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Season 6

118 :06x01 - Epilogue (2)

Continuing from where we left off in season 5, the team is at a local bar remembering their fallen member. But their funeral is disrupted when a car starts firing a whole lot of bullets at them. Everyone ducks down to the floor, and Mac soon sees a pool of blood on the floor, meaning someone got hit. Afterwards, Mac and Danny go back to the bar to talk to the manager, but the shooter returns, once again putting their lives in jeopardy.
Guest Stars: Sarah Carter as Haylen Becall | Gloria Votsis as Risa Calavares | Andrew Lawrence (1) as Jake Calaveras | Lexis Shontz as Tyson Melo
Writer: Pam Veasey

119 :06x02 - Blacklist (Featuring Gravedigger)

A man driving with a GPS is sent to an unknown location when the GPS suddenly malfunctions and the car gets its own life. The man gets trapped inside with no place to go when he spots two men walking towards his car, loading their guns. Meanwhile, a man and his wife are eating at a restaurant when the man suddenly collapses, and the CSIs uncover that the killer has targeted health-care workers.
Guest Stars: Erika Barrett as Duty Nurse | Andrew Royo as Big Willie Brown | Gail O'Grady as Millie Taylor | Jonathan Terry as McCanna Taylor | Michelle Krusiec as Lisa Kim | Evan Jones as Junior Mosley | Rachel Specter as Sarah Morris | Jessica Morris as Melody Spector | Boo Arnold as Dr. Jeff Evans | Dameon Clarke as Aaron Dexter | Greg Germann as Voice/Grave Digger/Benton
Director: Duane Clark

120 :06x03 - LAT 40° 47' N/Long 73° 58'W

A tour group visiting a preserved building at Ellis Island finds a dead man who seemed to have hung himself, but the CSIs uncover that the man died about 8 hours ago, but managed to answer a call from his wife a few hours after his death, which confuses the team. However, when a crime on the other side of the city is similar to this one, and both cases have a compass lying next to the victims, the team suspects they are dealing with The Compass Killer.
Guest Stars: Benjamin Benitez as Kimball Saks | Sarah Carter as Haylen Becall | Josie Davis as Calliope Eckhart | Skeet Ulrich as Hollis Eckhart |
Co-Guest Stars: Amara Cash as Tour Guide | Kelly Kolatac as Cute Girl

121 :06x04 - Dead Reckoning

A man is stabbed to death and the CSIs talk with the wife of the victim. She claims they were having a perfect dinner until she found a ring and an envelope and understood he was going to give it to someone else. She confirms to Mac and Don that she started stabbing her own husband, but Stella has gotten her own proof; DNA that really confirms she didn’t do it.
Guest Stars: Allie Woods, Jr. as Jen Parker | Nadine Velazquez as Marcia Carver | McKenna Jones as Zoya Carter | Mykelti Williamson as Chief | Rose Rollins as Beth Garrett | Mia Kirshner as Deborah Carter | T.J. Hoban as Kevin Carter | Sarah Carter as Haylen Becall
Director: Scott White
Writer: John Dove

122 :06x05 - Battle Scars

The CSIs need to follow the blood trail after a woman stumbles her way through the lobby of a hotel and gets the hotel desk manager to call 911. Searching all floors of the hotel, Stella and Don are led to an open room where they find a victim. Meanwhile, the rest of the team finds a connection between the dead girl and an underground hip-hop community.
Guest Stars: Travis Hammer as Hotel Desk Manager | Richard Vazquez as A Dancer | Anwar Burton as Dancer 1 | Keith Stallworth as Dancer 2 | Oren Michaeli as Dancer 4 | Brandon Phillips as Mechanic X | John Perez as Dancer 3 | Nathan Anderson as Craig Roberts | Vincent Laresca as Al Santiago | Bryce Johnson as Nick "Cool" Emerson | Joe Slaughter as Dot com | Raquel Alessi as Brooke Hallworth
Director: Jeff Thomas
Writer: Bill Haynes

