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Season 4

72 :04x01 - Can You Hear Me Now?

When a murder takes place in the crown of the Statue of Liberty, the CSI’s also find a trace of blood down Lady Liberty’s face. But Danny uncovers that there is too much blood there to be from the victim, so something else must’ve happened as well. But while walking around on Liberty Island, the team spots what looks like a man on the other side of the river just sitting and looking at them, but on closer inspection, the man is dead and has the words “2 more will die” on his shirt.
Guest Stars: Hollie Stenson as Georgia Morrison | Erik Fellows as Charles Price | Korrine Salas as Gate Agent | Ingrid Walters as Flight Attendant | Bess Wohl as Kendall Novak | Kato James Bonner as Damion Brock | Alison Sudol as Nova Kent | Misha Collins as Morton Brite | Chase Kim as Lee Nakashima | Charlie Koznick as Anthony Colton | Minta Allred as Marie Casimira | Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross

73 :04x02 - The Deep

In a boat “fight” between New Jersey and New York, the dead body of a man who went diving is found lying in the water. But when Hawkes uncovers that the victim apparently lost oxygen and drowned with a full tank and a back-up, Sid finds out that a starfish was in the victim’s body, eating on the internal organs. Meanwhile, Danny and Hawkes go underwater to find evidence where the victim died, but when Hawkes gets stuck and Danny has problems freeing him, Hawkes’ life is put in jeopardy.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross | Warren Derosa as Colin Barnett | Salina Soto as Erika | Tanc Sade as Zamir Duka | Adrian R'Mante as Besim Lumani | Cathy Shim as Traci Butler | Kerr Smith as Drew Bedford | James C. Burns as Fraud Consultant | Adrian Quinonez as Bomb Squad Tech
Director: Oz Scott

74 :04x03 - You Only Die Once

When Flack and his girlfriend are disrupted by a break-in, Flack chases the man through a building and the Manhattan streets stopping at nothing to arrest the guy. But when the guy’s car turns out to have some James Bond-equipment and manages to block the street by causing a fire, he escapes out of Flack’s control. But while investigating the case, even more odd and suspicious evidence shows up that involves 007.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Anna Belknap as Lindsay Monroe | A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross | Rachelle LeFevre as Devon Maxford | Mykelti Williamson as Chief of Det Brigham Sinclair | Kevin Reid as James Stanton | Corey Pearson as Randall Rodrique | K.D. Aubert as Maude Messervy | Sydney Lauren as Kelly Brooks | Christopher Stewart as Booth Rody | Adam Kaufman as Elliot Gano | Ward Roberts as Reporter #1 | Danielle Hartnett as Reporter #2
Writer: Sam Humphrey

75 :04x04 - Time's Up

When a “crazy” man runs through the streets naked and with a whole bunch of gears and equipment attached to his head, he runs right into the CSI headquarters, confessing to a murder. But what he tells Mac in private right before he dies is that he is from the future and is going to kill a man named Kevin the next day. While the CSIs believe the murder won’t happen when the man who confessed is dead, they believe they are handling their most complicated case yet when a man, named Kevin, falls to his death the next day at the exact time and with the same head gears.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Det. Jennifer Angell | Christopher May as Martin Browning | Michael Rady as Kevin Murray | Rob Boltin as Leo Tyler | Brit Morgan as Robin Graham | Dawn Lewis as Waitress | Ryan Quintana as Mortgage Broker | Veronica Alicino as Retired Lady | Russell Cummings as Busboy | Joel Polis as Prof Clark Risenhoover | Samuel Child as Brent Vandeman | Tiffani Fest as Goth Girl | Parker Torres as Freshman | Rosalie Ward as Kelsey Coulter | Will Dailey as Will Dailey
Director: Rob Bailey

76 :04x05 - Down the Rabbit Hole

A janitor finds a young woman dead among mannequins, but while doing the autopsy, Sid uncovers that the woman is in no way normal. Investigating further, the team uncovers that almost everything about their victim is exactly similar to a character in the virtual game Second Life, and Mac creates his own character to try and get in contact with the killer online.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Peter Gannon as Doorman | Lindsay Pulsipher as Cheryl Duncan | Hank Harris as Johnny O'Dell | Jonno Roberts as Samson Rowe | David Burtka as David King | Kam Heskin as Suspect X | Jonathan Palmer as Congressman Devane | Dylan Bruce as Young Man (Hostage)

77 :04x06 - Boo

The CSIs look in to a mass murder at the Amityville Horror house and come across several eerie events along the way.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Bruce Dern as Vet | John Edward Lee as Newbie | Jeff Brockton as Dexter Nevins | Robert Picardo as Sheriff Benson | Anthony Molinari as Gil Duncan | Kehli O'Bryrne as Amy Duncan | Cameron Sanders as Charley Duncan | Bailee Madison as Rose Duncan | Julie Adams as Betty Willens | Lyne Odums as Elderly Haitian Priestess | Nana Hill as Josephine Delacroix | Seth Peterson as Henry Willens | Grace Dever as Elisha | Paul Anthony Scott as Dr Roger Burgess | Kimberly Wallis as Sophia Nevins
Director: Joe Dante

