Cavallino Rampante - Recap

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Red lipstick smooths over red lips. She gets ready to leave. She pulls her pants up her hips and over her red panties, black lace pulled tight over a red bra, jet black snake skin boots zipped up to her calf. A darker haired woman approaches the blonde woman getting dressed. Her voice is hoarse and excited, as she asks if she’s ready to “go find a stallion to tangle.”

The two women dressed in all black. Are now approaching a silver Ferrari, parked along the wet street. The blond woman examines the drivers side door. She cases the area. Then she places a device in the doors lock. The device reads the lock and digitally opens the Ferrari’s door and disables the alarm system. Meanwhile the dark haired woman is dictating the remaining time they have to disable the kill switch and start the car. The car is started before she reaches “1.” The darker haired woman enters the car the pair of women drive through the streets of New York.

Back at the police station Detective Messer is informing the officers about stolen vehicles, The target cars are all Ferrari’s. The suspects are women. While out on the street during a patrol for Low Jack systems activated on cars; Detective Messer pulls up to a red Ferrari. He and Lindsay slowly move towards the car. Their guns drawn. The car engine still running. The trunk slightly ajar. The officers open the trunk, blond hair spilling over the trunks lip, red lipstick still beautifully applied. Michelle Moore lies dead in the trunk. The CSI team, already looking for the car thieves begin to investigate. The team having a place to start. Begin to interrogate the owners of several recovered, stolen vehicles. Each of them is asked if they knew Michelle Moore, every answer is “No” including the owner of the stolen Ferrari in which Michelle was found dead in. As the car is examined in the ChopShop it was found in. The “Vehicle Identification Numbers”, do not match the original cars parts list. The exotic had been disassembled and reassembled using different parts. It had already been chopped. Luckily the unlocking device was recovered from the scene. Broken but is repairable. The repaired decrypter; once repaired also has a partial fingerprint on it. Adam, identifies the fingerprint as an Arthur Noonan. A known car thief with a criminal record including Grand Theft Auto and Assualt dating back to 1977.

Don walks into the hallway and stops at apartment 3E. He knocks on the shadowy grey door. A woman answers. Don introduces himself “I’m Detective Flak” and he proceeds to ask the woman for a Mr. Noonan. She looks back, From behind a pillar emerges an enfeebled old man in a wheelchair. He moves more into view, his oxygen tubes now visible as they rest along his grizzled neck. Mr. Noonan asks Detective Flak if he was here about “his daughters?” Detective Flak studies the old man and the picture of the Noonan family above his right shoulder. Michelle is pictured on the right, bright red lips, strawberry blond hair and a ruffled blouse. Her lucent smile drawing you in until it is out of focus.

Focus in on a cold dead girl, Michelle. Mr. Noonan looks down upon her picture. Michelle is expression-less, life-less, her smile no longer present. As a consequence her lips had lost their radiant red shine. Mr. Noonan speaks. He states the kind of nightmare he had been living. Knowing his daughters were in danger and he had put them there. After admitting he crafted the device for his daughters. Mr. Noonan did not know anything about the whereabouts of his daughters until he was informed of Michelle’s death. His other daughter Audrey however was able to offer a clue. She has spoken to her sisters recently and may have information on Nicole.

After examining Michelle’s dead body the forensics team find specific bruises and contusions on her trachea and leg. They trace them to a fighting style, easily identified. They had also found a small amount of powder on Michelle’s coat. The CSI team narrows their suspects to one man. Michelle’s cause of death is discovered. She was electrocuted, using a modified stun gun. There were no burns on her chest. She was wearing a leather jacket at the time. The electricity passed through her jacket and into her heart.

A yellow Ferrari gets stolen in broad daylight. Cameras recording the streets, caught in plain view. Back at the station, Nathan Perdue is found to be Dominic Janos. He was a terrorist, Nicole and Michelle had stolen the wrong car. Janos being a wealthy man should be able to replace the car, but he cannot replace what was in it. He wants his car back and forces Nicole to steal every car that his original car had been chopped into. She must rebuild his Ferrari and give him the contents back. Meanwhile Mr. Noonan is found dead. Laying in his bed. His bedroom window forced open and shut as the intruder left…With Audrey.

Reports of Nicole stealing cars quickly gets back to the CSI team and they hastily apprehend Nicole. Mac interviews her. Asks her what she did when she found out they had stolen Mr. Janos’ car. She told her story. They had attempted to return his car, but it had already been disassembled. He wanted his car and they had given him a replacement. Michelle took the car to him, Nicole hid. Incase of trouble she was supposed to get help. She froze and listened as Janos killed her sister. Nicole then pleads to let her take the car back to Janos. She is to go and collect her sister. Mac agrees and allows Nichole to drive to the place designated for the meet. The police will be close behind and attempt to apprehend Janos and recover Audrey. Nichole follows the directions given to her by Janos over her phone, she parks where she is told and exits the car. As she walks away Janos steps out of an inconspicuous door and into his car. He turns the thermostat; he changes the radio station and presses his hazard button. A small compartment opens up and he reaches down. Inside the compartment lies a package, Janos opens the package and looks through the contents. He checks his passports and I.D.’s, and quickly shuffles his credit cards.

Clutching his gun Janos opens the car door and points his weapon at the woman walking away, she turns around and it is no longer Nicole walking away. It’s Jo facing him. Her gun drawn and pointed in his direction. Uniformed officers circle the Ferrari, and place Janos under arrest. A short distance away a black SUV is idling, parked in the middle of the industrial park. The doors are locked so the window is broken, the doors now unlocked. Lindsay opens the hatch and Audrey’s eyes are drawn to the incoming light.