123 :06x06 - It Happened To Me

Mac and the CSIs investigate what really happened when a software company executive bled to death on a street, but Hawkes has problems concentrating on the case when it turns out the victim is someone he knew and could’ve saved. Therefore, Mac and he start their own little investigation into the case.
Guest Stars: Jonathan Chase as Brian Hamilton | Nick Chinlund as John Simmons | Mercedes Masöhn as Frankie Tyler | Darby Stanchfield as Dawn Higgins |
Co-Guest Stars: Antal Kalik as Warrant Detective | Rueben Grundy as Super | Jessalyn Wanlim as Portia Pryce | Nathalie Walker as Tracy Wallace | Jack Krizmanich as Martin Stafford
Director: Alex Zakrzewski

124 :06x07 - Hammer Down

Second part of the "CSI Trilogy". (First part on CSI: Miami and third part on CSI).When a truck gets in a traffic accident; the CSIs can’t help but notice that the driver is gone. But when Flack finds the body of a young woman in a barrel, Sid finds out that she was the victim of a black market organ harvesting. Meanwhile, Ray Langston (from CSI) calls Mac and Stella because he believes their victim is also his victim, and together they try to solve the case which now has moved to CSI: NY.
Guest Stars: Rose Evangelina as Dora Lawson | Deanna Smith as Clinic Nurse | Michael Reilly Burke as Dr. Harvey Fuller | Jason Paul Field as Dean the Drunk | Jeffrey D. Sams as Joseph Winston | Amanda MacDonald as Madeline Briggs | Michael Massee as Casey Steele | Wes Ramsey as Dave Benton | Laurence Fishburne as Ray Langston
Director: Scott Lautanen

125 :06x08 - Cuckoo's Nest

A business party aboard a party boat takes a turn for the worst when a fired employee returns to his boss wanting revenge by taking him at gunpoint. But the hostage situation quickly ends when a body comes flying down from nowhere, crashing into the hostage taker. Mac finds evidence supporting his theory that the man either fell or jumped from the 59th Street Bridge, and the team believes the man is The Compass Killer’s latest victim. Meanwhile, Don is attacked while AWOL from work.
Special Guest Stars: Nelly as Terrence Davis |
Guest Stars: Brian Jones (2) as Gigantaw | Josie Davis as Calliope Eckhart | Austin Lysy as Thomas Gates | Kieran Campion as Kenneth Grant | Alex Cranmer as Bob Tanner | Marguerite Moreau as Louise Dukes | Fredro Starr as Deacon | John Mese as Lt. William Sythe | Skeet Ulrich as Hollis Eckhart
Director: Jeffrey G. Hunt

126 :06x09 - Manhattanhenge

In the last episode featuring the Compass Killer, the CSI team stops at nothing to get their man, and they have uncovered a large area in which the Killer is at. While Mac and Don search the Killer’s lair, he is planning his next victim, and the team now has to fight against time to find the Killer and bring him to justice before he kills another innocent person.
Guest Stars: Nina Smidt as Red Head Bartender | Martin A. Papazian as Mr. Birnbaum | Marc Menchaca as Leonard | Josie Davis as Calliope Eckhart | Skeet Ulrich as Hollis Eckhart

127 :06x10 - Death House

A frantic 911 call sends the CSI team to a vacant penthouse later revealed to be filled with bobby traps and they discover a corpse that seems to be nearly 100 years old. Navigating their way throughout the house to uncover all secrets the house may hold, the team members’ lives are put in jeopardy when the traps attack them, which includes blades falling from the ceiling, floors turning and changing, and secret passageways behind pictures and walls that hold massive volumes of water that any person will drown in.
Guest Stars: Ella Thomas as Deborah Meade
Director: Norberto Barba

