Smooth Criminal - Recap

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A very stylish gentleman approaches a beautiful lady at a bar. She says
she's been stood up, and of course he says it's their loss. They discuss
musical preference, and what it says about a person. She asks him what
type of person he is, and he asks her to excuse him for one second. He
assassinates two gentlemen in the bar, then the bartender. He aims at
the woman.

As Don fills Nick in on the specifics, we see the beautiful lady has
been blindfolded and taken away by the assassin. Jo grabs some glasses
at the bar that might get them DNA or fingerprint hits. The killer threw
his gun in a pizza oven set at 700 degrees when he was done doing business.

The waiter said two of the vics were waiting on someone who never showed
up. Jo figures he killed the bartender because he could ID him. They can
only guess why he kept the woman who saw his face as well, rather than
shoot her.

Said woman is being handcuffed to a chair. She asks him who was on the
phone. Whoever it was, stopped him from killing her. He took the call,
then reached out to help her up, instead of shooting her as he'd
obviously intended. He tells her the caller is none of his business. He
makes a call and tells someone that he took care of two of them but this
other thing? (glancing at her) "We need to renegotiate my price."

George Parker and Julian Grace, according to their text records, were
invited to the lounge that night. Most likely they were lured there to
be murdered, unlike the bartender, who was about to end his shift, go
home and study. Sid was able to retrieve 9mm bullets from the victims.
She's hoping they can maybe link this killer to other murders. Sid also
found three small hairs on one of the victim's that were not his own. Jo
thinks maybe the killer checked for a pulse, made sure the job was done.
Sid finds it interesting that Julian was dying of cancer. He probably
had, at most, a few months to live. He was a Presbyterian minister.

George Parker, on the other hand, was an ex-con. Jo refers to them as a
sinner and a saint. Lindsay goes to work on the partially-melted gun and
the bullets Sid recovered. No hits on IBIS. Then she compared them to
the gun they recovered. They're not a match. She thinks the barrel was
melted enough in the oven to alter the striae. Adam seconds her, he's
got nothing from the glasses that Jo recovered. There were some acrylic
smudges on the low ball glass, though. Adam thinks the assassin used
nail polish to cover his fingerprints. Sheldon joins the conversation.
The guy is clever, but he didn't think of everything. The hairs found on
George Parker traced back to a William Dowd. He was incarcerated with
Parker. He was released five months ago and fits the killer's
description. Sheldon contacted Dowd's parole officer and got an address.
Mac says to consider this suspect well-armed and extremely dangerous.

Don and Danny arrive at Dowd's. As they knock and announce, he releases
Camille from her bonds and motions to her to be quiet. He takes her and
a gun to the door. Don breaks down Dowd's door. The building super is at
the killer's place for fire safety inspection. Camille tries to send him
away, but he insists on speaking to the man of the house, so Camille
leads him to believe they're in the middle of something hot and heavy.
The super leaves, and the killer tells Camille it was smart of her to go
with the plan. She asks why she's still alive and he says she has
information he needs. She's not going to let him use her, then kill her.
He tells her she doesn't have to cooperate. However, if she doesn't,
then more people will die. Starting with her. There's something he needs
to find, and someone he needs to meet. Camille is going to help him do

Dowd gets questioned by Don and Danny. He explains how his hairs wound
up on George's throat. He pretended to strangle him, it was a practical
joke. George is just somebody he used to know. He did his time, and he's
not going back. Sheldon found witnesses, and Dowd's story checked out.

Jo links Camille to the bar, and Sheldon recognizes her. They grew up
together. He and Jo go to Camille's apartment, and it's been tossed.
Whatever they were looking for, they probably didn't find and that's why
she wasn't killed along with the other three. Camille left Sheldon a
voice mail about a week ago, and he didn't return the call. They find a
crawl space above her apartment and haul down a box. Jo asks if he was
involved with Camille, and Sheldon says no. He never got up the nerve.
She was always the life of the party, everybody's girl next door. They
open the box, and it is filled to overflowing with prescription bottles.

Mac and Jo start going over the bottles. None of them were prescribed to
Camille. Sheldon says she's a nurse, but Jo got a call. Not anymore,
she's not. She was fired three weeks ago for stealing prescription meds.
Mac lists off all the meds. Some of these are $50 per pill. That's some
pretty serious money. Sheldon doesn't want to believe it.

Dr. Theola Kumi fills Don and Danny in on Camille Jordanson. She was an
excellent nurse, everybody loved her. One of their patients wasn't
getting any better, and swore he was taking his meds. They had him bring
in the bottle. Somewhere between them issuing and him receiving, the
real pills had been swapped out. Camille was the one delivering the
meds. They didn't think she was lying until the next patient came in,
complaining of the same symptoms. She fired Camille but didn't report
the case for fear it would have an adverse effect on her clinic. She
checked, and neither of the two shooting victims were in her patient list.

The killer feeds Camille and gets her a change of clothes. She doesn't
want to, but he places the gun on the table to intimidate her into
complying. As she is changing, he asks about the drugs. He's already
asked once, and now he's going to ask again. He knows she lied, because
the drugs are now in the capable hands of the NYPD. She's a liar, and
liars get in the way of him making money. Camille decides to play
hardball. Why would she answer any of his questions, when he hasn't
answered any of hers? Does he believe in fate? Free will? He sees
through her. She's stalling. He's going to give her one more chance. He
didn't find the drugs, but he will find Janice Scott, because Camille is
going to tell him where she is.

