Sláinte - Recap

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The episode begins with two delivery guys carelessly driving their truck forward. Meanwhile, a well groomed woman is leaving a building. She is busy putting on her lipstick. Meanwhile, two skateboarders are performing tricks on the sidewalk. Suddenly a man on the road points to one of the delivery guys to look under their truck. One of the guys gets down checking. He touches the thing stuck under the truck and his hand is smeared with blood. Meanwhile, the woman doing makeup goes to a newspaper stand were you put in a coin and remove a paper. She pays, opens the door, and beings to shriek frantically. Elsewhere, the skateboarders trip on some liquid near a bench.

As they check it out, they see blood dripping from human body parts kept covered on the bench. The three different places have three different parts of the body cut up and placed. Meanwhile, Don and Lindsay check out the one on the bench, which has the lower half of a man’s body lying on it. Meanwhile, the other guys from CSI recover the other body parts of the victim from various locations. They haven’t found all the body parts yet. Meanwhile, Jo and Mac also are informed about the victim being found in pieces. Meanwhile, the forensics team puts together the body. Based on the evidence at hand Sid makes the assessment as to the age and other characteristics of the victim. He doesn’t yet have the COD, but the body parts were sawed off post mortem. The missing piece that is now left is the head of the victim. They find out who the victim is.

It’s a 55 year old man Michael Byrne. The man it turns out was arrested once in 1973 for misdemeanor assault. He had beaten up a mechanic who was hassling his father for a late payment. It is also confirmed that Byrne is clean and use to run a bodega. Meanwhile, Jo figures out that the torso of the victim was moved from its original dump site. They need to know where the torso was placed originally. Meanwhile at the bodega, Byrne’s daughter is informed about the mishap. She tells Don that her father had no enemies and was a good man. Meanwhile, certain other clues are gathered by the CSI at the bodega. In fact, pieces of lint are found stuck to various parts of the bodega. The victim was possibly killed and then dragged, leaving a trail of the lint from the victim’s sweater.

In the basement is found a cigarette butt, with traces of blood. Also found is a mop, with traces of blood in it. It was the basement of the bodega, where the victim was chopped up. It is baffling as to why the victim would clean up a crime scene, but make the crime public. Mac believes the washing up of the crime scene was done by the perp, as means of concealing himself and not the murder. They still can’t figure out why the perp didn’t want the head to be found. It is also found out that the there is cuttlefish ink residue on the victim’s body part found in the garbage. Cuttlefish it turns out is only served in one restaurant in the garbage van’s delivery route, and that too once a week. They pinpoint the locations where the body parts were found, on a map. It turns out each of the parts were found in the corners of every street.

Mac tells Jo that the four corners are the corners of Hell’s Kitchen. The killer has marked his territory. Mac then finds the victim’s head under a car. The COD it is found out is a gunshot wound to the head. The victim was shot from behind. Sid then shows Mac that the perp has left his actual signature on the face of the victim. Meanwhile, Jo tells Mac that there were fingerprints found on a piece of furniture in the basement of the bodega. There was piece of plaster found there which had blood, not from the victim. There was also a small piece of currency note found. So plaster, money and blood are the three things that have come in contact with the saw, before it was used to cut up the victim. The signature in the meanwhile, matches ten names from the NYC database. One guy from the list has several complaints launched against him for harassment.

It turns out the guy Coleman is buying property around the area by intimidating the property owners. Byrne probably didn’t want to sell, making him an enemy. Don pays Coleman a visit. Coleman admits to eyeing Byrne’s property, but admits Byrne won’t sell. He is then told about Byrne’s death, and asked how his signature ended up on a dead guy. Coleman recounts how he paid Byrne a visit, to persuade him to once again sell. Byrne turned him down once again. He then signed a check and slapped it onto Byrne’s face. He says that is how the signature got there. Meanwhile, Mac fixes up a date for the night. Later, Mac and team are informed that the ballistics report for the present case matches with multiple hits that took place from the 1971-78. The gun had been quite ever since, till recently it did its job again.

The gun after so long could have been possibly used by anyone, it seems. Mac feels somebody is out to make a statement, and Byrne is just the beginning. Meanwhile, just as Don is walking down the road, there is a huge blast in a nearby van. Don is thrown to the ground, but safe. The same unfortunately can’t be said about the driver of the van. The driver it seems was into full time racketeering for the Russian mob. This time it was cigarettes he was delivering. Mac feels this incident might be connected to Byrne. Later, forensics works their magic on the van, and fish out clues. A finger print is found in its bottom, which matches a finger print on their database. The photograph of the guy Kieran whose fingerprint it is; is recognized by Danny.

It’s a guy who he had seen outside the bodega the day after the murder. He was one of the guys chirping, saying how he would get to the killer before the CSI team did. Later Don and Danny pay the guy’s boss a visit searching for him. He isn’t there but they question the owner of the bar where is works. The owner claims he knows nothing. Meanwhile, Mac cancels his date with Christine, as he has work. Meanwhile, it turns out the van driver was delivering counterfeit cigarettes; a very lucrative business. The cigarette butt found in the basement was also a counterfeit, but not the same make. Meanwhile, Kieran is brought in for questioning. They tell him, they have found his print on the van, so there is no escaping guilt in this crime.

Kieran admits to the bombing. He tells them he did it alone, and no one helped him. He then describes how he did it. It was vengeance for the van driver killing Byrne. He was told by people he trusts that the van driver Zorloff, is the one who had surely killed Byrne. Meanwhile, it’s discovered that Zorloff didn’t kill Byrne. He was in custody when Byrne was killed. It turns out that the gun used for the crime was owned by Declan Callaghan Senior, who is the father of the Junior Callaghan, who owns the bar that Kieran works in. The senior Callaghan died in prison, so his son must have inherited the gun. It is also discovered that Declan Junior threatened one of his ex-employees with a circular saw, and was hauled up by the cops.

He had seen the employee stash money into a cast in his hand, from the bar. The saw was used by Declan to cut through the cast. The pieces of the plaster were stuck to his very saw, and found in the basement by Danny later. Later Mac and Don question Kieran about the incident. They hand him the option of concealing a wire, so he can relay the truth first hand to the CSI team. Later, Kieran meets up with Declan at the bar. Declan isn’t too convinced about the cops letting Kieran off so lightly. Kieran suddenly threatens Declan with a knife to get the truth out of him. Don and Mac run in and see Declan shooting at Kieran. Later Declan is brought in, and tells Don and Mac that shooting Kieran was self defense.

Declan admits to killing Byrne, he wanted Byrne to be on his side, as people listened to him. But Byrne wasn’t interested in entertaining Declan. Declan then describes how he shot Byrne and dragged him to the basement, and then did all that he did. Later, Don pays Byrne’s daughter a visit to make sure she is doing ok. Meanwhile, Mac pays a visit to his lady love, now that he has found time at last; the two, cook dinner together. The episode ends.