Season 3

48 :03x01 - People with Money

When a man is found dead on the Brooklyn Bridge and the only evidence is his marriage proposal displayed in lights on a Manhattan high-rise and a souvenir key chain as a murder weapon buried in his chest, the team comes together to find the person who may have brutally rejected his offer.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Claire Forlani as Dr. Peyton Driscoll | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Det. Jennifer Angell | A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross | Michael Nouri as Denney Lancaster | Marcy McCusker as Margo Demme | Heidi Moneymaker as Cassidy Daniels | Sabine Singh as Erica Lancaster | John Brently Reynolds as Picasso | Charity Rahmer as Dori Richards | Kiyano La'Vin as Asad Jamilla | Jason Alan Smith as Sam McFarland | Katie Gill (1) as Vanessa May | James Ferris as Clarence Rome | Justin Clynes as Trey Foster
Director: Rob Bailey

49 :03x02 - Not What It Looks Like

Stella, Flack, Lindsay and Danny can't resolve how, despite the police being tipped off by the store's personnel, the women were able to escape the jewelry store so quickly. Also, Lindsay proves her strength when she puts herself in harm's way to solve the case. Meanwhile, when the mummified body of a city councilman's missing wife is found during a building's demolition, Mac and Peyton have their first professional argument when Mac isn't satisfied with her findings from the autopsy.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Claire Forlani as Dr. Peyton Driscoll | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Det. Jennifer Angell | A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross | Lisa Jay as Holly #3/Dana | Andrea Bogart as Holly #1/Beth | Valerie Azlynn as Eve Demming | Lynn Borden as Elderly Woman with Dog | M. Martin Mapoma as Adir/Mosi | Sandra Vidal as Trophy Wife | Brad Schmidt as Jeremy Bloomfield | Justin Meloni as Sal Bovado | Rafael J. Noble as Polygraph Administrator | Steve Cell as Patrick Lantana | Gina St. John as Reporter #1 | Cassius Willis as Reporter #2 | Mary Ann Hermansen as Reporter #3
Director: Duane Clark
Songs: Madonna -- I Love New York

50 :03x03 - Love Run Cold

With thousands of suspects and no witnesses, the CSIs fight to collect evidence while spectators and marathon runners contaminate their crime scene. Meanwhile, a high-end vodka's ice-themed promotional launch party turns deadly when a model is stabbed, leaving Danny and Lindsay racing to collect vital evidence before it melts.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Michelle Pierce as Jennifer Anderson | Shane Johnson as Liam Griffin | Lori Rom as Sharon Cates | Chris Meyer as Colin Flynn | Matt Carmody as Michael Gibson | Marcus A. York as Richard Keith | Jamie Proctor as Heather Ryan | Robert Parks-Valletta as Stewart Kittredge | Lauren Rose Lewis as Tonya Nettles | Giggi Thesman as Woman
Director: Tim Iacofano

51 :03x04 - Hung Out to Dry

When a college girl is found beheaded at a sorority party, the entire team focuses on their toughest case yet. The victims wear t-shirts emblazoned with a logo inspired by Greek mythology that offers clues and hidden messages. By tracking the codes on the web, the team discovers that a serial killer is replicating the fate of mythological creatures by killing people in the same manner, and the only way to stop him is to unravel the hidden codes before he strikes again.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Edward Furlong as Shane Casey | Dean J. West as Josh Knolls | Chris Engen as John Hayes | Johnathan Tchaikovsky as Ethan Tierney | Justin Brannock as Blake Zahn | Kit Paquin as Alyssa Ryan | Stacie Nichole Davis (1) as Olivia Madison | James Velarde as 10-Year-Old Ian Tyler | Luke Zampas as 8-Year-Old Shane |
Uncredited: Deanna Webb as Keg Stand Girl

52 :03x05 - Oedipus Hex

Danny and Lindsay work to find who bludgeoned a young woman to death after her performance with SuicideGirls and their suspect list grows smaller when the murder weapon proves to be a stiletto worn by one of the women. Meanwhile, Mac, Stella and Flack investigate the death of a homeless man turned streetballer who was killed after winning an intense one-on-one game in Rucker Park against one of professional basketball's best.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross | Mary-Margaret Humes as Helen Sanders | Missy Suicide as Herself | Allison Miller as Omen/Carensa Sanders | Pancho Demmings as Alonzo Chopper Tevis | Marvin Jordan as Dante Hope | Natashia Williams as Kendra Tevis | Hector Atreyu Ruiz as Moody | Jack Hannibal as Clay Becker | Stephanie Denise Griffin (1) as Lily Becker | Al Suicide as Herself | Amina Munster as Herself | Fractal Suicide as Herself | Sawa Suicide as Herself | Nixon Suicide as Herself | Razzi Suicide as Herself | Zoli Suicide as Herself | Joshua Campbell as Father Crawford | Jayson Blair as Punker Kid/Archie Lambert | Darrell Allen Lambert as Marcus | Kenny Copeland Jr. as Taurus Tevis
Director: Scott Lautanen

