. Leonard Giles | Clay Wilcox as Paul Baxter | Norman Howell as Dan Stanwyk | Leslie Bega as Grace Walderson | Jeremy Ray Valdez as Antonio Reyes | Alanna Ubach as Constance Briell | David Packer as Morty Sherman | Pete Gardner as Gavin Arnold | Sydney Walsh as Laural Stanwyk | Mark Rolston as Inspector Bill Markoni
Director: Emilio Estevez

19 :01x19 - Crime and Misdemeanor

When the body of a young woman is discovered at a laundry facility, the bed sheets she is wrapped in lead Mac and Stella back to an upscale New York hotel that houses diplomats from around the world when the United Nations is in special session. Meanwhile, Danny and Aiden investigate the death of a homeless man found dressed as a human statue. By all accounts, the prank is deemed a misdemeanor, but Danny decides to delve further and his refusal to stop the investigation puts him at odds with Mac.
Guest Stars: Sonya Walger as Jane Parsons | Chad Lindberg as Chad Willingham | Dominic Fumusa as Robert Costa | Kevin Alejandro as Tom Martin | Steven Petrarca as Frank Barrett | Andre Kristoff as Tony Garcia | Silas Weir Mitchell as David Scott | Larry Gillard, Jr. as Officer Omar Lilly | Leia Thompson as Paula Reed |
Co-Guest Stars: George Haycraft as Beat Boxer | April Bowlby as Jenny Lee
Director: Rob Bailey

20 :01x20 - Supply and Demand

When a college student is beaten, shot to death and his apartment ransacked in what appears to be a drug-related hit, the team must track down his killers. After examining the evidence in the murdered student's apartment, the team finds traces of pure, unprocessed heroin and discovers that the victim had a female roommate who is now missing. Meanwhile, Stella's aggressive interrogation tactics with a witness threaten her police badge.

Guest Stars: Sunkrish Bala as Alex | Joe Morton as Chief Dwight Hillborne | Chad Lindberg as Chad Willingham | Jowharah Jones as Kaitlyn | Devon Cromwell as Will Novick | Trent Gill as Bill | Taylor Sheridan as Joel Banks | Cliff Weissman as Mr. Novick | Don Wallace (1) as Shaun Deroy | Matt McCoy as Martin Benson | Lindsay Parker as Jordan Benson | Amy Aquino as Diane Lipstone
Director: Joe Chappelle

21 :01x21 - On the Job

A routine investigation at a crime scene turns sour when Danny is attacked by a criminal hiding in the victim's house. He gives chase to the subway, where shots are fired - during which the offender vanishes and a police officer is killed, leaving Danny as prime suspect. Stella investigates the body of a nanny found in a Central Park public lavatory.
Guest Stars: Yvonne de La Paix as Maid | Kimberly Dooley as Glenda Wallace | Noureen DeWulf as Matrice Singh | Chris Tardio as Steve Dark | Alison Raimondi as Nurse | Patricia Martinez as Sandra Lopez | Sean Jeffrey Jones as Uniformed Officer | Kamala Mathis as Fire Breathing Woman | Chad Lindberg as Chad Willingham | James Lancaster as Butler | Maurice Compte as Michael Armstrong | Adina Porter as Shannon Goodall | Alanna Ubach as Constance Briell | Octavia Spencer as Child Welfare Representative | Joe Morton as Chief Dwight Hillborne | Nick Damici as Detective Patrick Colton | Valeri Ross as Attorney | Gilbert Rosales as Detective Rodney Minhas

22 :01x22 - The Closer

Danny puts his baseball skills to the test as he pieces together the evidence in the case of an avid Boston Red Sox fan found dead after his team lose to New York.
Guest Stars: Petros Papadakis as Rico Savalas | Sonya Walger as Jane Parsons | Michael Clarke Duncan as Quinn Sullivan | Gina Doctor as Tech | Dan Kruse as Attorney | Jason Cerbone as Tony Reanetti | Marty Yost as Gilbert Novotny | Brian Jay (2) as Stuart Ashton | Danielle Burgio as Margo Trent | Kathryn Harrold as Judge Beverly Fulton | Amaury Nolasco as Ruben DeRosa | Andrew Bowen as Bryce Sweet | Raphael Sbarge as District Attorney Latham
Director: Emilio Estevez
Writer: Pam Veasey

23 :01x23 - What You See is What You See

Mac gets caught in the middle of a shooting at a cafe while having breakfast, and finds himself torn over whether to pursue the gunman or help a waitress injured in the attack - but as the team gives chase, the detective has more private decisions to make.
Guest Stars: Garret Dillahunt as Steve Collins | J. Grant Albrecht as Dr. Leonard Giles | Penelope Ann Miller as Rose | Ben Bode as Professor Newlin | Raphael Sbarge as District Attorney Latham | Wil Horneff as Dennis Sporco
Director: Duane Clark
Warning: CSI: NY guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
Status: Canceled
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 22, 2004
Ended: February 22, 2013
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