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Season 5

93 :05x01 - Veritas

In the wake of the bank heist gone wrong, Mac finds himself in a submerged car with no memory of how he got there.
Guest Stars: Andy Hopper as Skeezer | Dayo Ade as Derrick | Cynthia Silver as Reporter #3 | Ryan Cyrus Shams as Reporter #1 | Elisha Skorman as Lauren Salinas | Deena Dill as Allison Scott | Kathleen Munroe as Samantha Flack | Annika Boras as Paramedic | Julia Barnett as Reporter #2 | Elias Koteas as "Joe"/Douglas
Director: Rob Bailey
Writer: Pam Veasey

94 :05x02 - Page Turner

The CSIs are in a race against time to find the source of a series of deaths caused by radiation poisoning. The search leads the CSIs to a deadly volume in the New York City Library.
Special Guest Stars: Maroon 5 as Themselves (Concert Performance) |
Guest Stars: Helena Barrett as Liza Carpenter | Heidi Johanningmerier as Woman In Movie | Matt Zogaric as Man In Movie | Tyler Poelle as Lawrence Wagner | Ramon De Ocampo as Lhamo Vadhana | Edward Kerr (1) as Joel Paulson | Jonathon Trent as Ka Blam | James Valentine as Himself | Adam Levine as Himself
Songs: Maroon 5 -- Goodnight, Goodbye, Maroon 5 -- I Can't Stop, Cold War Kids -- I've Seen Enough, Maroon 5 -- Makes Me Wonder

95 :05x03 - Turbulence

On Mac's flight to D.C., an air marshal is found murdered shortly after take off. Mac is certain the killer is on board and searches for the murder weapon.
Special Guest Stars: Nelly as Terrence Davis |
Guest Stars: Ethan Erickson as Brendon Walsh | Scott Connors as James Turner | Ben Youcef as Anton Greenway | Michaela McManus as Susan Montgomery | Roxanne Day as Nina | Justin Shilton as Ed Riley |
Co-Guest Stars: Kincaid Walker as Gate Attendant

96 :05x04 - Sex, Lies and Silicone

The team investigates the puzzling death of a woman named Elaine Steele. To solve the case, the team must look for a life size silicone doll. When the team runs into the factory that makes them, it prompts some amusement for some of the team.

Meanwhile, Hawkes meets up with an old college friend who later asks him to compromise some evidence in the case.
Guest Stars: Stephen Sowan as Lars Scissorhands | Brian Poth as Hank Gorem | Kelly Noonan as Rebecca Anderson | Christopher J. Stapleton as Anthony Martino | Andrew Kevin Walker as Greg Pullman | Devon Gummersall as Trevor Jones | Mykelti Williamson as Chief of Detectives Brigham Sinclair | Amber Mead as Ann Steele

97 :05x05 - The Cost of Living

An investigation is made when an archeologist is found dead after making a discovery about one of the cities oldest murder mysteries. While investigating the CSI's discovery something shocking, anything and anybody can be bought on the internet.
Guest Stars: Emrhys Matthew Cooper as Vincent Wright | Paul Papadakis as George Kolovos | Joshua Snyder as Matt Henson | Adoni Maropis as Sebastian Diakos | Victor Togunde as Wolford Bessie | Tania Raymonde as Laura Roman | Katie Cleary as Jessica Redi | Chad Faust as James Sutton
Director: Rob Bailey
Writer: John Dove

98 :05x06 - Enough

After three defendants are murdered the night before their trial, Mac must commit on a promise he made to a witness.
Guest Stars: Heather Mazur as Ada Natalie | Teddy Dunn as Kevin Hall | Katherine Cunningham-Eves as Maggie Hall | Moe Irvin as Dea Agent Dewey | Shauna Stoddart as Judge Alexis Halpern | J.R. Cacia as Mickey Donovan | Nikki Griffin as Vivian Knox | Bryan Clark as Duckens LaBranche | Anthony Nacarato as Nathaniel Gates | Joshua Levine as Luther Stockton | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Det. Jessica Angell
Director: Alex Zakrzewski

99 :05x07 - Dead Inside

The team must venture into the world of "SecretU," an art-house world where 20-somethings confess their deepest secrets, as they investigate a floating crime scene.
Guest Stars: Jake Muxworthy as Tanor Sommerset | Bradley Dodds as Bill the Bartender | Kathleen Munroe as Samantha Flack | Marguerite MacIntyre as Annie McCreedy | Casey LaBow as Ella Mcbride | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Det. Jessica Angell | Christopher Halsted (2) as Kevin McCreedy | Mirelly Taylor as Rita Mannete