53 :03x06 - Open and Shut

A young hotel concierge falls to her death from a balcony and is impaled on a statue shortly after an ugly incident with a popular model participating in a rooftop photo shoot. While Mac and Stella investigate the case, they hear gunshots coming from a nearby building and discover the shots came from a penthouse loft. When they enter, they find a woman standing over two dead bodies, one of them her husband. The woman claims the other victim was beating her husband, so she shot the man.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross | Dedee Pfeiffer as Grace Thomason | Hal Ozsan as Tony DeLuca | Angela Sarafyan as Sara Jackson | Lindy Booth as Tess Larson | Jill Laitano as Mandi Foster | Keith Stone as Todd | Greg Wrangler as Daniel Thomason
Director: Joe Ann Fogle

54 :03x07 - Murder Sings the Blues

Mac, Sheldon, Jennifer, Peyton and Lindsay investigate the mysterious death of a party-goer found in a subway car where the victim initially appears to have bled out, but the cause of death is determined to be multiple organ failure. The team must track the promoters of the subway raves to find what killed the young woman before another victim is found dead at one of their secret gatherings. Meanwhile, when one of New York's most eligible bachelors is found dead in the swim gym of his penthouse apartment, Stella, Det. Flack and Danny question his "room maids," beautiful women hired to clean the homes of the wealthy in exchange for room and board.
Guest Stars: Meghan Markle as Veronica Perez | Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Claire Forlani as Dr. Peyton Driscoll | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Det. Jennifer Angell | Jeremy Luke as Randy Kern | Austin Peck as Daniel Gecko | Mark Totty as James McQuinn | Marsh Mokhtari as Grant Jordan | Nikki DeLoach as Lorelie Dennis | Jon Prescott as Nick Gunn | Dianna Agron as Jessica Gunn | Melina Madsen as Jenny Anders | Stephen Full as Lawrence | Heather Hemmens as Paris Brooks | Suzanna Guzman as Madame Butterfly
Director: Oz Scott
Writer: Sam Humphrey

55 :03x08 - Consequences

When a professional paintball player is shot in a warehouse, the team assumes the murder was committed by an opposing player who took the game too far. But their investigation becomes more complicated when his opponent goes missing. The evidence at the scene proves to be "black cocaine" originally confiscated in a raid by the police department months before, and Mac's suspicions of an internal leak causes friction within the department. Meanwhile, Stella grows increasingly paranoid when she suspects that she's being followed.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross | Kyle Gallner as Reed Garrett | Erin Chambers as Verna Welke | Christian Monzon as Daryn Kramer | Greg Siff as Evan Kelneck | Terry Wilkerson as Lamont Tyson | Spencer Hill as Dennis Roubian | Lewis Tan as Kym Tanaka | Robbie Alexander (1) as Cyrus Menlo | Michael King (2) as Detective Dean Truby
Director: Rob Bailey
Writer: Pam Veasey
Songs: Keane -- Atlantic

56 :03x09 - And Here's to You, Mrs. Azrael

Five days after surviving a horrific car accident, the woman who lost control of her car while driving home drunk is murdered in her hospital room shortly after coming out of a coma. Despite being paralyzed from the waist down, the doctors gave the victim a good chance for recovery, so the team must determine who wanted her dead in spite of her prognosis. Meanwhile, Sheldon returns to the hospital where he once worked as a promising surgeon and his investigation opens old wounds that led to his departure and caused him to become a medical examiner.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross | Sheryl Lee as Ellen Garner | Mel Harris as Julie Rollins | Sam Anderson as Dr. Richards | Richard Tyson as Frank Russo | Michael Grant Terry as Matt Huxley | Mark Colson as Kevin Green | Richard Varga as Doctor | Courtenay Taylor as Nurse Evette | Angela Marsden as Paramedic #1 | Kelly Gullett as Paramedic #2: | Stefanie Butler as Heather Rollins | Kimberly Pfeffer as Nicole Garner | John Lorenzo as Cabbie