78 :04x07 - Commuted Sentences

Mac and the CSIs investigate the murder of a man who was found in Madison Square Park as well as a woman who was shot at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. While looking into the deaths, they find that the man and the woman share a similar criminal past.
Special Guest Stars: A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross |
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Det. Jennifer Angell | Bess Wohl as Kendall Novak | Dax Griffin as Steve Kaplan | Lauren Stamile as Amber Stanton | Jenny Wade as Fern Lazlow (as Jenny J. Wade) |
Co-Guest Stars: Chris Gann as Mitchell Bentley, III | Suzanne Reed as Joanna Morgan | Robert Tena as Larry Diaz
Director: Oz Scott
Writer: John Dove

79 :04x08 - Buzzkill

A supermodel is found dead on top of a Times Square billboard, crammed into a giant martini glass.
Guest Stars: Scottie Thompson as Lia Ramsey | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Det. Jennifer Angell | Tracey Ruggiero as Jenna Donovan | Kerr Smith as Drew Bedford | Marc Menard as Damien Barnes | Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross | Jeffrey D. Stevens as Paramedic | Ken James (1) as James Petty | Erin Cottrell as Pattie Larkin | Vanessa Born as Nurse | Michael Mantell as Dr Gavin Moore | Marcus Ashley as Nick Conway | Gary Poux as ER Doc | Austin Priester as Ted Barclay
Director: Jeffrey G. Hunt

80 :04x09 - One Wedding and a Funeral

Mac is called in when a man is killed on the day of his wedding. He is found stuffed in a box and wrapped like a wedding present, and Stella finds a box of bloody-covered puzzle pieces in her car, which leads Mac to Chicago in order to solve the biggest mystery of his career.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Emily Foxler as Emma Blackston | Bill Heck as Brett Dohn | Kerr Smith as Drew Bedford | Richard Voll as Geroge Foodim | Jason Pendergraft as Vinnie | Rob Evors as Timothy Maxwell | Jamie Chung as Misty | Joel Geist as John Andrews | Suzy Brack as Office Executive | Giota Trakas as Detective
Director: Rob Bailey

81 :04x10 - The Thing About Heroes...

Mac believes he is closer to finding his "333" stalker and learns the meaning of the numbers. Meanwhile, a CSI team member is held as a hostage.
Guest Stars: Eddie Driscoll as Hal Weston | Kerr Smith as Drew Bedford | Erin Daniels as Det. Renee Brennan | Mykelti Williamson as Chief Sinclaire | Frank Grillo as Jimmy Davis | Dave Marlin as 14 Year Old Jimmy | Bryan Becker as 20 Year Old Bobby | Garrett Ryan as 6 Year Old Andy/Drew | Walker Curry as 14 Year Old Mac | Houston Luke Hooker as 16 Year Old Will

82 :04x11 - Child's Play

The CSIs' investigation of a murder leads them to "laughing Larry", an infamous seller or killer pranks. And Danny works on a case involving a boy from his neighbourhood.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Mark Simich as Essex Palmer | Brad Rowe as Benjamin/Anxious Clubgoer | Nathanael Theisen as Thug/Mario Galanti | Anthony Tavera as Ruben Sandoval | Jacqueline Piñol as Rikki Sandoval | Al Santos as Ollie Barnes | Suzie Pollard as Lucy Burke | Matt Wood as Justin Burke | Richard V. Licata as Laughing Larry | Alice Rietveld as Sadie Kevitch | Matthew Yang King as Kim Wey | Bryan Okes Fuller as Reverand John McKlowski |
Co-Guest Stars: Nicole Pulliam as Bartender
Director: Jeffrey G. Hunt

83 :04x12 - Happily Never After

The CSIs are called when a woman is crushed under an ice castle sculpture with her red glittery shoes sticking out from underneath the ice. The victim, known as "Wicked Witch of the Upper East Side", had several enemies, all of which the CSIs must investigate in order to find the killer. Meanwhile, a teenager's body is discovered, leading the CSIs into the world of New York City's prep school parties.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Det. Jennifer Angell | Ryan Adams (3) as Dave | Ahna O'Reilly as Halie | Hannah Sussman as Fiona Chisolm | Leigh Rachel Faith as Phoebe Wright | Tony Donno as Bus Driver | Katie Carr (1) as Tina Connor | Matt Battaglia as Hayden Green | Joshua LeBar as Michael Wright | Cole Williams as Bryce Arnett | Robert Cicchini as Felix Hester | Kevin G. Schmidt as Trevor Bennet
Director: Marshall Adams
Songs: Silversun Pickups -- Lazy Eye

84 :04x13 - All in the Family

Two separate murders occur in the same area, leading the CSIs to investigate whether or not the deaths are connected.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Det. Jennifer Angell | Roy Werner as Judge Riverton | Ashlee Gillespie as Madison Riverton | Shiloh Fernandez as Jake Fairwick | Gregory Mikurak as Charlie Fairwick | Christopher Warren (1) as Jonas Stark | Daniel Travis as Larry Rose | Jacqueline Piñol as Rikki Sandoval | Al Santos as Ollie Barnes | Deja Howell as Emily Morris |
Co-Guest Stars: Chris Todd as Manager | Michael Gambino as Super
Director: Marshall Adams

