Blood Out - Recap

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The episode begins with Lovato getting in to a bus. She notices a girl and it seems that they know each other. The girl with the tattoos also looks slightly confused. Two men in the bus have an argument and one of them stabs the other with a knife. Lovato announces herself and arrests the attacker and the girl with the tattoo gets off the bus. Meanwhile, Jo Max and Don find their latest body; the hands are tied to a rod above the head and the victim’s body is cut into half at his abdomen. So, the upper half of the body is suspended in air. Don states that this victim has gang ties; DPL. Just then the victim cell starts ringing and Don answers the phone. It is Lovato.

She is shocked to hear another voice and she disconnects the call. Don too looks slightly surprised by seeing the number. The team arrives at the scene and they gather the evidence. They then bring the body to the precinct. Don arrives and takes Lovato into the interrogation room. He knows that it was her number and that she had called the victim several times. Don wants to know what is going on. She tells him that the victim’s name is Benny Madera and she knows him from a drug case she worked on. She called him to inform him that his life was in danger. She has also told her supervisor, Robert Hicks about the same. She tells Don that one of Benny’s associate saw her as a cop in the morning and she at once knew that Benny’s life was in danger.

She tells Max and Jo that she was working undercover for 17 months on a drug case where she had infiltrated Benny’s gang. Benny was respected in his circle and he had an eye for talent. He had taken Lovato under his wings. But then the case was suddenly stopped and she just disappeared from that life. Until this morning when that girl saw her! Lovato feels that she is the reason that Benny was killed. Benny was punished for being in ties with a narcotics officer; a sin that cannot go unpunished. Lindsey tells them that after the stabbing scene in the bus, the bus has been impounded. So they can examine the bus for leads on that girl; as Lovato doesn’t know anything about that girl. They process the bus and Adam finds the drink that the girl was having and she dropped it under her seat.

Sid tells Jo that Benny was killed with a chainsaw and that he was alive when the murder happened. His legs were in the kneeling position because he was tortured with electric shocks before being cut up in half. Adam gets a hit on the Codis on the mystery girl; Carmen Vega and she has a mile long rap sheet and he also finds out about her gang ties. Don and Max go to arrest Vega. She tries to escape and ends up killing and Max then meet Hicks and they conclude that Vega ran because she could have been connected with Benny’s death. But Max wants to know about Vega’s connections. Hicks tells them about the Trinatarios who are a gang which separated from the parent body and now have become an established one and are spreading it roots in the suburbs.

They are a violent gang. So, how does Benny fit in and who was he taking orders from? Hicks tells them about the three unknown low lives when Lovato was about to find out. But Benny never mentioned anything about them. Hicks then tells them that the court is about to pass an arrest of the Trenatarios based on the evidence against them. So Lovato’s safety need not be worried about. Benny was killed to send a message of not making the same mistake and Vega’s death was purely an accident. Hicks tells them that he has an informant, Raymond. Max meets Raymond and he tells him that there is a talk that Hector killed Benny. Hicks assures Max that Ray’s information is completely reliable. Hawkes calls Max to tell him that the particles that were extracted from the burn wounds were that of particular green color paint.

And it can be traced. Max asks him to run a check on the DMV registrations. Max consults with ay and tells Hawkes to concentrate on a ’72 Buic. Next, Lovato and Don are on a stake out for Hector and Lovato and she tells him the incident when she first met Benny. Just then they see Hector and chase him. He tosses the drugs he was carrying and tries to escape. But Don grabs him. Hector is shocked to see Lovato. During the interrogation, he tells Mac that the drugs weren’t his. Mac then asks him about Benny’s murder and he tells him that he cannot pin that on him as he did not have anything to do with it. He tells Mac that Benny got killed because he messed around with the lady cop. Mac then tells Hector about his car that was set on fire in an attempt to wipe off any evidence.

But unfortunately the chain saw and the battery jumpers that were used on Benny were found in the trunk of the car. He tells Mac that Vega took the car from him for a ride and she brought it back. Maybe it is her and that now she is dead there is no way they can confirm this. Lovato is a little off. Don knows that she is taking Benny’s murder that she should normally do. He thinks she had feelings for him. She tells Don that she owed Benny her life. Benny knew that she was a cop. He tells her to walk away from there and never come back; otherwise she will be killed. So, Benny fell in love with her! Danny and Adam are processing the car. Adam finds partial prints and Danny finds a melted plastic like thing.

They need to figure out what that is. Lindsey reconstructs the murder scene and tells Mac that to achieve the kind of leverage that would create that sort of a cut, the killer must be over six feet tall and Hector is just five feet six inches. The blood splatter on the floor indicates that Hector wasn’t standing on something to attain that height. Also, the killer is a left -handed. Danny finds out that the melted plastic was actually a poncho the killer was wearing when he killed Benny. There was also a cloth which he used to wipe blood off his face and the gloves that he wore while committing the murder. Danny runs a codis check and tells Mac and Jo that the murderer is Raymond, the informant. Raymond tells JO that Benny was punished for letting a cop into the circle and that was what the jumper cables were for. But he was killed because of payback.

He then tells Jo that few years back, the cops busted him for drugs and Hicks offered him a bargain; information in exchange of walking out as a free man. He feels horrible about being Hicks’ informant and blames Benny for making him be in this position. He felt that Benny told Lovato and hence he got busted. But Jo tells him that Benny never ratted on his colleagues and the only person who did that was him who used to give Hicks information. Hicks arrives and Mac tells Hicks that Hicks knew that Raymond killed Benny and still he did not mention it. He made Hicks point a finger at Hector. Mac then tells him that they lifted prints from Hector’s car that Raymond had borrowed from him.

Hicks tells him that this is the best way to bring down the drug cartel. Mac tells Hicks that he is the one who compromised this case; Raymond did not. Next, Lovato arrives home and Don is waiting for her outside her door. Don apologizes for assuming that she crossed a line with Benny. But Lovato knows that he wanted to know if she slept with him. She tells Don that she didn’t. Don is relieved and he leaves. The episode ends.