57 :03x10 - Sweet 16

While filming a promotional spot, a base jumper plummets to his death after his parachute is punctured by pigeons, leading the CSIs to the competitive world of pigeon racing and to a second victim, a prominent trainer who was also murdered.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Kyle Gallner as Reed Garrett | John Wesley Shipp as Patrick Quinn | Josie DiVincenzo as Candace Broadbent | Maitland McConnell as Autumn Archerson | Stacy Haiduk as Debra Archerson | Erik Smith as Jesse Quinn | Tim Abell as Edward Archerson | Lela Loren as Jo O'Keffe | Gino Montesinos as Howie Davis | Sean Rose as Chaz Archerson | Jana Kramer as Paige Rowand | Trevor Graciano as Ray Seeley | Karl Brian Miller as Snake Charmer | Levi Ogner as Tim Swirsky
Writer: Ken Solarz

58 :03x11 - Raising Shane

The CSIs are floored when Sheldon Hawkes is apprehended during an early morning run as the primary suspect in a bartender's murder. While he maintains his innocence, Mac and the team grow increasingly frustrated when they are removed from the investigation for fear they'll contaminate the evidence. With a mountain of evidence stacked against him, the team works tirelessly on their own to piece together the clues that will hopefully prove Hawkes' innocence. Meanwhile, Danny and Stella investigate what seems to be an overdose, but they realize their routine case may be connected to escaped serial killer Shane Casey.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Claire Forlani as Dr. Peyton Driscoll | Edward Furlong as Shane Casey | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Det. Jennifer Angell | John Kapelos as Bobby Rossmore | Sean Blakemore as Nick Davis | Carmen Argenziano as Captain Gerrard | Anthony Giangrande as Tom Fester | Yun Choi as Officer #1 | Jamison Haase as Riker's Guard | Ilia Volok as Gabe | Mickey Maxwell as Waiter | Alesha Clarke as Kelly Jones | Jason Earl Carter as Peep Show Guy

59 :03x12 - Silent Night

When an intruder breaks into the home of a deaf family and fatally shoots their teenage daughter, Mac works with the grieving mother who relies on her other senses to provide clues that will help catch her daughter's killer. Along the way she also provides assistance to Mac as he struggles in his relationship with Peyton. Meanwhile, Stella and Danny investigate when a professional ice skater is killed prior to competing in the U.S. ice skating regionals and whose body was found by her best friend, an Olympic skater who thinks she might be to blame for her death. Also, when Lindsay abruptly walks away from a crime scene and loses control of her emotions, the team questions her past.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Claire Forlani as Dr. Peyton Driscoll | Marlee Matlin as Gina Mitchum | Sasha Cohen (1) as Krista Palmer | Jerry Ferris as Officer Marty Santucci | Greg Zola as Dr. Tom Howard | Garrett Strommen as Seth Wolf | Troy Kotsur as Dennis Mitchum | Lisa Marie Zaura as Mackenzie Wade | Spero Dedes as Himself | Russell Harvard as Cole Rowen | Amber Stanton as Allison Mitchum | Steve Edward Stone as Frank Hunt
Director: Rob Bailey

60 :03x13 - Obsession

The rules of the Idiotarod race encourage teams to sabotage their enemies' carts, so once the cause of death of their victim is proven to be multiple blows to the head, Danny, Sheldon and Det. Angell work to determine if this fun annual challenge became too competitive for one team. Meanwhile, when a successful real estate agent is found dead inside a Manhattan brownstone by some young kids, Mac, Det. Flack, Lindsay and Stella investigate what appears to be a possible kidnapping turned deadly.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Det. Jennifer Angell | Ryan McPartlin as Terry Rockwell | Whitney Able as Rita Steinway | Griff Furst as Artemis Hunt | Tyler King as Darin Carver | Zachary Sauers as Kid | Stephanie Turner as Brandi Kaplan | Chad Morgan as Liz Grayson | Brad Pennington as Morgan | Alayna Corrick as Carla Kent | Michael Lutz as Bruce Abbott | Miguel Angel Caballero as Hector | Timothy George Connolly (1) as Alex Martin
Director: Jeffrey G. Hunt

61 :03x14 - The Lying Game

A celebrity impersonator, who performed at a party in a ritzy hotel, is found dead in a men's room stall. She was drowned in the toilet. The investigation reveals the victim confronted a congressman, at another hotel event, shortly before being murdered. Across town, a man's body is found inside of a city salt truck. Also, Lindsay is asked to testify in a multiple-homicide trial in Montana. She was the only witness to the murders of four of her friends.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Rick Ravanello as Congressman Garth | Candis Cayne as Quentin Conrad | Benjamin Parrillo as Mr Clark (as Ben Parrillo) | Brad Raider as Justin | Alicia Ziegler as Dana Haines | Ryan Bittle as Jackson Rudnick | Jim Devoti as Steffen Gross | Terasa Livingstone as Absolute Alibis manager | Willam Belli as Candy Darling | Jazzmun as Bambi | Robert Merrill as Thomas Hanson
Songs: (Britney Spears Impersonator) -- I'm A Slave 4 U

