Season 2

24 :02x01 - Summer in the City

The CSI's offices have relocated to a Manhattan high rise which includes new labs, a staff break room and new office equipment with state-of-the-art technology. Also, after expressing his interest in moving out of the coroner's office, Dr. Hawkes joins the team in the field and his first case has him working with Mac on the death of a skyscraper climber. Although hundreds of witnesses were on hand to see the climber fall, the team suspects foul play and believes someone may have caused his death. Meanwhile, Stella and Danny investigate the murder of a New York fashion designer killed while wearing an eight million dollar diamond bar from his own collection.
Guest Stars: Ron Yuan as Dr. Evan Zao | Gary Kasper as Bodyguard | Alla Korot as Connie Williams | Allen Lulu as Officer | Tom Schanley as Eli Bishop | Amy Stewart as Brenda Dillard | Chad Williams as D.J. Pratt | Elizabeth Ann Bennett as Regina Bowen | Natalina Maggio as Tennis Star | David Rodwell as Boy | Katherine Boecher as Nicole | Peter Dobson as Fred Becker | John Johnson (1) as Fashion Photographer | David Julian Hirsh as Zack Shannon | Jamie Elman as Adam Sorenson | Mark Aiken as Whitman Price
Writer: Pam Veasey

25 :02x02 - Grand Murder at Central Station

While investigating the murder of a plastic surgeon, Mac and Hawkes discover that suspects abound since the doctor had pending lawsuits with patients who sued him for millions. Meanwhile, Stella and Danny delve into the world of cuddle parties while tracking the killer of a blind woman found on a Manhattan rooftop. Stella enlists the help of a sculptor to aid her with a facial reconstruction project that will help nab the suspect. Also, Aiden grows frustrated when she's unable to find evidence to finally send a repeat rapist to jail. And, the CSIs lose a member of the team.
Guest Stars: Ron Yuan as Dr. Evan Zao | Paul Wesley as Steve Samprass | Jay Kenneth Johnson as Paul Deacon | Laird MacIntosh as Dr. Spencer Howard | Natalina Maggio as Young Debutant | Casey McCarthy as Melanie Hampton | Steve Paymer as Donald Scott | Larry Poindexter as Dr. Stanley Thatcher | Ed Quinn as Frankie Mala | Sarah Scherger as Mother | Sonia Segal as Evelyn Danner | Todd Stashwick as Ira Feinstein | Lauren Bowles as Jamie Blake | John Cappon as EMT | Renee Darmiento as Young Female | John Dove as Det. John Scagnetti | Leroy Edwards III as Sax Player | Scott Elrod as Young Male | Francis Guinan as Ron Miller | David Julian Hirsh as Zack Shannon | Aria Wallace as Emily
Director: Scott Lautanen

26 :02x03 - Zoo York

When a man is torn to pieces by a tiger at the New York animal conservatory, Mac, Lindsay and Danny must discover who was responsible for getting him there.

While investigating a vicious tiger mauling at a New York zoo, the CSIs question the workers at the meatpacking plant the victim owned. Meanwhile, Stella and Dr. Hawkes must solve the murder of a debutante found dead on a Central Park carousel. Also, a new CSI (Anna Belknap) joins the team.
Guest Stars: Ron Yuan as Dr. Evan Zao | Daniel Arrias as Bobby Veneiti | Joel Brooks as Felix Parker | Michelle Ewin as Missy Freemont | Peter Onorati as Angelo Venetti Sr. | Rebecca Staab as Jessica Freemont | Ross Thomas as Sam Richards | Ellen Woglom as Briana Freemont | Gary Wolf as Ryan Knight | David Julian Hirsh as Zack Shannon | Lesli Kay as Tanya Danville | Andrew Fiscella as Mickey D\' Amato
Director: Norberto Barba

27 :02x04 - Corporate Warriors

When a man collapses and dies in the middle of the annual San Gennaro festival in Little Italy, the team must investigate how the victim ended up with a wood sliver in his heart.

