Justified - Recap

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The young woman who stole Chief Carver's sister's identity is being
viciously attacked. She is beaten, then shot.

Her body is found in the water and positively id'd by Mac. Jo notes that
she was shot in the heart. Somebody was making an emotional statement.
The body wouldn't have been found if the knot weighing her down hadn't
come undone. Sheldon says they got the call around dawn; a couple of
fishermen spotted her. The condition of the body indicates she hasn't
been dead long at all. Don's guys are calling around for anybody who
checked in within the last 24 hours, paying cash. Chief Carver looks
dispassionately at the body. Since she spent so many years impersonating
his sister, he hoped there'd be more answers. He assumes the water would
have washed away all the evidence, but Mac looks at the bullet hole and
says not all of it.

Sid starts the autopsy while Rama Lama (Bang-bang) plays. "Stitch a seam
across they eye ... unzip my body, take my heart out." He locates and
removes the bullet. Lindsay runs the ballistics tests. She gets a 100%
match and runs out. Mac confronts Carver. The slug matches a gun
belonging to the Chief. Carver claims he lost that gun years ago. Mac
finds it hard to believe that it was never reported missing. And he just
lost the one? He has two service weapons, but he only lost one. Mac asks
Ted to tell him why he shouldn't believe he killed the only suspect in
his sister's murder. They lock eyes for a few seconds. Ted asks if they
can go for a ride. There's something he wants to show Mac.

They're on a street full of drug addicts and prostitutes. Ted says his
sister was one of them and worst of all, she was a horrible mother. He
says that if anyone had asked him back then if he had a sister, he would
have said she was dead. The last time he saw her, she was outside his
apartment. Strung-out, hungry and looking for money. He let her in and
gave her something to eat. She could have taken the gun then. He didn't
report it stolen, because he didn't even realize for a couple of months.
Then she was gone, and he knew that if he reported the gun missing,
somebody might go looking for her. So he didn't. He promises Mac he had
nothing to do with that woman's murder.

Sid's examination continues. He sees something in her left ear, several
small bits. Danny investigates further.

Jo finds that the victim's real name is Marcella Gomez. she came to New
York 15 years ago to escape her abuser, and took on Ronnie Parker's
identity. She came here on a K-1 visa from Colombia and filed a petition
for alien fiance. She was a mail-order bride for Mitch Barrett.

Danny and Don arrive at Barrett's place. He opens fire on them through
the door, and then announces the door is open. When Don opens the door
under Danny's cover, Barrett is standing in the middle of the room with
his arms extended to show he's unarmed. The gun is on the floor in front
of him, and he shoves it over with his foot. Barrett puts up one hell of
a fight. Danny gets a busted lip and Don a black eye for their troubles.
The officers who heard the shots FINALLY arrive and Barrett is taken
into custody. When Don meets up with Barrett again, he greets him
Rocky-style. "Yo, Adrienne!". He asks how they knew he killed Marcella.
Don informs him that actually, they were a little iffy until he started
shooting at them through the door. Danny sets him straight. The
reflective paint he works with was the residue found in her ear. So why
did he do it? He was keeping a promise. He told her if she left him,
he'd kill her. He said she got here with nothing. He put a roof over her
head, clothes on her back and food in her mouth and this is how she
repays him? Don tells Mother Teresa to settle down.

Danny asks Barrett how he knew where Marcella was. He says the same way
the cops do; a little bird whispered in his ear. When he found her, the
gun fell out of her purse and he used it against her.

Lindsay tests the gun. There are two prints, and they belong to Marcella
and Mitch. She brings the results to Jo and Mac. His prints overlap
hers, meaning she had her hands on the gun first. Lindsay assumes that
Marcella killed Chief Carver's sister, but Jo disagrees. And if Jo is
right, then who killed Ronnie Carver?

Mac thinks that at the very least, Ted Carver knows more than he's
saying. Jo warns him that if he goes in there asking the wrong
questions, there will be serious consequences. She feels he's letting
his emotions cloud his judgment. Mac says that the biggest 'wrong' point
in this mess is Carver's gun. There's no way a cop goes to sleep every
night, knowing his gun is still out there. He wants to believe that Ted
Carver is a good man, that didn't look him in the eye and lie to him. He
lines up the facts. Carver took her kids, and never reported his sister
missing. All these years, Marcella somehow knew that no detective would
come knocking on her door, looking for Ronnie Parker; how would she know
that? Jo says those are all good questions, so Mac gives her another.
Where was she when they served the warrant? Carver tipped her off, and
she ran right into the fists of Mitch Barrett. She says because it's the
chief, this IS different, and asks Mac to give her more time. Mac says
he saw how Ted looked at Marcella on the dock. He knows who she is, and
he knows who stabbed his sister to death.