128 :06x11 - Second Chances

It’s Christmas time in New York City, but the CSIs aren’t getting their vacations yet, as they need to first solve a crime in which a young man was found dead in an alley brutally killed, or so it seems. Further investigation proves that the victim was only struck by a car, but he has a history of being a former drug addict, with a large amount of heroin in his system before his death. However, the investigation changes when the CSIs uncover a $2.5 million dollar insurance policy, as one of the suspects is the victim’s girlfriend, who cashed in on the insurance, making it an insurance scam of the worst kind.
Guest Stars: Scott Michael Underwood as Drummer | James Woodrow Stafford as Guitarist | Lala Vazquez as Lisa Williams | Gino Cafarelli as Santa | Jonas Fisch as Sound Tech | Chris Coy as Joe | David Sullivan (1) as James Manning | Kim Kardashian as Debbie Fallon | Vanessa Minnillo as Grace Chandler | Pat Monahan as Sam Baker
Director: Eric Laneuville
Writer: John Dove
Songs: Train -- Calling All Angels, Train -- Hey Soul Sister

129 :06x12 - Criminal Justice

CSI is called to investigate after a victim is brutally stabbed. However, the case takes a bad turn when they uncover that the evidence was planted at the scene.
Guest Stars: Shane Silva as Bailiff | Sophie Sinise as Karen Winston | Judith Hoag as Mrs. Reynolds | Kent Shocknek as Reporter | Kristin Richardson as Sarah Hansen | Joe Manganiello as Rob Meyers | Jeff Perry as Judge | John Charles Meyer as Antonio Reyes | D.B. Sweeney as A.D.A. Craig Hansen
Writer: Bill Haynes

130 :06x13 - Flag on the Play

A star quarterback of the Lingerie Football League is found murdered in the team's locker room hot tub. The investigation finds that the victim had lidocaine in her system, leading them to try to figure out who in the organization wanted her dead.
Guest Stars: Morgan Snyder as Clinic Receptionist | Tasso Feldman as Scott Coleman | J.B. Blanc as Tripp Walker | Nynno Ahli as Alex Martin | Katherine Ann McGregor as Leanne Baldwin | Tom Parker as Allen Greenway | Brittany Perry-Russell as Lisa (Tight End) | Lauren Cohan as Meredith Muir | Nicole Taylor as Kristen Melvoy
Director: Jeffrey G. Hunt

131 :06x14 - Sanguine Love

A body is discovered in Central Park, drained of blood and missing part of an ear. The CSI's investigation takes them deep in to the underground vampirism subculture.
Guest Stars: Ella Fitzpatrick as Young Woman | Ivan Shaw as Billy James | Finola Hughes as Mrs. Christensen | Charles Shaughnessy as Mr. Christensen | Ken Garito as Jimmy Duncan | Michael Graziadei as Keith Borgese | Melinda Dahl as Estelle Christensen
Director: Norberto Barba

132 :06x15 - The Formula

A racing legend dies two days before a Grand Prix Race in an explosion in Manhattan. The CSIs find that the car that exploded had been tampered with, and their investigation takes them into the world of racing and beyond.
Guest Stars: Rick Peters as Josh Weaver | Erik Eidem as Reece Turnball | Timothy V. Murphy as Connor Wells | Kevin Kilner as Dwight Bernard | Marisa Ramirez as Tania Santos | Danica Patrick as Liza Gray | Antonio Sabato, Jr. as Davi Santos

133 :06x16 - Uncertainty Rules

On the night of a young man's 21st birthday, his friends take him out to celebrate, but when they turn up dead and he's found walking in the middle of the street covered in his friends' blood and wielding an axe, the CSIs must trace the events of the man's wild night to figure out just what happened.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Angela Gots as Cassie Davis | Cullen Douglas as Gerald Gordon | Dominic Keating as Rufus Knox | Natascha Hopkins as Carolina | Don Jeanes as Officer #2 | Tristen McDonald as Jackie Wright | Martin Klebba as Calvin Moore | Hal Landon, Jr. as Henry Wainright | Linda Porter as Mary Riesling | Joe Reegan as James Roberts | Kerie W. Edmead as Officer #1 | Stephen Gabriel as Mark Turner | Ken Luckey as Daniel Vaughn | Nadine Heimann as Lacey Deshane | Sarah Habel as Sara Carr
Director: Zachary Reiter
Writer: Jeff Thomas

