The Real McCoy - Recap

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The episode begins with a woman walking down a street. She enters a phone booth and dials a number. The door next to her opens and she steps into a thriving and an alive bar. She removes her coat and goes to the bar counter and asks for vodka. The guy at the bar says that there is no vodka and suggests her gin. The owner of the bar walks up to him and asks if they are doing well, and he says that looking at the crowd it looks like they are doing really very well. Just then the club dancer arrives and begins her performance which is slightly erotic in nature. During the performance, we see that there is something not right between the dancer and the guy at the bar counter.

Next, Mac and Catherine are in a park and they are sharing a quiet moment. Mac tells her that the doctor has said that his condition is improving. She is glad that they are able to spend some time together and just then the phone rings. Mac arrives at the crime scene; the guy at the bar counter is found murdered and his name is Jason Black. Also, Mac points out to the nail from the fence that is driven into Jason’s neck. Don points out, that Jason was about to make a 15k deposit in the bank and now only 5k of the money is in the wallet. So, why rob someone and not take all the money? Lindsey examines the body and sees that the victim was kicked on the chest and that must have thrown him on the fence and the victim landed on the spike.

There is blunt force trauma and there is nothing accidental about that. Don says there are no surveillance cameras in the area. Don tells them that the victim was the co-owner of the super exclusive bar. The bar keeps everything that is old school. Adam wakes up and his girlfriend wonders where h is going as he has a day off. He tells her that he needs to get to a hospital where he volunteers. Mac talks to the dancer; Courtney. She tells him that Jason and she were lovers. Don talks to the owner, Eli. Eli tells him that he and Jason were best friends and they go into business together. Courtney tells Mac that Jason liked to gamble and Jason is the guy who just saw the reward and not the risks.

Sid examines Jason’s body in the morgue and tells Jo that the TOD is around 4 in the morning and the COD is exsanguination due to the spike which punctured the jugular. The lacerations show that the victim was hit on the head with a small gun. So the perp used the gun and never fired it? There is a small mark below the temple; this might lead them to the weapon. Next, Adam is volunteering by giving an old man company and the old man wonders why his son doesn’t visit him. Adam’s girlfriend arrives at the hospital to see him in his element.

Adam is talking to her; he is not too comfortable wither arriving unannounced. The old man he was sitting with is not on his seat; Adam gets worried. Hawkes finds blood on Jason’s watch. But Jason’s coat and gloves show that his watch was completely covered. So where did the blood come from? They run the blood and find a match; Nathan Brody. they go to the fish market and find Nathan Brody. As usual he tries to escape and Danny manages to knock him down to the ground. That is the catch of the day!!They interrogate Nathan and he tells them that he walked in to that pretentious bar and ordered a drink. Jason threw him out of the bar saying that Nathan doesn’t look like a part of the crowd.

This led to a small tussle and that is how there was blood on Jason’s watch. Adam arrives at the police station and finds the old man arguing with the cops. Now, this man is Adam’s father and he has Alzheimer’s. Hawkes tells Jo that she was right about the mark on Jason’s face; the insignia for Dunnley ballistics. It is a pistol used specifically to fire blanks; maybe someone was only trying to scare Jason. Don finds out more about Nathan but nothing much on him. Apparently, there was a significant spike in the number of complaints about the bar in the past month.

Mac tells Don that the tox reports show that there was significant amount of formic acid in Jason’s stomach. Methanol converts into formaldehyde which converts into formic acid. Adam is sitting with his father and he is upset as this whole thing is getting very frustrating for him. He tries to remind his father that he is Adam, his son. But Charles, who doesn’t even remember that he is Charles, does not recognize him. Mac sees Adam talking to his father and realizes something is wrong. Lindsey tells Danny that she tested the alcohol and found methanol in them. So, looks like Jason had figured out that someone was selling him fake stuff. They need to find who the bar was buying from. Don and Lindsey go to the guy who sold The Real McCoy fake vodka. The guy tells them that Jason had no clue that the orders were being made from the bar.

Jason refused to pay. He tells them that the manager, Courtney handles the purchase orders. Courtney did this because the bar wasn’t making enough money and so she did what she thought was right. Jason was never good with money and he never looked at the books. Eli told her that the need to start finding ways to save and that they had to cut back. But Eli too did not know about the alcohol. Charles is talking to Adam as if he was his brother, Brian and tells him how their father had broken his arm when they were 15 and had stolen few beers to impress some girls. Adam is pissed. He tells his father that he is his son and he now knows why Charles tortured him when he was a kid. Hawkes tells Jo about the traces of denim insulation that was found on the small piece picked up by Sid from Jason’s head injury.

Maybe the perp kept his gun in the attic. Hawkes tries a variety of permutation-combination regarding Jason’s friends, relatives, colleagues and the insulation; it all narrows down to one person, Nathan Brody. The money that Nathan stole was never recovered. Jason and Eli previously worked for overhead roofing. Now, Nathan might have hid his gun and money in the attic. And when he came home from prison, he found that all his money was gone. This is just before Jason started his bar. So Nathan thought that Jason stole his money. That is why he killed Jason and took only the 10k that he thought Jason had stolen. He question Nathan. He tells them that he found a receipt for the insulation job and that is how he knew that Jason had done the job.

So, he went to the bar and Jason had him thrown out. He then met Jason when he was alone and the fight that ensued, got Jason killed. Case Closed. Next, Adam has a heart to heart with Mac about his father. Mac tells him that he needs to forgive his father and move on in life. Don goes to return Jason’s hat to Eli and Courtney. He tells them why Nathan killed Jason. Just then Courtney is shocked and exclaims that Eli lied to her about the startup money. Eli had told them that he had won the money in AT city. But the fact is that he stole the money from Nathan’s house and Jason ended up paying the price!

Next, Adam talks to his girlfriend and tells her that it is fine if she wants to walk out of the relationship as it is difficult to handle all the baggage. She tells him that she is planning on sharing the baggage with him; she is staying. Adam plays her a song and they dance. The episode ends.