100 :05x08 - My Name is Mac Taylor

The team must take on their must unusual case yet when two murder victims are found and both are named Mac Taylor. Now, CSI Mac Taylor and the 15 others in town with the same name must pinpoint the killer's motive before another Mac Taylor is taken.
Special Guest Stars: Marshall Faulk as Himself | Nelly as Terrence Davis |
Guest Stars: Mark Musashi as Mackiyo Taylor | David Haley as Macdonald Taylor | Lauren Kim as Melinda Kitano | Julia Ormond as Deputy Inspector Gillian Whitford | Chris Daughtry as Machiavelli Taylor | Scott Wolf as Mackinley Taylor | Rumer Willis as Mackendra Taylor | Kelvin Yu as Daniel Oka | J.J. Dashnaw as Parker Samuels | Ryan Happy as Macabee Taylor |
Co-Guest Stars: Erin Micklow as Ballerina
Director: Rob Bailey
Writer: Pam Veasey

101 :05x09 - The Box

When a body is found inside of a crushed car, the CSIs must remove what is left of the body in order to identify the victim and the cause of death.
Guest Stars: Joe Egender as Billy Marks | Kevin Weisman as Mike Hess | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Det. Jessica Angell | Flaco Navaja as Street Vendor | Jonna Walsh as Nicole Harris | Guy Nardulli as Wrecking Yard Worker | Lisa Darr as Andrea Warren | Jon Gries as Jim Warren | Erin Cardillo as Tammy Barker | Marcus Chait as Steve Barker | Michael K. Williams as Reggie Dupar | Alaina Huffman as Lori Winton
Director: Oz Scott

102 :05x10 - The Triangle

The CSIs investigate when a billionaire and a limo driver are both found dead near the Empire State Building.
Guest Stars: Anastasia Ganias as Jamie Sunderland | Chris Mulkey as Bernie Benton | Brian Gross as Greg Hufheinz | Parisa Fakhri as Uni | Neil Hopkins as Yert Yawallac |
Co-Guest Stars: Leith M. Burke as FBI Agent Washington | Chris Hartl as Newstand Owner | Shawn Christian as Carl Custer | Brian Oblak as FBI Agent Walsh
Director: Jeff Thomas

103 :05x11 - Forbidden Fruit

In what seems to be an open and shut case, the CSIs search for a killer after a murder suspect is impaled during a police pursuit.
Guest Stars: Paul Papadakis as George Kolovos | Alvin Zalamea as Clancy | Chris Carmack as Colby Duncan | Louis Lombardi as Stan Trovato | Morgan Hewitt as Marina Morton | Tahyna Tozzi as Quinci Feeney | Alex Schemmer as Tony Clark | Kristin Cavalleri as Isabelle Vaughn | Casey LaBow as Ella McBride | Jack McGee as Officer Marks | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Det. Jennifer Angell
Director: John Behring

104 :05x12 - Help

The biggest wedding gown sale of the year leaves one shopper dead as young brides fight over a killer dress.The unusual clues of this case brings up a painful chapter from Dr. Hawke's past.
Guest Stars: Ashley Cusato as Laurel Downs | Eyal Podell as Colin Clark | Bonnie McKee as Eleanor Ravelle | Mackenzie Firgens as Nurse | Meg Cionni as Marie Lowe | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Det. Jennifer Angell | Sharon June Little as Singler | Scott Sacks as Guitarist | Alex Band as Trey Fager | Nichole Galicia as Kara Garland
Director: David Barrett
Writer: Sam Humphrey

105 :05x13 - Rush to Judgment

The CSIs have the daunting task of putting together a human jigsaw puzzle when severed body parts are found scattered throughout the city. Meanwhile, Detective Flack finds himself in the midst of controversy when a suspect dies in custody.
Guest Stars: DJ Elliott as Asst Coach Donahue | Scott Sheldon as Lt Bruce Jackson | Kevin Kazakoff as Johnny Holt | George Newbern as Mitchell Sheridan | Jake Abel as Doug Sheridan | Edyta Silwinska as Ruby Love | Mayte Garcia as Amalia Nelson | Philip Anthony-Rodriguez as Lt. John Malley | JC Leuyer as Cadillac Kligman | Rane Jameson as Todd Fleming | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Det Jessica Angell
Director: Rob Bailey
Songs: Blake Lewis -- I Need To Know, The Black Keys -- Oceans and Streams, Missy Higgins -- The Sound Of White