The San Gennaro festival draws over one million revelers annually, making the site a tough crime scene to process. When Stella and Danny are called to investigate a murder at this site, the clues lead them to a pool hall destroyed in a brawl. Meanwhile, Mac and Lindsay investigate the murder of a CFO found decapitated on a bench in Central Park. The investigation leads them to a financial office where the executives practice martial arts competitively. Also, Dr. Hawkes and Det. Flack investigate a suspicious apartment fire that kills a 10-year-old chess champion.
Guest Stars: Ron Yuan as Dr. Evan Zao | Tony Schiena as Paul Martin | Katheryn Winnick as Lisa Kay | Javier Picayo as Tom Nikkos | Karen S. Gregan as Karen Walker | Devin Brochu as James Walker | Ramya Pratt as Nina Robertson | Paul Schulze as Luke Robertson | Lori Petty as Maddy
Director: Rob Bailey

29 :02x05 - Dancing with the Fishes

Mac, Stella and Det. Flack investigate the death of a young dancer who seems to fall from the sky and crashes into a car near the Queensboro Bridge.

The team learns that the young dancer was enrolled in a famous dance school and her fellow competitors seem the most likely suspects. Meanwhile, when a local fish merchant's body is found, Danny and Dr. Hawkes trace him back to the recently relocated Fulton Fish Market where they discover that he was impaled by a swordfish. Their investigation leads them to a high-priced Manhattan private school where parents will pay any price to get their children enrolled. Also, Lindsay examines the death of a Roosevelt Island Tram driver found dead on board by early morning commuters. Scenes from this episode with series stars Gary Sinise, Melina Kanakaredes and Eddie Cahill were filmed on location in New York City's Herald Square.
Guest Stars: Maxine Bahns as Anna | Rhys Coiro as Razor | Mekia Cox as Kia Rowe | Chastity Dotson as Tera Grace | Chris Ellis (1) as Vincent Williams | Kevin Fry as McShea | Walker Haynes as (uncredited) | Austin Highsmith as Rebecca Zernecky | Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Ron Lester as Officer Murphy | Nick Paonessa as Richard Daly | Michael Petrone as Fred Bayliss | Julia Rose (1) as Laura Bayliss | Sarah M. Scott as Shayna | Barbara Tarbuck as Vivian Claven | James Tupper as Paul Zernecky
Director: Steven DePaul

29 :02x06 - YoungBlood

After a wealthy middle-aged man is murdered in the elevator of his Park Avenue apartment building, the team must track the only witness to the crime who fled the scene.

After a wealthy man is shot at close range in an elevator just outside of his penthouse apartment, Mac and Det. Flack realize that a companion may have witnessed the murder. Their investigation leads Danny and Lindsay into the world of underage high school girls who disguise their age and revel in the Manhattan social scene in order to meet wealthy men. Meanwhile, Stella and Dr. Hawkes investigate the death of a seemingly well-off young man found in a Central Park lake who seems to have two identities.
Guest Stars: Ryan Carnes as Nigel Ballantyne | Michelle Carr as Waitress | Greg D'Agostino as Uniformed Cop | Richard Gleason as Jason Kinsey | Christopher Grove as Brad Dobson | Walker Haynes as (uncredited) | Ross McCall (1) as Mike Adams | Kristina Page as Young School Girl | Kristen Renton as Melanie Dobson | Skyler Stone as Ben Lowell | Holly Valance as Lydia
Director: John Peters (3)
Writer: Eli Talbert

30 :02x07 - Manhattan Manhunt

A crossover episode that began on "CSI Miami" concludes with escaped serial killer Henry Darius murdering a group of teens in a luxury apartment where he tries to steal millions of dollars from a high-tech security vault. While working the case in Manhattan, Horatio is served with a subpoena that names him as a suspect in an unsolved murder more than 20 years ago in Queens.
Guest Stars: Andrew St. John as Dalton | David Rodwell as Frank Collins | Damani Roberts as Adam | Evan Parke as Albert Grafton/Big Al | Alan Marco as Subpoena Server | Samantha Lockwood as Samantha | Brian Lloyd as Window Washer | Robyn Lively as Secretary | Peyton List as Alexa Endecott | Carlos Leon as Vince Rosetti | Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Michael Gross as Tom Endecott | Kandis Erickson as Paige | John J. Dalesandro as Maitre'D | Alicia Coppola as Carmen Cavallo | Lisa Canning as Lydia Johnson | Rick Hoffman as Feldstein | Kat Dennings as Sarah Endecott | James Badge Dale as Henry Darius | David Caruso as Horatio Caine
Director: Rob Bailey

31 :02x08 - Bad Beat

After a player is caught cheating and is kicked out of a high stakes poker game, the results are deadly when the host is murdered with a shotgun.