Jo asks for a complete update on the case from Danny, Lindsay and Adam.
Lindsay can't find any connection between Ronnie and Marcella. They have
nothing but dead ends, but Adam found a piece of chewing gum, he got DNA
from it but no hits. Sheldon and Lindsay confront the man who owns the
jacket Ronnie was buried in. The jacket was easy to trace as it was
created by a local tailor who kept impeccable records. When the owner of
the jacket sees a picture of Ronnie wrapped in it, he spills his guts.
He and Ronnie had had a few drinks. When they left, it was cold so he
wrapped his jacket around her. He'd forgotten his credit card, so he
said wait here, I'll be right back. When he came back out from the bar,
she was talking to a cop. It looked heated. As a married, professional
man, he just left her there. As for the knife that was in the grave with
her, Adam was able to get a partial DNA that belonged to Jimmy Valdez.
He was in trouble with the law as a teen, but nothing since then.

Don and Danny question him about the knife, and Ronnie. He tells them he
got the knife as a 15th birthday gift from his older brother. He was
told to keep it in his pocket, and only use it for protection. Don't
show it off. But he couldn't keep his eyes off it, and he had to show
all his friends. A cop took it from him. They show him some cop pictures
to see if he can make an identification. He doesn't recognize anybody
that was on duty that day. If he'd been headed for court, Carver would
have been in the vicinity. They pop up his picture, and Valdez
identifies Carver. Mac approaches Carver at his grand-nephew's soccer
game and asks him why he murdered his sister. Ted knows Mac doesn't have
enough to lock him up. It has to end, now. Mac says it's not ending
until he has enough to make it stick.

Mac has Adam compare the chewing gum in Ronnie Parker's grave to her own
DNA. Adam points out that the DNA is of male origin. Mac knows. Just do it.

Sid tells Jo that upon further investigation, the stab wounds are
inconsistent with a man of Chief Carver’s height and build. All the stab
wounds are in the lower abdomen, below the 7th rib. In addition, the
trauma they found to her head was only strong enough to cause a hairline
fracture. If Carver were responsible, her skull would have likely been
caved in.

Jo tries to tell Mac that all the information she got from Sid seems to
mark Marcella Gomez as the killer. Mac retorts that they have no motive
or evidence to back that concept. Adam gets a profile match to the DNA
found on the piece of gum, and gives it to Mac.

At a Parker family church wedding rehearsal, Ted drops his daughter off
at the alter. Mac enters the rear doors, accompanied by an officer in
uniform. Jay goes to him and admits his guilt. He killed his mother,
Veronica Carver.

During questioning, Jo asks where Jay got the knife. He tells her that
it was a gift from Chief Carver, because he knew Jay enjoyed
woodcarving. He was hiding in the bushes when the cop questioned his
mom. After the cop walked away, he hit Ronnie in the back of the head
with the rock, but she remained conscious. She yelled at him and slapped
him so hard that she knocked him down. He came up with the knife in his
hand and stabbed her repeatedly. He then buried her body. Jay heard the
city would be building a bike path through the area. He was afraid that
would uncover the body so he moved it. Upon further questioning, Jay
admits that he'd considered killing his mother for a long time.

Chief Carver asks Mac how they found out it was Jay. Mac tells Carver
that they matched the DNA on the gum to Jay. Carver explains to Mac that
the night of the murder, Jay called him, crying. He couldn't bring
himself to tell Ted what he'd done. When Carver got home, Jay was
waiting on the stoop. He wanted to turn himself in to his uncle. He
took him inside and got him cleaned up.

Jay tells Jo he murdered his mother because she was abusing him. He
shows Jo his back, which is criss-crossed with scars from the beatings
he endured at her hand. Mac and Carver look on, and the chief struggles
to maintain his composure. He first saw those scars the night Jay turned
himself in. As Jay got older, she started in on his siblings. He didn't
see any way to stop her, so he took matters into his own hands and
killed her. The chief is beside himself. He knew what a monster his
sister was. He should have been there. Mac tells him he can't change the
past. He blames himself for giving him the knife. Mac tells him if it
hadn't been that knife, it would have been another. Jay did what he felt
he had to do, to survive. When he continues to berate himself, Mac tells
Carver that he turned their lives around when he took them in.

Mac asks where Marcella fits in all this. Chief Carver was on foot
patrol one night, and found her crying on the curb. She thought she
would have to die before she could get away from Barrett. Mac understood
Ted giving her Ronnie's information; but why did he give her his gun?
Ted says he had a little chat with Barrett. He tells Mac that Barrett
was one of 'those guys', the kind that scare the daylights out of a
person. He knew that if Barrett found Marcella, he'd kill her. Mac says
he was right. Carver knows he'll live the rest of his life with the
knowledge that Barrett used Ted's gun to kill her.

Jay tells Jo that the sadness never came. He's yet to have that sense of
"If I knew then what I know now, I never would have done it." He's not
sorry. The world is a better place without her.

Jo and Mac discuss the case.Carver was fired and stripped of his
pension, and Jo found out that was Mac's doing. No criminal charges were
filed. she wonders where he stands on Jay's case. He's not comfortable
with the fact that Jay planned the death. The DA has no interest in
filing charges, so he's agreed to a plea of manslaughter with no jail time.

At the wedding, Ted walks his daughter down the aisle as Jay and the
rest of the family look on happily. Jay and Ted hug. Laughter turns to
tears, and Ted tells Jay "I love you."