106 :05x14 - She's Not There

The CSIs investigate the death of a Russian tourist and the case makes them dive into the world of human trafficking. The case gets more complicated when they find a link to a member of the NYPD.
Guest Stars: Brian Cousins as Patrick Habis | Monte Franks as Nemo | Alyssa Diaz as Tracy James | Bryan Friday as Handome Young Man | Michael Papajohn as Adrik Fedoruk | Tina Ivlev as Rani Fedoruk | Mykel Shannon Jenkins as Williw Bostic | Michael Hake as Sammy Chen | Tamara Feldman as Carolyn Williams | Shantel VanSanten as Tara Habis | Julia Ormond as Deputy Inspector Gillian Whitford | Michelle Lee (2) as Jody Sun

107 :05x15 - The Party's Over

Stella is caught up in a crime scene when the deputy mayor's body falls from the ceiling covered by balloons during a charity fund-raiser. Meanwhile, Mac finds himself in trouble with a publishing mogul who has targeted his department.
Guest Stars: Craig Woolson as Defense Attorney | Ramona DuBarry as Reporter #1 | Marta McGonagle as Reporter #2 | Rudy Dobrev as Uni | Al Vicente as Bodega Owner | Jace James as Thug | Jack McGee as Officer Marks | Don Jeffcoat as Det. Stan Miller | Craig T. Nelson as Robert Dunbrook | Julia Ormond as Deputy Inspector Gillian Whitford | Ethan Erickson as Brendon Walsh | Skyler Gisondo as Jake Kaplan | David Chisum as Dep. Mayor Kaplan | Maury Sterling as Neal Weston
Director: Oz Scott

108 :05x16 - No Good Deed

When a buzzard drops a human eyeball, the CSIs must uncover to whom the eye belongs.
Guest Stars: Graham Shiels as Quentin Oswego | Daphne Duplaix as Dr. Catherine Rydell | Larkin Campbell as John Pollock | Luis Jose Lopez as Enrico Palmero | Danay Garcia as Flora Pollock | Casey LaBow as Ella McBride
Songs: We Fell To Earth -- Careful What You Wish For

109 :05x17 - Green Piece

A town house in Manhattan is leveled by a pipe bomb. With most of the evidence removed by the explosion, the CSIs must reconstruct all the damages in order to track down a suspect behind the pipe bomb explosion.
Guest Stars: Mark Englehardt as FBI Agent Richardson | Dinora Walcott as Clerk | John Sloan as Teddy Mayheim/Theodore Wicks | Matt McTighe as Michael Elgers | Sarah Butler as Allsion Redman | Asia De Marcos as EMS Officer | Robert Gant as Felix Redman | Grant Alan as Player #1
Director: Jeffrey G. Hunt
Songs: Scars On 45 -- Beauty's Running Wild

110 :05x18 - Point of No Return

After a former medical examiner is found dead, a powder recovered at the scene leads the CSIs to believe the killer is making heroin out of human bodies. Meanwhile, Stella sets a trap to capture Sebastian Diakos, her nemesis.
Guest Stars: Adoni Maropis as Sebastian Diakos | Shawn Woods as Jamal Tucker | Pete Wentz as Chester Byron | Emilio Rivera as Little Stevie | Paul Papadakis as George Kolovos | Jonah Lotan as Dr. Marty Pino | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Det Jessica Angell | Ashlee Simpson as Lila Wickfield | Holly Lynch as Anabel Pino | Tony Amendola as Professor P |
Co-Guest Stars: Tracy Silver as Receptionist
Director: Rob Bailey

111 :05x19 - Communication Breakdown

The CSI's investigate the murder of a Native American chief, who was found shot dead on a subway. While the investigation moves smoothly at first, the team then realizes that all their suspects are foreigners who do not speak English.
Guest Stars: Paul Morente as Filipino Guy | Filip Ivanov as Bulgarian Man | Antonia Raftu as Greek Woman | Christina Khoo as Tran Paik | Arden Cho as Gahee Paik | Jon Woodward-kirby as Hotel Manager | Derek Craigie as Finn Wexford | Ben Morrison as Teammate | Meena Serendib as Sri Lankan Mother | Andreas Lyon as Danish Man | Jackie Quinones as Puerto Rican Woman | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Det Jessica Angell | Daniel Tatar as Isaeli Guy | Grace Matias as Filipino Girl | Gregory Norman Cruz as Amos Delaware | Jean-Michel Richaud as Frenchman | Tom Yi as Lee Paik | Samuel Page as I.T. Guy/Liam Connover | Kavi Ladnier as Leila Vara
Director: John Keris

