Who's There? - Recap

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The scene opens with a couple enjoying a meal and a bottle of cabernet in their stately home, while holding a polite conversation. Each scene of tranquil is alternated by a scene where the couple are being gagged and attacked by a group of masked men. The doorbell rings, the wife opens the door, in the next scene we see the team from CSI at the house. Detective Mac Taylor and Jo Danville are informed that the husband was a high profile real estate broker, whose billboards are seen around town; he had make a killing during the housing bubble. Mac is informed that it’s the broker’s wife who called in the crime. The wife had informed the cops that she was bound gagged and thrown into the back bedroom; Flack says despite all that, it’s amazing that she managed the call. Jo asks Flack where the couple’s daughter was during the incident, he says she was at the movie. Flack informs Mac that there were two intruders, both in ski masks. Mac asks Joe why the attackers choose this one.

Next, Lindsay is shown taking photos of the crime scene, and the victim, whose skull had been cracked open. On the victim’s mobile phone the last dialed number is 911, Lindsay and Jo go though the evidence, Jo is shown recovering a piece of white hair from near a portrait, that’s been slashed by the intruders. In the meanwhile, the victim’s wife is shown narrating the incidents of the fateful night to Mac; she breaks down halfway through her narration. The wife describes to Mac how she looked through the keyhole and saw a package on the front porch; curious she opened the door, letting the ski-masked intruders in. She said, that they asked for the safe, the intruders told her that people like she and her husband always had a safe. With a gun to her husband’s head the wife told Mac that she had no option but to divulge the whereabouts of the safe, which was in her husband’s office. They show the intruders are clearing out the safe while the husband is gagged at hand and mouth. Suddenly he is shown tearing out of the bondage's and attacking the intruder. In the ensuing struggle, the intruder is unmasked by the husband, while the intruder manages to draw a gun. The intruder hits the husband in the head a few times, killing him. Mac asks the wife, if she had seen the intruder before; she says no, and recounts how she was dragged by her hair into the bedroom, by the unmasked intruder. The wife tells Mac, that she heard the front door close; she waited ten more minutes and wriggled out of the room she was in. Crying, the wife tells Mac that instead of waiting she should have gone into the room where her husband was lying in a pool of blood, right away.

She says he might then have survived. Consoling her Mac says that if she had probably gone in earlier, she too would have gotten killed. Just then the daughter enters the house, and seeing her father dead turns frantic. The forensics team is shown inspecting the body of the victim closely for any possible clues; the team is showing unearthing various clues from the victim and the paraphernalia brought in from the crime scene. Mac and Jo, discuss about ruling out the daughter of the victim as a suspect, she has the movie tickets and other stuff from the movie (The Rocky Horror Picture Show) she had gone to see, as an alibi. Back at the lab Adam tells Lindsay that the white hair found at the crime scene is from an animal called the Bicluno, an animal like the Llama found in a region of the Andes, to this, Lindsay replies that the wool of this animal is used in the garment industry, and could have been on the garment of one of the attackers. Adam further informs Lindsay that a small piece of a playing card was found in the crime scene, leading him to believe that the intruders had gambling debts, and hence had pulled off the heist.

Lindsay in turn informs Adam about a box found in the crimes scene; based on the scent emanating from the box, and 6 little indentations at equal distances, she says concludes that the box had contained scented candles. She further states, that she has a list of purchase orders sent to customers living in the city. Lindsay along with Flack pays a visit to customers, who the purchase orders were sent to, while paying a visit to the last customer on the list, they see in the parking area a guy clearing out the garbage, who fits the description of the guy the victim’s wife had described, the guy sees them and runs for it, both give a chase. The guy escapes in a stolen car, Lindsay too is right behind in hers. She manages to block his path with her car, but the guy bangs into her car; he gets out of the car and is immediately handcuffed by Flack. Back at the precinct, the suspected criminal is paraded in front of the victim’s wife for identification.

