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The Lady in the Lake - Recap

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The episode begins with Don chasing a guy. Actually, this chase is a part of the story Adam is telling to the two kids sitting with him. So, the black guy Don was chasing is now caught and Don asks him about the gun he used to kill Roger Murray with. The guy tells him that the gun is in a pond near the duck. But the team finds nothing in the pond and it is a big one. Well, Mac doesn’t want any criminal to get away with murder; so drain the pond! All this is a crime scene but also a part of the story that Adam is telling the two little girls who are waiting for their mother to arrive. So, now is the part of the princess.

The team drains the turtle pond in the Central Park, and they find two guns instead of one. But there is more, they also find a dead body of a girl wearing a ball gown. She has been under water for more than a couple of days, and since she is in a ball gown, suicide is out of question. Her earrings are on her, so it cannot be mugging gone wrong. She was tied down to the boat and drowned. Pointing at an old castle nearby, Jo knows that they have their castle and the princess. And also a tragic end! Adam finds a small metallic plate from the scene. They examine the body in the morgue. Sid collects evidence from the trauma wound and the gown ad Hawkes manages to identify the victim; Ashley Braden. Ashley has a juvi record for meth but then has been clean since.

She is a part time student and has no next to kin. COD is blunt force trauma and she was dead before she was thrown in water. Hawkes says that the murder weapon was a rock, especially Manhattan schist. TOD is around sixty hours which makes it Saturday midnight and the stomach contents show traces of puffer fish; very expensive! Sid has found signs of struggle which suggests that she was grabbed by her wrist. Jo examines the victim’s lingerie and gets the name of the store. She sees that the dress still has the price tag on. She also finds a bit of blood on the dress. Adam tells Mac that the metal piece he found was not from this earth; it is made up of space dust. But other than that, he doesn’t have much on the guns.

Jo tells Mac that based on the flora found in the back of her shoes, it appears that she was dragged along the ground. The blood stain is not the victim’s and it was preserved as the victim used an antiperspirant. She then says that the victim was supposed to return the designer gown as the tag is still on the dress and her lingerie is from a bargain store; so, we have a poor girl trying to look rich. A Cinderella story! Mac then apologizes to Jo for his behaviors last week. They get a hit on the blood stain; Joseph Skiver. Don arrests Skiver. Skiver tells them that he had cut his hand. He met Ashley on Saturday evening for the last time. He says that they were in a relationship which had gotten Ashley into a lot of dark areas and he is angry with himself for that.

But now, Ashley had decided to move on with her new boyfriend and he was happy for her. He would never hurt her. The blood must have gotten on her dress when he gave her a last goodbye hug. Just because he has a rap sheet doesn’t mean he is a murderer! Jo, Hawkes and Danny go to the Central Park and find the place where Ashley had been dragged along the ground. There are drag marks and some other evidence found. One of them was exactly like what Sid had pulled out from Ashley’s dress. Don tells Mac that the party at the Castle had 300 people; Manhattan’s elite. All those people and not one of them reported Ashley missing; why? Monroe finds a blood stain on the ground and also a shoe print along with the prints made from the high heels.

Danny tells Mac that he found ripped up check on the crime scene for $50,000 and it was written to Ashley Braden and a part of that Sid had recovered from Ashley’s body. Don calls and tells Mac that Ashley Braden was the guest of the VP of the Coronation Group, Matthew D’bello. They meet Matthew and he tells them that he had a few words with Ashley at the party and then he received a text from her Sunday morning saying that she was going to cool off in Kansas City. Krista, Matthew’s mother walks in. They tell the mother and son about Ashley’s murder. Matthew then tells them that they had a fight since Ashley was late and then she left. There is a scratch on his palm and he says that he grabbed her by her wrist but he did not hit her.

He also says that he doesn’t know anything about the check as he did not write it to Ashley. He says he loved her and would never hurt her. He agrees to give his DNA sample. At the lab, Monroe tells Mac about the prints she found at the park pointing towards the lake. It was raining that night so someone was holding an umbrella and the umbrella protected the blood stain on the ground. Moreover, the depth analysis done on the penetration marks due to the pointed side of the umbrella makes the person holding it about 5’ll” tall. The shoe size is 11 and it has a unique stitch at the edges which is the trademark of only one guy in the city and he is expensive. So this person was in the park during the time of the murder, who could be the witness.

Now, the test results show that the blood stain on the ground was Matthew’s and the one on the clasp Hawkes found across the pond is also his. This puts him at two places at the same time. So, is he the killer or the witness? He is 5’11 and can easily afford an expensive shoe. Danny and Don are keeping an eye on Matthew and Krista and they see that Skiver shoots Matthew. Don arrests him and Danny calls for help. Now, this leaves Matthew in no shape to talk and the team is stumped. Adam is still stuck with the alien space craft piece he found and Sid mocks him.

However there is nothing from Ashley’s cell phone. Just then the signal is located and Adam and Jo go to the place. The person carrying the cell phone has now stopped at a place and Jo gets down from the car to check on the person. But we see that the phone is in a garbage van and Adam fishes it out. Adam suggests that they should cross reference the truck route and this could lead them to the address of the suspect. Jo gets a hit and it is D’bello. We then see that Matthew is ready to get on the helicopter. The cops arrive and place Krista under arrest and their eye witness is standing right next to her; Matthew. They show Krista the phone they recovered and tell her that she was the one who sent the last text from Ashley’s phone to her son.

At the station, initially Matthew refuses to help. But then Jo persuades him and he talks to his mother and confronts her. She tells him that Ashley was wrong for him as she was a drug addict and she didn’t know how to interact with the elite class. Matthew tells Krista that Ashley hated wearing heels and putting up a show but she did it only to impress you. Later, Krista tells Mac that after the argument Ashley had with Matthew, Krista followed her to bribe her but when Ashley tore up the check, Krista hit her on her head. She then put her on the boat. She had no clue that Matthew was watching. On the other hand, Matthew tells Jo that he didn’t put together whatever he saw till the time the cops told him as it was dark and raining.

Adam finishes his story and the girls leave. Well, about the spacecraft piece, it is a part of the Martian probe launched by the Russians in 1988. They lost track of it but this piece found its way back home! Poor Adam! Jo reminds him about a song from 1988; don’t worry, be happy. The episode ends.