112 :05x20 - Prey

The CSIs investigate a man shot in an empty theater. However, Stella finds out that the crime scene is staged.
Guest Stars: Wayne Lopez as Manager | Katharine McPhee as Odessa Shaw/Dana Melton | Tony Amendola as Professor P | Marlana Carter as Lisa | Michael Trevino as Gavin Skidmore | Sam Ball as James Copeland | Tim Fields as Marshall Baxter | Eddie Mills as Phillip Langdon | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Det Jessica Angell
Director: Marshall Adams

113 :05x21 - The Past, Present and Murder

When a man falls 52 stories to his death after attacking newspaper magnate Robert Dunbrook inside his office, the CSI's need to treat the case as a missing-person-investigation when his body vanishes before their arrival.
Guest Stars: Mykelti Williamson as Chief Brigham Sinclair | Craig T. Nelson as Robert Dunbrook | Thad Luckinbill as Connor Dunbrook | Leith M. Burke as Agent Johnson | Ian Anthony Dale as Agent Ellis Park |
Co-Guest Stars: Nick Warnock as Reporter #2 | Laurie Searle as Reporter #1 | Brian Oblak as FBI Agent Walsh

114 :05x22 - Yahrzeit

An investigation takes place when a jewelry appraiser is murdered at an auction, and the appraiser may have been linked to neo-Nazis and that a prisoner of Auschwitz originally owned the exclusive brooch.
Special Guest Stars: Edward Asner as Abraham Klein |
Guest Stars: Richard Marcus as Xander Gree | Shelley Berman as George Savar | John Justice as Klaus Braun | Melinda Y. Cohen as Esther Schnitzler | Rita Zohar as Hannah Schnitzler | Scott Cohen as Aaron Lesnick | Modi Rosenfeld as David Klein | Matt McTighe as Michael Elgers | Laura Miro as Alice Tanaka |
Co-Guest Stars: Meagan Tandy as Model #1 | Natalia Castellanos as Sexy Woman | Summer Altice as Model #2 | Adrian Neil as Auction House Manager
Director: Norberto Barba

115 :05x23 - Greater Good

An innocent man is sprung from prison, but the victims mother seeks revenge towards him. Meanwhile, Lindsay gives birth to her baby girl.
Guest Stars: Brendan Kelly (1) as Nick Donley | Cynthia Addai Robinson as Dr. Karita Neville | Mandi Kreisher as Maris Donovan | Mare Winningham as Katharine Donovan | Charles S. Dutton as Talmadge Neville | Geoff Meed as Ronny Desoto
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Writer: Pam Veasey

116 :05x24 - Grounds For Deception

Stella investigates murders which are linked to artifacts from ancient Greece, which causes her to hand in her badge and head to Greece to follow the clues, where she discovers a mystery of historical proportions.
Guest Stars: Brenna Radding as Young Stella | Louis Mandylor as Det. Christos Temmas | Georgia Hatzis as Areti Moungri | George Tasudis as Tasso Papakota | Tony Amendola as Professor P | Paul Papadakis as George Kolovos | Bettis Richardson as Danaus | Sofya Skya as Olympia
Director: Duane Clark

117 :05x25 - Pay Up (1)

While being escorted between prison and court, a publishing mogul's son is kidnapped. One of the CSI's is fatally injured and another is hurt badly during the ambush.
Special Guest Stars: Nelly as Terrence Davis |
Guest Stars: James Martin Kelly as Cliff Angell | Glenn Herman as Simon Cade | Thad Luckinbill as Connor Dunbrook | Craig T. Nelson as Robert Dunbrook | Emmanuelle Vaugier as Det Jessica Angell | Andrew Davoli as Crazy Tony Tardalla |
Co-Guest Stars: Erika Ringor as ER Doctor | Jonathan Kowalsky as Sniper
Director: Rob Bailey
Warning: CSI: NY guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
Status: Canceled
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 22, 2004
Ended: February 22, 2013
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