Near Death - Recap

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The episode begins in a departmental store where we find two bodies lying on the floor; motionless. They have been shot. And one of them is Mac!! Next, we see Mac being rushed to the hospital. Hawkes is there as well. Mac is standing in the office, looking confused. Just then someone walks in. it is Claire! He doesn’t understand what’s happening and she tells him that he is dying. She assures him that it is going to be okay. She tells him that he got shot. He goes to her and holds her hand. He tells her that there are so many things he wants to tell her. He is glad that she is there and says that he loves her. Back to the hospital scene, Mac is being taken into the OR. Cut to 2 hours earlier; Don is chasing a guy and Mac pins him down and cuffs him. They interrogate the guy.

He is being charged for robbing a bank. His robberies were clean, devoid of any assault or injuries; until yesterday where a woman gets shot. But and the guy’s shades fall on the floor. But this guy tells him that it is not him. He says that the shades were stolen a while ago. He tells Don that he ran because he had a packet of weed in his pocket and didn’t want to be caught. He didn’t do it. The guy’s grandfather arrives at the office. Mac talks to him and it seems that the family has appointed a lawyer. Shelton tells Mac that Luke is a good boy. Mac tells him that at the moment they don’t have enough evidence to keep Luke back. Back to Mac in a limbo; Jo asks him what he would miss the most. He replies that he will miss the people and his team. She tells him that she cannot do this on her own. She needs him to hold on.

In the present, Christine arrives. Jo tells her that Mac is in the OR. Jo doesn’t hide the truth from her and tells Christine that things are looking really bad. Cut to 12 hours earlier; at the lab Monroe is checking the surveillance footage. She tells Mac that there is a way to prove whether it was Luke who robbed the bank; blood distribution pattern from the veins in the robbers hand and compare it with Luke’s. And it does not match. Seems like, Luke was telling the truth. Back in the limbo Mac meets Adam. He is trying Cha Cha with a dummy. He tells Adam that after the initial shock, everything seems peaceful. Mac always liked the way Adam lived his life; carefree, as if no one was watching. Adam wants Mac to have a drink. He tells Adam that he would make a great CSI one day. “Yes Boss”… cut to crime solving, Hawkes tells Mac that they found a hit on the shirt the guy from the footage was wearing.

It was bought by Luke; but the thing is that it was not Luke who was wearing that shirt. They bring in Hank Shelton, Luke’s grandfather for interrogation. Danny tells Hank that it was him is him in the video along with his buddies Ned and Felix and gives him proof. Hank admits to his crime. He tells the CSI that he didn’t want to die at home. His health was in a bad shape and so were his friends’. They decided to rob a bank and no one was supposed to get hurt. He didn’t have the money for a good health care and he knows that his son would put him in an old age home where he would die amongst unknown people. He suddenly feels sick. Mac goes to get Hank’s wallet for the prescriptions for his meds. Mac goes to a chemist to get the meds. But there he sees a guy threatening the chemist to give him some drugs. He has a gun drawn on the chemist. Mac announces himself and the guy fires at Mac. But Mac dodges the bullets.

And then Mac gets his shot. Just then a girl enters the store. Mac asks her to call 911 for help. But then the girl shoots Mac. Back in the limbo, Mac sees that Sid is about to lift the sheet off a dead body’s face. Mac stops him and asks him if the dead body was his. Sid tells him that it could be him if he has given up. Mac tells Sid that he is fighting, but he is finding it hard. He is tired. Sid tells him that it’s a load of crap and that he knows Mac is strong enough to fight. Mac tells him not to make him laugh as it hurts. Sid tells him that this means that “he is very much alive”. Mac has a question for Sid. He wants to know what Sid has done with all his money. Sid tells him that he is given it for research at the Chelsea University. Sid asks Mac to make a promise that Mac will beat “HIM”. Just then Mac feels a sharp pain. We see that the doctors have removed the bullet from Mac’s body. In the present, the team is trying to bring Mac’s culprit to justice.

They are at the store looking for evidence. Don gets frustrated that he isn’t able to see the girl’s face on the surveillance footage. Adam tells him that he will take it to the lab and examine it further. Back in the limbo, Mac meets Don. Don wanted to tell him a lot of things. He says that he wants to thank him for all that he has done for him. Don also admits to Mac that he loved Jess and it hurts that she is gone. Mac knows that Don killed Jess’ killer and he doesn’t want Don to seek revenge for his death. No payback this time. Next, in the present, at the hospital, the team comes to Jo and tells her that they have got a lead. Monroe swabbed the blood at the counter for DNA and found a hit on codis for Teena Milford and she is Darius Cole’s girlfriend. Jo wants her to be found at any cost.

Back in the limbo, Mac visits himself in the OR. He finds Sheldon there too. Mac wants to know how the real Mac is doing. Sheldon tells him that he is struggling. Mac asks Sheldon if he misses being a surgeon. Sheldon tells him that he loves what he is doing. Mac advises Sheldon to get married. Cut to the present, the team barges into Teena’s apartment. But they missed her. Don is chasing her. She disappears at a bus station. There is no other exit. Teena is arrested. In the limbo, Mac sees Lucy. Lindsay and Danny are trying to get hold of her and they tell Mac that she is exhausting. Mac knows that Monroe and Danny are talking about moving from the city. Lindsay isn't sure if this city is the best place to bring up Lucy. Monroe tells him that she is already missing him and Danny tells him that he loves him. Mac too loves Danny. In the present, Christine talks to an unconscious Mac. She needs him to stay.

In the limbo, we see that Mac is clearing his desk and Claire asks him where he is going. Mac tells her that this time he is tired. Claire tells him that it is way too early. She thinks that Mac is giving up and that is unlike the man she married. Mac tells her that he is sorry that he couldn’t spend much time with her and that he misses her. He also tells her that he found someone. Claire knows that and she likes her. she is leaving and Mac is not invited as it is too early. Next, we see that Mac regains consciousness. He is back in the real world. Six months later, Mac drives in at a crime scene. he is back in action. The episode ends.