62 :03x15 - Some Buried Bones

While investigating the death of a college student found dead in a Queens park, Mac, Sheldon and Det. Flack discover a secret college society that may have been behind the victim's murder.
Special Guest Stars: Nelly Furtado as Ava Brandt |
Guest Stars: A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross | Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Det. Jennifer Angell | Kyle Gallner as Reed Garrett | Matt Barr as Thomas Brighton | Scott Kinworthy as Eddie Williams | Sarah Christine Smith as Marisa Richardson | Logan Bartholomew as Brian Miller | Matt Hoffman (2) as Chris Campbell | Todd Cahoon as Anthony Fabrizio
Director: Rob Bailey
Songs: Nelly Furtado -- All Good Things (Come to an End), Nelly Furtado -- Maneater

63 :03x16 - Heart of Glass

While looking into the murder of a music executive, Mac is thrown off by the victim's sister who passes a lie detector test and swears that both she and the victim were attacked by a woman, despite the fact that the victim's sister would have been given his lucrative life insurance policy. Meanwhile, Danny and Detective Angell investigate the death of a woman in a bathtub.
Guest Stars: Claire Forlani as Dr. Peyton Driscoll | Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Det. Jennifer Angell | Justin Hartley as Elliott Bevins | Ashley Jones as Kennedy Gable | Brian Hallisay as Emery Gable | Jason Olive as Russell Ballard | Brooklyn Sudano as Colleen Ballard | Rachel Perry as Rebecca Monin | April Ennis as Nurse | Dan Warner as Polygraph Examiner | Nicole Mandich as Diane Langston

64 :03x17 - The Ride-In

Mac, Danny and Flack are puzzled by their latest crime scene, which includes an ark in the victim's back yard full of people, food and animals. Interrogations reveal that the people believed the apocalypse was near and the victim promised salvation.
Guest Stars: Judd Nelson as Sander Gillis | Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross | Jodi Lyn O'Keefe as Melodee Constanza | Christian Campbell as Noah | Cedric Pendleton as Jim Easman | Jennifer O'Dell as Janice DeMartino | Brianna Brown as Heidi Pescoe | Fatimah Adams as Ms. Herzlinger
Director: Steven DePaul

65 :03x18 - Sleight Out of Hand

Stella and Mac investigate a magician's trick that leaves a woman sawed in half. The only clue is a fingerprint on the trunk the victim was killed in and the print belonging to her stalker. But the suspect has an airtight alibi since he was at a court ordered, anger management class at the time of the murder. Lindsey is in Montana for the court case of her best friend's murderer.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Criss Angel as Luke Blade | Alan Smyth as Rupert Lanigan | Jamison Jones as Austin Cannon | Michael McLafferty as Reporter #1 | Nick Kiriazis as Prosecutor | Angie Hill (1) as Jury Forewoman | Kelly Connolly as Vienna Hyatt | Ashley Rickards as Young Lindsay
Director: Rob Bailey

66 :03x19 - A Daze of Wine and Roaches

What was supposed to be a girl’s fake killing with a guillotine at a party turns into a real murder when the girl doesn’t survive. The CSIs quickly find out that looks can deceive and that the guillotine wasn’t the murder weapon after all. However, when a man working for the U.N. comes to the crime scene and informs the team that the body cannot be moved yet, the case becomes harder to solve. Meanwhile, a murder in a vine cellar has some mysterious and odd circumstances.
Guest Stars: Eli Goodman as Greg Sanford | Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Reynaldo Valentin as Julian Feeney | Dana Cuomo as Clarissa Evans | Christopher Maleki as Gavin Bridge | Joseph Rye as Ambassador | Ross Gibby as Jackson Pillock | James Black as Luther Vandeross | Shailene Woodley as Evie Pierpont | A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross | Carmen Argenziano as Captain Gerrard | Louise Linton as Simone De Lille
Director: Oz Scott

67 :03x20 - What Schemes May Come

The CSIs investigate three separate but equally bizarre cases -- a man is found in medieval armor impaled by a lance; another is found stabbed with an ice pick; and a body is stolen from the coroner's van.
Guest Stars: Terrell Tilford as Quinn Brookman | Chris Payne Gilbert as Dr. Henry Kroft | Ryan Doom as Christopher Bowfield | Joseph Williamson as Derek Curson | Fiona Gubelmann as Isabella Cooksey | Claire Forlani as Dr. Peyton Driscoll |
Co-Guest Stars: Wade Mylius as Homeless Guy

