Flash Pop - Recap

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The episode begins with Taylor calling it a day and leaving from work, when he receives something on his cell phone. It makes him curious and goes to the research library to check on few cases. He finds that the picture he received on his phone is similar to the Lana Gregory homicide that took place in 1957. He goes to the spot to examine it. at the same time, we are taken back to 1957 , same place; and a detective is inspecting the crime scene. The other detective working on the case arrives with the victim’s purse that was found and she is identified as Lana Gregory and he says that she was almost home. Cut to the present, Taylor observes that the murder weapon was almost identical. He calls Jo and learns that she too had received the picture.

They were sent that picture as the victim was one of their lab technicians. We see that as the episode progresses, the scenes from the 57 alternates with the present. It’s as if they entire thing is happening all over again. The reason is why? The entire murder scene was repeated. It also snowed this day. Don brings in a shoe found in a dumpster. The present day victim is Jessica Drake. The apartment 1818 has been vacant since last 9 months. Her eyes, Taylor notices is one brown and the other blue. Don wonders as to why the killer wanted Taylor and Jo to be the first ones to notice the murder. Taylor says that there I s a big difference between the first case and this one; the prior was unsolved and this one, they are going to find the killer. Finally, the killer did get their attention.

Hawkes tells Danny and Lindsay that the time of death was two hours ago and that she had been stabbed with a wine glass base. Seeing the signs, Hawkes also affirms that the attack took place right on that spot. Moreover, it started snowing after the murder took place, blurring any evidence of footprints etc. Mother Nature seems to be an accomplice. But Lindsay declares that since the snow is powdery, the evidence is concealed under the snow. They begin to blow away the topmost layer of the snow and also collect the rest of the evidence. At the lab, Sid is examining the body. And this is seen alternating with the doctor from the 57 examining Lana’s body. 55 years! Sid tells Jo that their murder weapon is a broken champagne flute, same dimensions as the paper weight used to kill Lana. Now comes the eerie part. Our present victim Jessica had heterochromia, with one eye blue and the other brown; and Lana had sectoral heterochromia; that is a part of one eye was brown and she basically had green eyes.

So it appeared that both her eyes had different colors! So this is no coincidence. The killer must have known about this feature. So Jo wonders that if the killer wanted to duplicate a murder then why he would choose a different murder weapon. A spiked paper weight could be found at any store. Sid also tells Jo that he found impressions of Greek letters on Jessica’s wrist. Phi Gama Alpha. This could belong to a fraternity and the letters are carved on a ring. Meanwhile, Don is talking to people who knew Jessica. He learns that a guy from ballistics, Harlan Porter really liked her and he had given her a nickname; Lana. The people from the lab say that Harlan knew everything about that unsolved case as it was his thesis or something. He told Jessica that how they had a similar feature of different colored eyes.

They say that they tried to reach him to inform him about Jessica, but no one could and no one has heard of him since. Don asks everyone from the team about Harlan. Taylor meets Christine at her coffee shop. He tells her that he feels bad that he never thanked Jessica for all the work she did for him as a technician. He picks up his lunch and leaves. The kids at the lab pay a beautiful tribute to Jessica. Jo takes this opportunity to express her feelings to Taylor and tells him how much she adores their friendship. Back to the case, Taylor informs Jo that Jessica had appeared for an exam and she scored very well. And with that she was eligible for the position of a criminalist. He also tells her that the murder weapon from Lana’s case is missing. It was evidence in the previous case and now it’s gone. He shows her a picture from the present crime scene. He tells her that the only people who take photos are Danny and Hawkes, and they too are in the picture.

Then who took it? Also who could access their phones and leave no trace behind? And now the killer is playing ‘catch me if you can’. So now, it appears that even the killer is part of the crime lab. And the most obvious doubt, Harlan. Adam tells the group that Jessica was a friend to him. Danny calculates the approximate height of the photographer. Adam is analyzing a stick that was found on Jessica’s body. He calls Hawkes and asks him to look at it. It’s a stick with an eye ball on it. its phasmatodea, stick insect. And it is found no where around New York. Meanwhile Lindsay is analyzing the tread patterns of the footwear. Danny helps her with it. They eliminate the unwanted prints and are left with two sets of prints. And the man’s prints matches with the approximate height of the guy who clicked the photo. Just then he gets a call saying that Harlan is found and also his connection with the fraternity.

Don and Danny interrogate Harlan. They ask him about moving the evidence but he says that he did do it. They ask him about the bruising on Jessica’s wrists. He tells them that Kim, Jessica and he had cleared the test and so they went out to celebrate. But Jessica and Kim were on the bar table, dancing like idiots and so he was trying to pull Jessica down. She got angry that he pulled her so hard and the two girls left him at the bar. He tells them that he never got a chance to tell her that he loved her. Jo asks Kim as to why she didn’t mention that Harlan was with Jessica that night. She tells Jo that she didn’t want Harlan to get in trouble, as it was their idea to sneak out of work, just for one drink and it lasted more than that. But then she tells Jo that she went home and left the two of them together. Adam appraises Taylor about the insect theory. He tells him that the insect could not be found in New York in this season and reveals few facts which said that one of the departments was researching on phasmatodea.

He also shows him the list of the people who had signed in that night. Taylor tells him that he has narrowed down the suspect list. Next, Paul, the detective who was investigated Lana’s case, meets Taylor. Paul tells him that he retired from his service without finding an answer to that case. He asks Taylor if he remembers what shade of lipstick Jessica was wearing at the time of the murder. He tells Paul that they did not find any tube of lipstick in the victim’s handbag. Paul tells Taylor that Lana wore a particular shade of red lipstick that night and also that he remembers reading that Jessica too wore a shade of red. Paul tells him that the color was Stormy Red. Paul infers that if Jessica wore a similar lipstick then the killer knew someone who had that piece of information.

Meanwhile, Danny tells Jo that the set of female footprints found at the scene did not indicate struggle but also did not go towards the apartment. He feels that there is no reason for anyone to be present there if they weren’t going to see the apartment as it was up for rent. He feels that their murderer is a woman and since she was wearing high heels, her height appeared to be 6.1 as calculated by Danny. Next, Taylor and Jo are interrogating Kim. Taylor tells her that it was her grandmother who told her about the color of Lana’s lipstick as she worked for the Secretary Pool. Moreover she inspired Kim to go into Law Enforcement. She wanted to eliminate Jessica as she knew that there were only two positions open for the Grade ll technician and that she was jealous.

She tried to frame Harlan. Taylor also shows her the murder weapon from Lana’s case in her apartment. She had scribbled Harlan’s signature on property. She admits to her crime. She tells them that everyone was captivated by her and she felt that she was eligible for that position. So she took Jessica to the Lana murder scene and then stabbed her with the champagne flute she found in the pub. She is taken into custody. With this case solved, Jo takes up another challenge; to solve the Lana Gregory murder case. The episode ends.