134 :06x17 - Pot of Gold

When a double homicide involving two young journalists who are investigating a story about gold fraud occurs on the eve of St. Patrick's Day, the CSIs must find the clue at the end of the rainbow.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Kieran Hutchinson as Finnegan Hansard | Kanin J. Howell as Charlie Cooper | Sarah Karges as Drunk Girl | Jina Song as Real Estate Agent | John Barbolla as Phil | Erin Cahill as Agent Pangle | Aaron Ashmore as Cam Vandemann | Ian Ziering as Thom Weir | Madchen Amick as Aubrey Hunter | Kyle Gallner as Reed Garrett
Director: Eriq La Salle

135 :06x18 - Rest In Peace, Marina Garito

Stella has a hard time convincing the team when a murder that looks like a suicide is being investigated, so Stella does her own investigation into the case.
Guest Stars: Brian Goodman as Tony Dirisa | Moran Atias as Marina Garito | Joshua Rush as Luke Garito | Madchen Amick as Aubrey Hunter
Director: Allison Liddi
Writer: Pam Veasey

136 :06x19 - Redemptio

A death row inmate's final request brings Dr. Hawkes to a Pennsylvania prison and face-to-face with a tragic incident that he has kept secret for many years, just as a prison riot erupts and traps Hawkes inside

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jonathan Strait as Hostage Negotiator | Mark Doerr as Priest | Jon Collin Barclay as Beaten Guard | Anthony Pena as Scarface | Eddie Alfano as Guard #1 | Tyler Francavilla as Officer Miller | Robert Curtis Brown as Davis Ollenstein | Harold Perrineau, Jr. as Reggie Tifford | Edward Furlong as Shane Casey
Director: Steven DePaul
Songs: Ozzy Osbourne -- Let Me Hear You Scream

137 :06x20 - Tales From The Undercard

When a slab of concrete starts bleeding in midtown, the CSIs' investigation takes them into the underground world of hardcore fighting, where men moonlight as "weekend warriors" for the pleasure of a live viewing audience.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Don Yates as Lumberjack | Brian Oerly as Lester Rhodes | Anthony Molinari as Jimmy Allen | Michael William Freeman as Colby Jenkins | Drew Tyler Bell as Alex Contoursi | Tommy Savas as Rick Contoursi | Fernanda Andrade as Yvonne | Jessica Allen as Erik Overson | Brendan Fehr as Al Branson | Graham Beckel as Telly Gines | Ken Moreno as Joe Carthage
Director: Skipp Sudduth

138 :06x21 - Unusual Suspects

When Mac and Aubrey come across the scene of a 14-year-old boy who has been shot in front of his 12-year-old brother, it takes Mac's drive for justice to another level.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: William Spencer (2) as Troy Castro | Candice Candelori as Teller | Andrew J. West as Johnny Cook | Gina Philips as Maddie Harris | Tim Chiou as Vince | Bridger Zadina as Nicky Harris | Aaron Refvem as Sam Harris | Madchen Amick as Aubrey Hunter
Director: Marshall Adams

139 :06x22 - Point of View

While Mac recuperates at home after being injured, he witnesses a mysterious briefcase exchange that leads to a murder, and unexpectedly brings him in contact with his former girlfriend, Peyton Driscoll

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Gino Anthony Pesi as Troy Picozzi | Nick Epper as Ivan Paluck | Gale Harold as Kevin Scott | Claire Forlani as Dr. Peyton Driscoll |
Co-Guest Stars: Palmer Davis as Disapproving Mother | Steven Krueger as Teenage Boyfriend | Karyn Nesbit as Teenage Girl | Eddie Davenport as Man
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Writer: Pam Veasey

140 :06x23 - Vacation Getaway

The CSIs follow a trail left by Shane Casey and realize that he is targeting Danny, who is vacationing out of town with Lindsay and their daughter

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jim Sharp as Ethan Ganz | Ashley Dyke as Angela Isley | Jules Willcox as Curator | Danny Nucci as Officer Nicholas Henderson | Edward Furlong as Shane Casey | Adam Harrington as Officer Noonan
Director: Duane Clark
Warning: CSI: NY guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
Status: Canceled
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 22, 2004
Ended: February 22, 2013
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