A friendly poker game turns deadly when the players realize one of their own is cheating, beat him mercilessly and kick him out of their apartment. When a knock on the door is followed by a shotgun blast that kills the host, Mac and Stella follow their only lead, the ejected player. Meanwhile, Danny and Dr. Hawkes investigate the murder of a local news station's weather girl and their search uncovers a tape she was desperately trying to hide.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Troy Blendell as Leonard Curson | John Colella as Robert Dulcet | Tony Daly as Joel Ivey | Walker Haynes as (uncredited) | Gwen Holloway as Helen | Agim Kaba as Eddie Brunson | Lochlyn Munro as Ethan Fallon | Jake O'Flaherty as Curtis | A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross (Recurring)
Director: Duane Clark
Songs: Franz Ferdinand -- Do You Want To

32 :02x09 - City of the Dolls

Then the owner of a doll hospital is found murdered and a doll's arm proves to be the murder weapon, the CSIs struggle to find clues in their creepiest crime scene yet.

When the body of a man is discovered buried among a pile of detached doll parts, Mac, Lindsay, Det. Maka (Hu) and Danny are called to one of their most bizarre crime scenes yet. The team must piece together the clues and doll parts to discover who murdered the store's owner. Meanwhile, a beautiful waitress is found dead in a studio apartment recently bestowed to her by one of her patrons.
Guest Stars: Kelly Hu as Detective Kaile Maka | Kate Norby as Monica Drake | Aimee Garcia as Rhonda Chavez | Victor McCay as Harry Ellis | Madison Davenport as Abby Drake | Buddy Dolan as Hacker | Mitchell W. Fink as Russell McCulley | Walker Haynes as (uncredited) | Helena Mattsson as Lauren | Leila Arcieri as Darcy Sullivan | Kristina Anapau as "Nurse" Felton | Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback
Director: Norberto Barba
Writer: Pam Veasey

33 :02x10 - Jamalot

After a pile-up during a heated match between two of New York's all-female roller derby teams turns deadly, Mac, Stella and Lindsay investigate the skater's death, whose beauty and multiple endorsements may have caused her murder.

When a game between rival teams, the Manhattan Minx and Brooklyn Clobbers, ends in the murder of the premier skater in the league, the CSIs must discover if her murder was an act of jealousy from one of her teammates or if she was killed by an opposing skater because of her competitive edge. Meanwhile, Danny and Sheldon investigate the death of a gifted writer who is found with the final chapter of his latest novel written on his entire body, leading them to believe that their suspect likely suffers from hypergraphia.

Mia Sara ("Ferris Bueller's Day Off") guest stars as Cala Winger, victim Griffin Holden's book editor, who reports him missing and seems more concerned with the missing chapter from his manuscript than with his death.
Guest Stars: Shawn Christian as Coach Ryan Chisholm | Jenna Gering as Layla Vonner | Eric Lange as Simon Winger | Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Robert Mailhouse as Stan Vonner | Mia Sara as Cala Winger | Emma Bates as "Birdy Of Prey" | Noa Tishby as "Polly Part 'Em" | David Starzyk as Charles Holden | Tony Pasqualini as Dr. Brandon Hardy | Derek Hughes as John | Cameron Goodman as "She Hate Me"/Rose Wilson | Matthew Frauman as Eddie Jones |
Co-Guest Stars: Shanti Wintergate as "Hallie On Wheels" | Joshua Dov as Griffin Holden
Songs: Lady Sovereign -- Random, Coldplay -- Talk

34 :02x11 - Trapped

A stripper is found dead in an alley on a klieg light that projects her silhouette onto the Chrysler Building. The investigation reveals that earlier the victim was lube wrestling with an overly aggressive customer who was thrown out of the club where she worked. Across town, a reclusive billionaire is discovered murdered in his bedroom with his throat slit. Danny then becomes trapped in a panic room inside the victim's mansion.
Guest Stars: Jonah Lotan as Dr. Marty Pino | Wayne Duvall as John Grimes | Alexandra Barreto as Linda Cortez | Val Lauren as Jerry Gordon | Vince Grant as Dr. Lyle Penn | John Eric Bentley as Roger Hagler | Ryan Alosio as Andy | Dylan Tays as Angie Charles

35 :02x12 - Wasted

Mac, Danny and Dr. Hawkes are puzzled by the death of a runway model and their case becomes even more complex when a second model is found dead in a cargo area staged outside of the fashion show.