85 :04x14 - Playing with Matches

What seems to be like a freak accident involving a drowning victim in a self-cleaning restroom turns into foul play.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Det. Jennifer Angell | Bess Wohl as Kendall Novak | Jason Chambers as Mercury | Nicole Lenz as Concrete Cowgirl/Sandra | Reid Scott as Seth Riggins | Aaron Behr as Vinnie Parson | Brad Graiff as Attorney | Christopher Bello as John Szabo
Writer: Bill Haynes

86 :04x15 - DOA For A Day

An anonymous tip has the CSIs searching an emptied warehouse in a hunt for one of the cities most wanted criminals.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Det. Jennifer Angell | Kam Heskin as Suspect X | Bryan Anderson as Russ McHenry | Jessalyn Gilsig as Jordan Gates |
Co-Guest Stars: Josh Pence as Bartender

87 :04x16 - Right Next Door

After a fire breaks out in Stella's apartment, the CSIs must determine if it was arson.
Guest Stars: Austin Whitlock as K. Jason/Austin | Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Kimberly Quinn as Bonnie Dillard | Jacqueline Piñol as Rikki Sandoval | Ron Melendez as Sean Nolan | Destiny Whitlock as Bailey O'Dell | Lisa Vachon as Mom O'Dell | Heidi Schooler as Megan Tanner
Director: Rob Bailey
Writer: Pam Veasey

88 :04x17 - Like Water For Murder

The team is sent to investigate when a salesman is found dead next to several dead sharks on Rockaway Beach, which leads them down a twisted trail of evidence as they search for the killer.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Kyle Gallner as Reed Garrett | Kristen Dalton (1) as Quinn Shelby | Theodore Zoumpoulidis as Charles Kohl | Breanne Racano as Jessica Hughes | Sigmund Watkins as Tim Campbell | Kelly Bellini as Chrissy Watson | Esther Marie Austin as PJ Davis | Taira Soo as Reporter #1 | David Cooper (1) as Reporter #2 | Todd Cahoon as Matt Cooper |
Uncredited: Jacqueline Lovell as Louise Perry
Writer: Sam Humphrey

89 :04x18 - Admissions

The CSIs are called when a guidance counselor is killed under mysterious circumastances. Meanwhile, the serial killer dubbed the "Taxi Cab Killer" continues to make his mark on the city.
Guest Stars: Carmen Argenziano as Insp. Stanton Gerrard | Paul Hodge as Jesse Carver/Hank Bedford | Paul Keeley as Robert Greggs | Kelen Coleman as Allison Gerrard | Monica Herman as Laura Daniels | Todd Julian as Jason Freeman | Emily Happe as Sarah Bell | Zack Hopkins as Blake Mulligan | Kelly Heaton as Amanda Reiss | Daniel Samonas as Clark Patterson | Gideon Emery as Christopher | Arye Gross as Wallace Carver/Frank Moore | Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback
Director: Rob Bailey

90 :04x19 - Personal Foul

The hunt for the "Taxi Cab Killer" continues as the CSIs race against the clock follow a new trail of evidence before the now notorious killer takes another life.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Jessalyn Gilsig as Jordan Gates | Keri Lynn Pratt as Paula | Jay Jablonski as Dugan Stipe | Robert Maffia as Abe Lebovitz | Geno Monteiro as Lamont Henford | Rik Mayall as Kyle Gallner | Nefetari Spencer as Reporter #1 | Matt Haslett as Reporter #2 | Johnny Palermo as Rodney Hall | Jacqueline Piñol as Rikki Sandoval | Lindsay Hollister as Plus Size Paula | Verne Lundquist as Himself | Kyle Gallner as Reed Garrett
Writer: Sam Humphrey

91 :04x20 - Taxi

When the man thought to the be "Cabbie Killer" is found dead himself, Mac and the CSIs must determine whether or not the man is really the serial killer and whether or not the city of New York can rest easy.
Guest Stars: Emmanuelle Vaugier as Det. Jessica Angell | Kyle Gallner as Reed Garrett | Jessalyn Gilsig as Jordan Gates | Kristen Dalton (1) as Quinn Shelby | Sammi Rotibi as Arthur Bodie | Lucas Ford (1) as Jeff Conte | Ryan Locke as Cabbie Killer | Jessica Makinson as Mary Ann D'Amico | Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Anna Belknap as Lindsay Monroe | A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross

92 :04x21 - Hostage

When a bank heist goes wrong and the bank's manager winds up dead, the gunman takes the entire bank hostage. His only demand is that the CSI team prove he didn't kill the bank manager.
Guest Stars: Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback | Elias Koteas as "Joe"/Douglas | Tiara Parker as Talia Kirkfield | Dennis W. Hall as Steven Morris | Sharni Vinson as Lori Mandel | Roger Aaron Brown as HRT Commander Richard Jackson | Adam Baldwin as Brett Dunbar | Dayo Ade as Derrick James
Director: Rob Bailey
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
Status: Canceled
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 22, 2004
Ended: February 22, 2013
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