To What End? - Recap

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A man is getting dressed as a clown. When he's done, he picks up and
loads a pistol, tucking it in his waistband. He makes a stop for
balloons, and continues on his way. When he gets to Cressida's bakery,
the owner asks him what he's doing there an hour early. He hands over
the balloons and shoots the owner.

The police take down a clown who claims to be unarmed. As one is cuffing
him, his partner notices that there are clowns everywhere.

Don and Mac arrive on the scene. Everyone dressed like a clown is
detained, even though some of the costumes aren't a match. More than
half of them are, and Mac points out that one of these clowns might be
their killer.

The weapon was left next to the body at the scene. Sheldon and Mac get
to work processing the scene. Don questions the clowns. There was an ad
posted that said $500 if you show up at the corner of the crime scene,
at 11:00 a.m., and an extra $50 if you match the attached picture.

Jo shows up, and Don comes in with the clown costume located in a nearby
dumpster. Looks like all the secondary clowns are free to go.

Lindsay tells Mac the bullet shattered inside the victim. She's going to
have to reconstruct it before they can do a trace. Mac says he has a
faster way to get answers, and they go to work. The end result is that
the gun at the scene is not the murder weapon. Since it's not, she's
gonna have to go with Plan A, reconstruct with the fragments.

Danny finds that the clown's boots were covered with an unusual dust.
There was DNA in it, so Mac advises him to run it through missing
persons. He also wonders if clowns wear sneakers inside their clown
shoes, but neither Jo nor Mac have an answer to that question.

The trace Sheldon found on the victim's shirt was cyanide.

Adam is hung up on by the head of the New York Clown Registry. He's very
angry, because all clown faces are registered with them, but they won't
give him any information without a subpoena. Mac and Jo show up and find
shelves of hand-painted eggs. The curator informs them that each egg
matches their various members. They found the one that matched the
shooter, right before he walked in. He's as big a jerk to them as he was
to Adam. Fortunately, Adam faxed over the subpoena before their arrival,
so he gives them the information they need.

Danny and Don arrive at the clown's apartment (Stan Ridgeway). He's
bound and gagged on the ground when they enter. Some guy faked a
delivery needing a signature, and when Stan opened the door, he was
attacked. When he came to, his clown suit was gone. His hair and his
nose were specially made, VERY expensive. He needs them back. The
attacker left $200 for Stan, as payment for what he would have made if
he showed up for his job.

Danny gets to work, and finds a partial print. Adam runs it, and gets a
match. But the match is for a guy with only one ding on his crime
history. Just another piece of the puzzle that doesn't make any sense.
Also, he's off the grid. Sold his car, quit his job, gave up his
apartment, etc. Jo comes to the conclusion that he went into witness
protection. An agent arrives while she's talking to Mac. He's her
ex-husband, Russ.

Russ and Mac bump horns a bit, and the agent finally tells him that
Bobby was in protection for NYPD, not the FBI. This was a favor for Don
Flack. Mac checks with Don, and he doesn't believe Bobby as a killer,
either. Bobby was a good guy, not a thug. He testified against three PCP
dealers who put a bullet in his friend's head, the Foley brothers. Don
figures they should put Bobby in a line-up and see if Stan picks him out.

Jo's ex comes to visit. He saw her run out of Mac's office. Russ
confronts her on all the dodging of him she's been doing. He turns on
the charm, but she insists he keep his distance. Lindsay interrupts, and
is introduced. She was able to realign the fragments and got a match to
a bullet that killed a man two days previously, in Memphis. Russ tells
Jo that Bobby Renton was in witness protection in Memphis.

There's a staff meeting, Russ joins them. The dead man in Memphis was
tortured before he was killed. We see Bobby saying "Who sent you here to
kill me?" as he fires the weapon, and the victim says it was Gino
Cressida. The baker. So why would he want Bobby dead. What's the
connection. Don takes a call and comes back to report that there's a
major BOLO out on Renton. Jo asks why he's still here, and Mac answers
that Bobby still has unfinished business.

Don remembers his last conversation with Bobby before he went into
witness protection. He refused to tell his girlfriend, Angel, that he
was going to disappear. She's five months pregnant. He's going to leave
her there with her family and friends. He's not even going to say
good-bye. It's easier that way. If they come after her, it's just him.
If she's along, she's in danger. Don reassures him that he did the right
thing. He asks Don to do him a favor; tell Angel that.

Sheldon tells Mac that Ether was found on the Memphis vic. Mac notes
that cyanide and ether = PCP. Maybe the two knew each other? Mac doesn't
buy it until Sheldon shows him that the bakery's kilowatt usage was off
the charts. They were baking more than bagels there. Cressida was
supplying the Foley brothers.

Don finds Angel working in a diner. He asks if Bobby has contacted her,
but she refuses to answer. When Don lets her know Bobby is in some kind
of trouble, she asks what kind. She tells Don he has not contacted her.
He tells her Bobby's not hurt, but he may have done something really
stupid. If he comes to see her, she needs to let Don know. She gives Don
an earful about how stupid she and Bobby were to trust him. If he
contacts her, Don will be the last person to hear about it. He got what
he wanted.

When he gets out to his car, Don finds that the driver's side mirror is
pressed up against the vehicle. He puts it back in place and gets in.

Jo thinks she found the motive. Gino Cressida was godfather to one of
the Foley brothers. So when Bobby took them down, he needed to get
vengeance. Mac arrives and asks if anybody has heard from Don. He's left
him several messages with no response. Mac fears that Don is the reason
Bobby hasn't left town yet.

Danny gets a match on the DNA from the dust. Looks to have been a
cremation involved. Some (no longer in) business mixes the ash with
concrete and lowers them into the ocean to promote coral reef growth.
Lindsay questions how the mixture transferred to Renton. Danny figures
he picked it up in the abandoned crematorium. It's been out of business
for six years. That has to be where Renton is hiding out. They let Mac
know, so he can send units.

Flack arrives and calls out for Bobby, telling him he got his signal. He
finds an empty pizza box, but no sound from Bobby. As he's looking, he
comes face-to-face with Bobby, who has a pistol aimed at him. Bobby
figures he has nothing to lose. He's already going to prison. It wasn't
worth it, rolling on the Foleys. Don tells him this is how life is.
Thieves get rich. Saints get shot. And God doesn't always answer your
prayers. But Bobby acted in self-defense. He shot a hit man, and the guy
who sent him. There's a real chance he could get found not guilty. But
if he shoots Don, that's it. He's done. He wavers, and Don takes him
down. He runs, and Don gives chase. When Don catches him, he places him
under arrest.

Mac touches base with Don. He feels really bad about persuading Bobby,
considering the sacrifices he made. Mac tells him it's a necessary evil.
Besides, Bobby didn't do anything he didn't really want to do. Don takes
him into custody. Bobby asks what he does now, and Don doesn't answer.
He brings Bobby to the restaurant to see Angel and his son, telling him
he has 10 minutes. He finally meets his son. Don watches from the street.