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Unspoken - Recap

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The episode begins with Mac trying to identify the colors and he is unable to identify red. He then remembers his shooting at the medical store and he tosses the tab away. A man enters Mr. Wescott’s fifth grade class. He looks around at the paintings made by the students, kept on their desks. The class is empty. On the blackboard he writes: You are special. Be better. Be stronger. Don, Danny, Lindsay and their daughter are at some political rally. She daughter then kicks at Lindsay’s handbag and it falls on the ground. One coin rolls away and the daughter, follows the coin. Lindsay is shocked to find her daughter missing. After searching for a while, she finds her and hugs her.

Just then she sees that the man standing in front of her is drawing a gun. She quickly ducks down with her kid. The shooter shoots Hamilton (the guy who is running for the Senate). There is chaos and Don follows the shooter. Lindsay is hit by some sort of a cart and she passes out; Danny sees that her head is bleeding. The chase is still on and the shooter runs into an alley where a small boy and a girl are playing. He runs past them and tosses his gun into the waste box and jumps over the fence. Don is about to take aim at the escaping shooter, when he hears a gun shot. He rushes to the source of the noise and sees that the little boy shot the little girl. Don is shocked and tries to call for help; but there is no phone service and the boy runs away.

Next, the team is collecting evidence from the rally site and we see that Hamilton is hurt in his hand and the med team takes Lindsay to the hospital. On the other site, Adam collects evidence and Mac arrives. The little boy is talking to his father and we see what happened after the man tossed the gun in the bin. The boy removes the gun from the waste bin and ejects the magazine. Knowing theta it is now safe, they play with the gun; the boy pretending to shoot the girl. But somehow the gun gets discharged. Don is very disturbed by this incident as the girl died right in front of his eye and he couldn’t do anything. Adam finds the shooter’s cap and finds a strand of hair in it. Also, there are blood drops on the fence as the shooter got hurt while trying to jump over.

Next, the shooter is trying to wash the blood off his hand and we see that he is the same guy who entered Westcott’s class. He is now in the washroom of a cafeteria and someone knows at the door. He comes out and watches the news of the shooting on television. He also sees that Lindsay has been admitted in the hospital. He remembers that Lindsay had seen his face. Next, Adam is running tests on the hair and blood of the shooter and Mac while making a flow chart on the crime, manages to identify the color red. At the hospital, Danny notices a hairline fracture on Lindsay’s skull x-ray and messages the same to his team, along with its symptoms. Danny picks up his daughter and leaves from the hospital; we see that the daughter has made a painting for her mother.

As Danny enters the elevator, the shooter walks out of it and goes towards Lindsay’s room. He is standing at the window and exhales on it and writes something on the mist. His eyes are filled with tears. Lindsay regains consciousness but he vision is blurry. The shooter walks towards her bed and pulls out a knife. He then sees the daughter’s painting and becomes very emotional and puts back the knife. He then sees a nurse approaching the room; he quickly leaves. Next, Sid is examining the small girl’s body. At the CSI office, the little boy is helping in getting the shooter’s sketch made. They are running the ballistics on the bullets found and they find that the gun is registered under the name of Grant Hamilton.

They interrogate Hamilton who tells them that his gun was stolen from his boat six months ago; there were few other items that were stolen as well. He did not report it missing as he was running for Senate and such a report could complicate things. Don is super pissed and he tells him that his gun killed a little girl. Hamilton is shocked. He then tells Mac that he was a successful businessman before he entered politics and he did anger a few people. But there was someone bold enough to steal his weapon and shoot him. Next, Adam finds it weird that Hamilton was only grazed by the bullet. He feels that this is a campaigning trick. But Hawkes has another theory; he feels that the target was someone else. And this he feels as he studied the trajectory of the bullets and with the simulation of the scene.

Mac calls for video footage. At the hospital, Lindsay is awake and asks Danny who he left their daughter with when he was here last night. Danny said that he wasn’t and probably she was dreaming. She then tells him that she saw the shooter’s face and then Danny asks her for the time the shooter was there. Jo and Danny see something written on the window which probably says: I am sorry. They find a print. They also show Lindsay the sketch of the guy and she confirms it. The guy is Evan Wescott; a teacher. But there is no motive to shoot Hamilton. Jo arrives and pulls up the picture of the public school supervisor, Beverly McCord.

Three years back, she had Evan investigated and he got laid off from his job. They also see that Beverly was one of Hamilton’s VIP guests; and she was standing very much where the shootings were actually directed. Next, we see that Evan follows Beverly and aims a knife on her back and hustles her into an auditorium. The team is tracking Beverly’s phone. She asks him to forgive her but he isn’t going to. The team arrives and saves Beverley and arrests Evan. Mac meets his doctor and tells him that his aphasia is becoming worse. The doctor tells him there is no quick fix; he advises him to tell the people around him and take their help as he will not be able to do it alone. Next, Lindsay identifies Evan as the shooter in a line up. Lonnie, the little boy is called in and he too identifies Evan. Don talks to Evan and Evan tells him that Beverly thought he was some sort of pervert as he showed some affection towards his student.

He tried explaining her that there is no such thing; but Beverly blew it out f proportion and had him investigated. It took him a year back to get into school but he still couldn't shake off the skepticism from the minds of the people around him and so he decided to kill Beverly. But when don tells him about the little girl who got killed because of him tossing the gun in the dumpster, Evan is devastated as he would never hurt a child. Next, we see that Mac is still dealing with his aphasia; alone. The episode ends.