She immediately recognizes the guy as the murderer of her husband. The murderer denies the allegations when interrogated by Mac and Don, but when informed that all the evidences are stacked against him, he confesses. He tells the officers that he and his accomplice never meant for this to happen, it’s just that the victim broke free and they took preventive action. Mac tells the murderer that he can get away with a lighter sentence by naming his accomplice. The murderer instead, refuses to relent further, and demands an attorney. Back at the lab, Jo asks Sid about what he has found out. Sid reveals that things aren’t as simple as they look, with the injury to the victim’s head though serious, wasn’t the cause of death. Sid tells Jo that the victim’s brain has suffered severe trauma, which could not have been inflicted by the injury on the victim’s head. Adam tells Lindsay that the piece of playing card found at the crime scene had a sticky residue, when investigated; it was found to be a special kind of root beer made in a brewery in Wisconsin. He tells her to look up purchase orders for that particular root beer, in the city. Sheldon informs Jo that there is a cell phone that has been recovered from the criminals, along with the other stuff stolen from the safe. Jo wonders why a cell phone was kept in a safe, as if to hide something. In the phone is a conversation which indicates the victim did not see eye to with his business associate Philip Roth regarding certain property deals. Sheldon and Jo are also informed that the hair found at the crime scene is used to make expensive apparel, and this material is resistant to chemical treatment, and thus can be manufactured in their natural color.

A picture is shown to them of the victim and Roth together, with Roth wearing a coat of the very same material. Roth is brought in for questioning and accepts he is the one who slashed the painting, hence the hair was found at it bottom, he tells the officers , that he and the victim had business disputes, and denies trying to cover up murdering him; by making it look like a robbery. They also question him about ever having seen the murderer, while he denies outright. Sheldon finds out that the victim had a mistress, and shows a message on the victims phone, which talks about get his wife out of the way; so he could be with her. Brought in for questioning the alleged mistress Eva Hutton, is accused by Jo of the murder, as she was angry at the victim deciding to not leave his wife at the last moment. Eva denies even having a profile on the internet, and tells Jo that someone else has stolen her identity. The victim’s wife when asked denies knowing about the affair, and is shocked to know that the victim wanted her dead. Mac tells the victim’s wife that he would be monitoring every channel of communication that she might be using, to ascertain that she did not have any links with the killer. The CSI team comes up with clues which indicate that it’s the victim’s wife who might have herself created the profile page for Eva, and might have chosen Eva in random. She might have done so, in order to bargain for a better divorce settlement with her husband. In the lab, Sid informs Jo and shows him evidence that the victim did not die of brain trauma at all, but due to cotton fibers lodged in his trachea. Which in turn indicates that the attached might have stuffed a pillow or cloth down the victims throat, Jo is baffled as she did not find anything in the crime scene to that effect, and that the killer is smart enough to take a blood stained pillow, but leave behind a ski-mask and a shipping box.

The daughter now is being suspected as a second attacker by the CSI, as the root beer on the card was served at the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” which only started showing the night the murder took place; so the piece of card must have possibly fallen on the floor from the daughter’s body and then gotten transferred on to the victim’s body. The daughter is brought in for questioning, and breaks under pressure; the killer turns out to be her boyfriend, who did everything at her coaxing. She tells Don that she just couldn’t take her parent fighting, and her dad wasting away everything he had, so her mom couldn’t get anything. She wanted to just rob her father and start a new life with the killer. But she is shocked when she hears that the victim was smothered, and denies it vehemently.

The evidence points to the victim’s wife, who is shocked when informed by Mac about the attackers. Despite everything she denies any wrongdoing on her part, and is adamant. Mac narrates how the wife murdered the husband, and what the motivation behind it was. She basically rests her back on the victim’s nose and mouth, thus choking him. The clincher was the oils from the victim’s face ending up on her shirt. The episode ends with the wife confessing everything, Mac informing her that the victim knew all along that it was she who had created the fake profile, and with Mac receiving a friend request online, and accepting it.