Meanwhile, a terminally ill patient walks into the precinct and confesses to the murder of his doctor. Stella, Det. Flack and Lindsay question the suspect's confession when they realize the doctor was moonlighting as an alternative healer.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross | Sam Littlefield as Paul Richmont | Kelly Overton as Lynette Richmont | Lee Burns as Gavin Ruvelle | Will McCormack as Todd Miller | Mark Steines as Entertainment Reporter | Kristin Proctor as Tracy Colton | Claudia Mason as Serena Portinova | Gayle Brown (1) as Nadia Roque | Katie A. Keane as Dr. Rachel Jeffries | Andrew Patrick Ralston as Peter Rector | Lisa Gleave as Jennifer Fazotti
Director: Jeff Thomas

36 :02x13 - Risk

A 19-year-old college student is found dead on the tracks of the subway after apparently riding on top on the train. A shark's tooth is found embedded into his hand and four tropical fish are discovered in his stomach. The evidence points to murder, not an accident.

Meanwhile, Stella probes the murder of a commodity trader found dangling by a cord out of his office's 40th-floor window. The investigation reveals that the man was killed before he was tossed outside.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross | John Enos III as Chuck White | Mark Famiglietti as Bobby Martin | Rick Pasqualone as Q.T. Jammer | Trevor Wright as Perry Lohmann | John Billingsley as Cecil Arthur | Christian Svensson as Vinnie Marino | Danny Gill as Seamus Reiter | Sandra McCoy as Amber Capece | Kanin J. Howell as Randy Williams
Director: Rob Bailey

37 :02x14 - Stuck on You

Mac, Det. Flack and Dr. Hawkes investigate the death of a model and an injured 20-something billionaire who were both speared by an arrow while hooking up at his party. Stella, who was attending the event as a guest, joins the investigation as the team works to discover who was the intended target--the playboy who is notorious for his conquests, or the model he had just met.

Meanwhile, Danny and Lindsay question a multitude of suspects when a music promoter is found dead, coated with glue and covered in the billboard posters of the band he was trying to break out.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Ed Quinn as Frankie Mala | Jonathan Cherry as James Golden | Shelly Cole as Elva | Cameron Dye as Damon Runyon | C.J. Thomason as Patrick Thompson | Gonzalo Menendez as Gus Drood | Rochelle Aytes as Sienna | Mark Deklin as Rick Smith | Kelly A. Ogden as Stephanie O’Dell

38 :02x15 - Fare Game

Mac, Stella and Det. Flack uncover the latest fantasy game sweeping New Yorkers of every class and status -- an assassination game called "water gun wars," where each player receives a pack of photos from an unknown source, and then must track and shoot their targets with a water gun or balloon before another player kills them first.

Meanwhile, when a woman is found dead in her Manhattan apartment, Danny, Sheldon and Det. Maka trace her steps to an exotic cuisine event where the main course includes live centipedes, Brazilian cockroaches, live octopus and fried tarantulas, among other delicacies.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Kelly Hu as Detective Kaile Maka | Wayne Knight as Truman Bosch | Kevin Rahm as Tony Collins | Tim Guinee as Chris Matthews | Sprague Grayden as Jennifer Cooper | A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross | Benny Nieves as William Tucker | Kyle Davis as Jordan Stokes | William Abadie as Michel Hetu | Sammi Hanratty as Emma Matthews | Adam Huss as Kyle Vance | Paula Trickey as Kathleen Dunley | Rance Howard as Samuel Cooper
Director: Kevin Dowling

39 :02x16 - Cool Hunter

When blood begins pouring from the faucets of a building, Mac, Det. Flack and Lindsay investigate and find a female doorman dead in the building's water tank.

After learning that the building in which their victim was found had six suspicious deaths over a 10 year period, Lindsay begins to question the science and wonders if the building is cursed. Mounting evidence seems to point to only one suspect, a doctor who swears he had no interaction with the victim, even though their lives seem intertwined.

Meanwhile, when a trend spotter is killed in Washington Heights after photographing a stylish teen, Stella, Sheldon and Danny question the marketing executive whose business was affected most by the victim's foray into the neighborhood.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Daniella Alonso as Jenny Rodriguez | Michael DeLorenzo as Rico "Ricky" Cerda | Brian Bloom as Dr. Craig Zimmer | Bryan Dattilo as Lucas Garlobo | Nick Offerman as Joe Green | Challen Cates as Stacie Avida | Yan Ruiz as Elliott Stanton | Mati Moralejo as Handball Player
Director: Norberto Barba

40 :02x17 - Necrophilia Americana

Mac, Stella, Sheldon and Lindsay investigate the death of a museum curator murdered in the wing her wealthy family donated and the crime's only witness refuses to talk.