68 :03x21 - Past Imperfect

Teenage boys just messing around uncover a dead body by accident and the CSIs immediately understand the cause of death; the head of the body was complete packed in with tape. But when a dizzy man walks into the crime scene claiming someone is trying to kill him, the team splits up to investigate both cases. However, one of the cases turns quite odd when a key lock is found inside the taped head leading them to some sort of sex party. Meanwhile, the man who jumped into the crime scene turns out not only to be addicted to drugs, but also has a long rap sheet.
Guest Stars: Carmen Argenziano as Insp. Stanton Gerrard | Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross | Joey Lawrence as Clay Dobson | Amy Davidson as Carolyn Clark | Mark Kiely as Jesse Colson | Pavel Lychnikoff as Yuri Sokov | William Gregory Lee as Martin Boggs | Ashley Edner as Liane Zackler | Scot Davis as Scott Colson | Roberta Hanlen as Naomi Lawrence | Donna Pieroni as Bearded Lady | Michael Robert Brandon as Devil Man | Amir Ali Said as Nicky | Zack Savage as Zander | Jos Viramontes as Dr. Marc Bergstrom | Jinny Lee Story as Katie Lawrence | Nakia Syvonne as Rene Vanderfeld
Director: Oz Scott

69 :03x22 - Cold Reveal

The CSIs investigate a man’s mysterious death when he is found dead in a church with wings. The wings make the team believe he fell out of a plane or went skydiving, but when they uncover that there was no scheduled air traffic passing over the church, weird circumstances involving an odd connection between the dead man and Heaven occur in the case. Meanwhile, Stella is put in a very uncomfortable position when a cold case in Philadelphia reveals her a suspect.
Special Guest Stars: Danny Pino as Det. Scotty Valens |
Guest Stars: Carmen Argenziano as Insp. Stanton Gerrard | Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross | Mykelti Williamson as Brigham Sinclair | Joey Lawrence as Clay Dobson | Annika Peterson as Mindy Sanchez | Baelyn Neff as Jessica Simms | Bruce Nozick as Gene Hartley | Sandra Nelson as Marilyn Bennett | John Patrick Amedori as T.J. Lindmark | Casey Adams as Toby Finch | Miles Williams as Altar Boy #1 | Mel Fair as Reporters #1 | Brenna Radding as Young Stella | Caitlin Elizabeth Baunoch as Young Mindy | Brian D'Addario as Altar Boy #2
Director: Marshall Adams

70 :03x23 - ...Comes Around

The team investigates the death of Tony Russo, who died standing up against a wall, which the team finds quite suspicious. But while in the morgue, a coin falls out of the victim’s mouth, making the case even more suspicious. Meanwhile, Mac is in court for killing Clay Dobson, which he claims he didn’t do, but nobody believes him. He gets furious and walks right out of the courtroom, which makes him lose some of his loyalty to the law.
Special Guest Stars: John McEnroe as Jimmy Nelson/ Himself |
Guest Stars: Michael King (2) as Detective Dean Truby | Carmen Argenziano as Insp. Stanton Gerrard | Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Claire Forlani as Dr. Peyton Driscoll | Mykelti Williamson as Brigham Sinclair | Joey Lawrence as Clay Dobson | Heather Mazur as Natalie Greer | Steve Kramer as Administrative Judge | Whitney Anderson as Angie Cusato | Bryan Becker as Tony Russo | Lacey Beeman as Calley | Nick Ballard as Ethan | Neal Bledsoe as Sam Friar | Craig Amendola as Police Officer
Director: Rob Bailey
Songs: Fantastic Playroom -- The Bomb

71 :03x24 - Snow Day

Following the biggest drug seizure in New York history, Mac, Stella and Hawkes have to save their lab when the drug lord and his crew arrive to reclaim their drugs. In the action, two CSIs are taken hostage.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross | Claire Forlani as Dr. Peyton Driscoll | Shane Brolly as Colm Gunn | Tom Archdeacon as Jackie Doyle | David McSweeney as Bobby Maloney | Chris Monberg as Sean Kelly | Rob Zabrecky as The Professor | Tom McComas as Billy Morrison | Gina St. John as Reporter #1 | Michael McLafferty as Reporter #2
Director: Duane Clark
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
Status: Canceled
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 22, 2004
Ended: February 22, 2013
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