Soap scum. Lindsay took a closer look at Camille's pills. They were all
diluted with magnesium stearate. It's a binder, commonly used in hard
candy, aspirin, etc. There was so much MS in those pills that the
therapeutic dose was rendered almost nonexistent. Since these meds are
fakes, they must be what she was giving her patients. So where's the
real medication?

Adam continues working on the evidence found in the pizza oven. He's not
finding much worth mentioning. Jo finds something which leads her to
know that the killer had style. Also, George Parker turns out to be
bipolar. There's still no link between them and Camille, though. Both
Parker and Grace had high levels of uranium in their blood.

Danny has something. He hooked Camille Jordanson's work phone up and
compared it to her personal phone bill. There's one number that stands
out as a frequent caller: Janice Scott. Danny just got off the phone
with Don. He said that Janice's apartment got ransacked, just like
Camille's. Her landlord hasn't seen her in two days. She has several
businesses, she may be hiding out in one of them. Sheldon wants to be
included in the investigation, for Camille's sake. Mac gives him the

As Sheldon heads for the club's office, he brushes up against the killer
and doesn't even know it. The office's door handle is broken, and
Sheldon calls out to Flack. He's busy picking up what Sheldon missed. He
makes the killer, and the killer makes him. He takes off running with
Flack in pursuit and Sheldon bringing up the rear. The killer is dressed
like one of the bouncers. One of the other bouncers intercepts and
punches him. He returns the favor, pulls out a gun and aims it at the
ceiling. Everybody drops, and he makes a clean escape. Sheldon finds
Janice Scott dead in her office.

Sheldon tells Mac that based on hemorrhaging in Janice Scott's eyes, he
doesn't think she was murdered. It was most likely a stroke. Sheldon
found her medical records, and she suffered from a brain tumor. He's
betting she was on the fake medication, because her tumor continued to
grow, despite her being on medication.

The assassin tells Camille that Janice is dead, that she was already
dead when he got there. She figures he gets paid, regardless. He says
that the people he kills choose death, based on how they live. Not
Janice. Camille says she was just an innocent woman, trying to live a
full life while she battled this disease.

Jo and Lindsay continue testing the pills. All of them have contained
uranium, thus far. That would explain the high levels in the two men;
they were taking the fake meds. Janice Scott as well, Jo says. They
found uranium in her blood as well. Jo asks why the killer is after
Camille, and Mac responds that the answer might be in the uranium.

Jo checks in on Adam. Based on curvature, he might be able to figure out
what the steel part was attached to. It was part of a hat. There aren't
a lot of hat shops that also sell dress pins. The killer wanted to
change his look when he left the scene, so he tossed the hat and suit
jacket, which sported a lapel pin, in the pizza oven and turned it on
high. Adam sent a sketch of the killer to the clothing shop owner, and
got a hit. No name though, the killer only pays with cash. He did get
the name of the person who referred him to the hat shop. It's Camille's
boss, Theola Kumi.

Kumi meets with the assassin. He's not amused. She didn't tell him that
his targets were sick patients. Kumi understands that he wants to
renegotiate the price. Considering the improvising he's had to do, he
can name his price. But she wants him to take care of Camille
immediately. He hesitates, and she asks if he's getting sweet on her. If
he's not able to do it, she doesn't have a problem going to Plan B.

Sheldon and Jo figured out the Camille angle. She wasn't stealing drugs.
She was stealing proof. Theola Kumi doesn't have a record here, but in
Armenia she was found guilty of medical fraud. She billed for procedures
that were never done. Camille didn't give out the fake meds. She was the
fall guy for her boss. There never were any real meds. The clinic sold
fake meds and charged the insurance companies for the real ones. Sheldon
figures that George Parker and Julian Grace were patients at the clinic,
but their records were erased to cover the trail.

Lindsay tracked down the uranium, so Mac and Jo are going to that
location while Danny and Don visit Dr. Kumi at the clinic. This time,
they'll be bringing a warrant.

The clinic is empty. Don figures they started moving out right after
they questioned Dr. Kumi about Camille. Mac and Jo find Dr. Kumi
shredding documents in the warehouse the uranium came from. A man pulls
a semi-automatic weapon on Mac, and he takes cover in the nick of time.
Shots are exchanged, and one of the bad guys goes down. The police drive
up behind them, and the rest of the bad guys drop to the ground.

Mac asks where Camille is. Kumi figures if she's all they have on her,
this is going to be a short conversation. She wants to wait for her
attorney, so she won't miss it. Mac assures her she'll do time for what
she did to those patients.

Danny is getting information from Dr. Kumi's cell phone. Several calls
were made over the last 48 hours. It was a burn phone, and they don't
have long but Danny goes to work and they get a location. The assassin
makes it clear that Camille is drawing her last breaths. He makes a
call, and aims the gun at her. He dials, and Adam picks up the doctor's
phone but doesn't say anything. The killer says "You sensed hesitation
in me before. You were wrong about me." He hangs up and Camille begs for
her life. Adam hears the shots fired, as Danny and Don run up the
stairs. Adam calls Mac and tells him what he heard. As the killer walks
away, he's cut off by a police car. Jo sees him and calls in his
location. Sheldon finds Camille, unharmed. One of Kumi's thugs fired at
Camille (Plan B), and the assassin took him out. Those were the shots
Adam heard.

The killer almost escapes, but Mac catches him and he is arrested.

Camille shows up to visit Sheldon at work. Jo and Mac look on. Jo is
curious, but Mac figures it's none of their business. Jo reads the body
language. Mac figures it could be the rekindling of a beautiful
friendship, and Jo says "Or just some hot, steamy sex." Sheldon puts
Camille on the elevator and walks away, smiling.