2,918 Miles - Recap

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The episode begins with a man running through a busy street, bumping into vendors and people walking on the street. He then reaches a park and runs down the stairs; only to be caught by Mac. He asks Mac to take it easy; but Mac says, “Sorry, I am not from around here”. Cut to the scene 72 hours earlier; a man is found dead on the Brooklyn Bridge. The victim is Ethan; he is 19 years old and lives on the Brooklyn side. There was no wallet found on him, but there was a tag on his bag pack and Don got this information from the tag. Hawkes declares that the COD is exsanguinations due to a stab wound. It also appears that Ethan took a stiff shot at his nose as well.

The contusions on his knuckles indicate a struggle. Mac goes through Ethan’s bag pack and finds a picture of a girl lying in a pool of blood. Hawkes feels that Ethan’s death has something to do with the girl’s death. Either ways, looks like one homicide may just have become two. Next, Jo is making out with someone when she hears a noise in her apartment. She draws her gun and goes to check. It turns out that it is her daughter making out with her friend, Jordan. Well!! In the lab, Mac arrives to meet Sid. Sid tells him that he found a contact lens tangled in Ethan’s hair and it appears that it is not Ethan’s as Ethan seems to have undergone a surgery recently and has no need to wear contacts. This means that it could belong to the killer!

Next, the dead girl’s (Mary’s) parents are at the bureau, talking to Mac. Someone had sent them Mary’s picture. It wasn’t for ransom; someone wanted to let the Porticos know that their daughter is dead. The mother tells Mac that she had an argument with Mary about helping in the household chores. Mary lost her cell phone and her father had told her that the next one would be on her dime. Also, she had an ATM card and it shows that she withdrew all the money the day she went missing. The parents also don’t recognize Ethan. Next, Monroe arrives to meet Danny asking him about the developments. But he has nothing significant. Monroe tells him that the partial foot prints aren’t a match with Ethan’s and that she isn’t able to find a match for the small orange particles she found.

They call in Sid for a “photopsy” (photo autopsy). Sid looks at the four photographs and says that the COD is cerebral hemorrhage due to blunt force trauma. They then focus on Mary’s watch to check the time and they arrange the photos according to the time and Sid notices that in the last photograph taken, there is condensation on the watch glass as it is very close to Mary’s mouth; this means that she was very much alive when the last pic was taken. Also, there is a mark on her arm that could be because she was using. But can’t be confirmed! At home, Jo tries talking to her daughter Elli and she tells him that the man she was with is an FBI agent who she used to work with earlier. She tries to get Ellie talking about the way she feels about Jordan; but Elli leaves saying that she has homework.

Next, Mac is looking at the surveillance footage where he sees Ethan being attacked. Hawkes arrives and tells Mac that Ethan might have had rugs on him when he was attacked. He found heroin in his bag pack along with B12. Mac says that the footage shows that the killer was simply waiting for someone to steal from and Ethan happened to arrive at the wrong time. Since he didn’t find any cash, he took the drugs from Ethan’s bag. It looks like the killer did not know about Mary but Ethan did. Adam examines the contact lens and gets a DNA match; Boyd Hackman; a man on parole with priors in assault and armed robbery. But now he isn’t to be found. Danny informs Jo that than made numerous calls to a guy named Oliver Epps. Jo tells him to run Epps name with Mary’s parents.

Just then Agent Conover (Jo’s boyfriend) arrives and she tells him that she wants the help of FBI to locate Mary who is a minor and is missing and there is a slim chance that she is still alive. Danny and Monroe go through the photos again and they notice a reflection on the broken glass piece of the beer bottle. They sharpen the image and find out the building. They then go to check the apartments of the building across this one. Lovato tells Monroe that the hard wooden floor isn’t there in any of the apartments. Also the windows don’t seem to be a match. Jo feels that this doesn’t make sense as all of the evidence point out that Mary was somewhere across the flat iron building. But she tells Mac that Mary’s parents knew Oliver’s name and they also know that he was an older guy who Mary had a crush on and went to the same school.

But then he dropped out of school. There is one stranger thing; Epps number seemed to be local but all the signals originated from the West coast. Mac then briefs Conover and Jo. He says that NY isn’t the only city with a flatiron building and also the orange paint that Monroe wasn’t able to identify is found only in one place; dead or alive, Mary is in San Francisco. They finally manage to track down the apartment where the photos were taken. The apartment is being paid for by Epps’ parent in Long Island. They haven’t seen Epps’ for a year since he moved to San Francisco. Next, Lovato and Don are having an argument about the Mets and the Yankees. Just then a man on a bicycle looks at them and tries to escape.

That is Boyd Hackman and Lovato chases him and manages to arrest him. Boyd admits to his crime. Adam checks the heroin bundle that Boyd stole from Ethan. Epps’ prints are all over it. There is a flower symbol which he isn’t able to identify. Conover tells them that it means ‘flower power’ and it means the heroin is a high quality one circled around by a specific ring in SF and Epps is a part of it. maybe Oliver sent the drugs to Ethan in return of delivering the photos to Mary’s parents. Also, Mary could be in on it, thinking that posing dead would be a way to her freedom. Jo then recollects a restaurant’s takeaway bag from the photo and a partial address. Conover tells them that the gang operates from a particular restaurant.

Jo then puts the pieces together and they arrive at the restaurant. They find Epps and Epps runs. Cut to the first scene, where Epps is running through the street and finally gets caught by Mac. They ask him about Mary and he tells them that she is gone! He tells them that Mary wanted all this and so he shot her up with heroin so that he could hit her on her face and head. He did what she asked for. The team tells him that Ethan was killed after he was mugged on Brooklyn Bridge. Epps is now tensed and they ask him for last time: Where is Mary Portico? Next, we see Mac and Jo arriving at a house where they find a couple of guys and girls lying around; all of them high on drugs.

They find Mary and take her along with them. case closed. Next, Jo tells Mac that she is scared about Elli as she too is in her teens and they don’t see eye to eye. Mac says that they need to keep the lines of communication open. Jo then video chats with Conover. Later, we see that Jo and Ellie bonding as they discuss talk their current lovers. The episode ends.