Mac becomes particularly protective of the only witness in his murder investigation, a young boy found in shock at the exhibit, which after seeing the grizzly crime confuses the events at the museum with a comic book he was reading at the time. The team works to discover if the motive was money, given the curator's wealth, or if the witness has something to do with it when the CSIs find he has ties to the victim.

Meanwhile, Danny and Det. Flack are called to a construction site where a man is found dead with a mouth full of foam sealant, which leads them to an extreme golf association with members who play in the streets of the city's five boroughs.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Sonya Walger as Jane Parsons | Marina Black as Carolyn Astor | Vincent Young as Stewart DeCaro | Reynaldo Gallegos as Jose Martinez | Anna Alvim as Elena Martinez | John Prosky as Museum Administrator | Adam Clark as George Clark | Vincent Guastaferro as Mr. Douglas | Jennifer Piper as Ceci Astor | Brian Catalano as Jim Morris | Scott Michael Morgan as Harry Vernon | Max Burkholder as Sam
Director: Steven DePaul

41 :02x18 - Live or Let Die

When a helicopter containing a liver from an organ donor is hijacked from the roof of a Manhattan hospital, and a medical intern is killed in the process, the CSIs must find the perpetrators and the liver before the transplant patient dies.

Mac, Sheldon, Danny and Det. Flack's only witness is an unconscious helicopter pilot, but their initial clues lead the CSIs to suspect that the helicopter hijacking may have been an inside job. Meanwhile, the rape and murder of a restaurant hostess found in an alley shocks Stella and Lindsay when they discover that she anonymously engaged in phone sex with her patrons, leaving a suspect list a mile long.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Seamus Dever as Charles Cooper | Gill Gayle as Tony the Fisherman | Joel Gretsch as Dr. Keith Beaumont | Ian Reed Kesler as Ryan Elliott | James Stevenson as Dwayne Gessner | Billy Miller as Will Graham | Kevin Derr as Sean Hovac | Dana de Celis as Lillian Stanwick | Lina Esco as Angie Watson
Director: Rob Bailey
Teleplay: Pam Veasey
Songs: Bloc Party -- Banquet

42 :02x19 - Super Men

The murder of a would-be super hero leads the team to uncover the illegal sale of prescription drugs to junkies and they suspect the victim's killer is behind it all. Meanwhile, when a college football superstar is killed in his hotel room shortly after being chosen as a first draft pick for the league, Danny and Lindsay question a long list of suspects who came into contact with him after his sudden fame.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross | Jonah Lotan as Dr. Marty Pino | Dick Enberg as Himself | Rodney Eastman as Clark Kranen | Kevontay Jackson as Tyrell Mann | Michael Cudlitz as Vern Dox | David Aaron Baker as Steve Kranen | Terrell Clayton (1) as Maurice Bradford | Kevin Chamberlin as Patient #2/The Flash | Wolfgang Bodison as Rodney Pruitt | Parisa Fitz-Henley as Charlene Franklin | Scott Alan Smith as Matthew Palmer | Cori Bright as Jane | Kevin Derr as Carter England | Patrick Cooper as Patient #1/Aquaman | Igor Zaninovich as Patient #3/Thor | Trenton Rogers as Four-Year Old Clark | Eugene Robert Glazer as Dr. Burr
Director: Steven DePaul
Songs: R.E.M. -- Superman

43 :02x20 - Run Silent, Run Deep

An anonymous caller reveals to Mac that a young man is buried at a football stadium and, after uncovering the body, the evidence leads the CSIs once again to the Tanglewood gang.

After being unable to jail the leader of the Tanglewood Boys a year before, Mac makes it his mission to succeed this time, but he's shocked when the evidence puts Danny at the crime scene instead. Meanwhile, when a banker is found dead in a hotel room, the team questions the man who runs a high-priced escort service claiming to offer their clientele the ultimate date experience at a very steep cost. Also, as Stella and Frankie's relationship progresses, she is surprised to receive a special sculpture from him.
Guest Stars: Jennifer Elise Cox as Melanie Stefano | Michael DeLuise as Sonny Sassone | Ed Quinn as Frankie Mala | Jonah Lotan as Dr. Marty Pino | A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross | Bruce MacVittie as Det. Grant Lafferty | Larry Romano as Louie Messer | Neill Barry as Salvador Zabo | Jonathan Penner as Newt Glick | Casey Siemaszko as Paul Sabotini | Larry Joshua as Jack Manning | Martin Kildare as Jim Mooney
Director: Rob Bailey
Songs: Pearl Jam -- World Wide Suicide

44 :02x21 - All Access

A concert goer attempting to sneak in to a Kid Rock show gets the shock of her life when she discovers a dead man in a limo outside of the concert hall. Mac and Lindsay are forced to question concert goers, groupies and uncooperative handlers when the star becomes their prime suspect. Meanwhile, a routine call heard over the police scanners floors the team when they realize the emergency may affect one of their own team members.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Ed Quinn as Frankie Mala | Leslie-Anne Huff as Felicia Badman | Evan Helmuth as Blake Mathers | Ori Pfeffer as Armand Lepompier | Caroline Cole (2) as Ally Katzel | Rick Cornette as Nick Russo | Kodi Kitchen as Jessica Allen | Clinton "Ton" Jones as Security Guard | Lissa Pallo as Linda McCovey | Elvina Beck as Girl | Kid Rock as Himself
Director: Norberto Barba
Songs: Kid Rock -- Bawitdaba, Regina Spektor -- Samson

45 :02x22 - Stealing Home

Mac and Stella are shocked when, while at a crime scene, two grief-stricken women approach them claiming to be married to the victim. The women explain they were both knowingly in a committed threesome relationship with the deceased. Meanwhile, when a young woman dressed as a mermaid is found tangled in the kelp off a ferry dock, Danny and Lindsay investigate her murder and discover that her last known whereabouts were at a child's birthday party. The case affects Lindsay the most when she realizes the victim is from her home state.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross | Jason Beghe as Jack Butler | Deirdre Quinn as Elle Jeffries | Deanna Russo as Laura Jeffries | Jason Brooks (1) as Paul White | McCaleb Burnett as Kevin Davis | Billy Gallo as James Vackner | Paul Hipp as William Mamet | MacKenzie Mauzy as Sara Butler | J.W. Wolterman as Friend | Terrell Lee as Officer Tony Hendershot
Director: Oz Scott
Songs: Bird York -- In The Deep

46 :02x23 - Heroes

During Fleet Week, an annual New York tradition showcasing military pride and achievement, the city is awash with servicemen taking a break from their duties. The discovery of a dead Marine in what is traditionally a week of celebration hits particularly close to home for Mac, a former Marine, as he sees a young version of himself in the victim. Meanwhile, the team unites on one case when the victim of a car fire is someone they all knew.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Joaquin Perez Campbell as Captain Flood | Sam Trammell as Charles Wright | Chadwick Boseman as Rondo | Candice Coke as Alexandria | Charlie Weber as Damon | Alison Folland as Stacey Gale | Chad Williams as D.J. Pratt | Terrence Edwards as Marine Sergeant | Andrew Galves as Ghillie Suit Marine | Jaylen Moore as Marine Sniper
Writer: Eli Talbert

47 :02x24 - Charge of This Post

The CSIs face their toughest challenge yet when a bomber uses random cell phone pages to detonate C-4 bombs across the city, and a member of the team fights for life when seriously injured during one of the explosions.

In a race against the clock, the team works with local agencies and government authorities to locate the bomber and narrow down the next trigger among the city's six million cell phones before he strikes again. Meanwhile, as Mac investigates a routine crime scene, he stumbles upon a bag containing C-4 explosives and is unable to evacuate the building quickly enough to get his team out of harms' way. While a CSI is rushed to surgery, Mac struggles with the memories of the last person he was unable to save, a fellow Marine killed during the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Sonya Walger as Jane Parsons | Eion Bailey as Dean Lessing | Tembi Locke as Ellen Fielding | Marc Casabani as Dr. Jim Barnes | Steve Braun as Smith | John Dove as Det. John Scagnetti | Carol Kiernan as Rita | Carlos Alvarado as Tommy Diaz
Director: Rob Bailey
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
Status: Canceled
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 22, 2004
Ended: February 22, 2013
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