Civilized Lies - Recap

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The episode begins with a police officer locking up a check cashing center, where he worked his second job. He talks to his son over the phone. Just then a blue colored sedan pulls up in front of the store. The police man gets cautious. A black bald guy walks up behind him and pepper sprays him. Two other men get out of the car and tie him up. The cop then draws his gun and shoots one of them. One of the other two shoots the cop twice in his chest. But the cop shoots one last fire which hits a man walking on the pavement. They take the cop’s bag and leaves. Next, Mac is questioning the guy who was shot while walking on the pavement.

Mac is furious that the guy did not go back and help the dying cop. The guy says that he was shot too. Mac feels that since that guy had priors in drug dealing, he chose not to stick around. The guy, Anthony Lombardo, admits that he was scared. Just then Mac arrives and cuffs the guy. He tells him that he was not running across the street; but instead he was standing just over the cop when he got shot. Next, Adam checks the security footage video and isolates the faces of the three African-American guys who shot the cop. But there is no sign of Anthony anywhere in the video. Also, the witnesses only talk about the three African-American men. Judging by the shot wound, Hawkes is sure that Anthony was standing over the cop when he got shot. But somehow there is no proof. Lindsey and Jo are at the hospital, when the cop, Mark Riley’s son, Jason Riley arrives.

Mark is a loved cop in the NYPD. Jason tells Jo and Lindsey that he was talking to his father over the phone before he got shot. The doctor arrives and declares that Mark passed away during surgery. The family is devastated. But at the precinct, the entire department play a news footage which talks about a cop that who has recovered from surgery. Well, this is to fool Anthony into believing that Mark is still alive. Maybe this would scare him and he will start talking. Jo and Lindsey are processing Mark’s body. Mac acts as the bad cop and comes down pretty hard on Anthony. He then leaves and it is Don’s turn. Anthony feels that Don is now going to play the good cop. Well, Don informs him that Mac is usually the good cop and he is the bad one. But Don is being patient with Anthony.

Don tells him that the department is trying to pin this on someone and that someone is him. Anthony is ruffled up. Don continues to say that the revolver Mark was carrying would not make such a deadly wound if Anthony was across the street. So, he had to be close to Mark. Anthony admits that he was standing right over Mark but he had nothing to do with the burglary and he doesn’t know those three guys. Don wants him to write down his statement. Jamie and Mac are pleased that the fish took the bait which means he was at the crime scene. But there is still no proof that he was involved. Jo and Danny are processing the evidence and they find latex and silicon under Mark’s nails and also the bullet that shot Anthony. Jo knows what it is.

Later, Mac arrives in the interrogation room and tells Anthony that they searched his place and they found a prosthetic mask of a black guy. So, Anthony was one of the three men who were involved in the burglary. And he was the one Mark first shot. Don acts as if he is pissed with him as he portrays that he believed him and wanted to help him. He tries to also scare him by telling him that he is looking at 15 years of imprisonment and that his daughter won’t even recognize him by the time he gets out. But despite all his attempts, Anthony refuses to talk. Mac feels that he is either protecting someone or he is scared of someone. In the morgue, Jason wants to know how his father was killed. Sid explains that the first two shots that were shot from a distance of 3-6 feet weren’t fatal; but the last one where the killer had the gun pressed on Mark’s face, killed him.

Jason states that his father was executed while he lay helpless on the street and wonders what sort of a human being could do such a thing. Next, the team pulls up a list of all the people who are closely associated with Anthony. Jo thinks that shooting a cop looks a little out of character, given Anthony’s priors. Jamie says that the guys came on Mark with a pepper spray; so maybe killing the cop wasn’t a part of their plan. Danny arrives announcing that the car has been found. Adam and Hawkes process the car. Mac arrives and tells Anthony that the car has been found and Mark is dead. He tells Anthony that they will soon catch his accomplices and then there will be no deal. But Anthony still refuses to talk. He then tells Don that if he snitches, he will be dead; his daughter would be dead. So, he is afraid of someone.

Later, Anthony sees a man walking into the next room on crutches. Don tells him that he is Anthony’s friend, Roland Benitez. His prints were found on the car and he wants to make a deal. But Anthony doesn’t believe him as he knows that Roland wouldn’t rat out on him. But then Don takes Anthony to show him the video where Roland is talking to the DA. Anthony is pissed and says that he is not going to take the fall. Lindsey arrives and tells the team that Anthony was working at Brightstar with Mark and that he was fired. Anthony wants his family protected. He says that he and Roland owed 10k toa guy for weed and so they decided to rob Mark for the cash. The plan was to pepper spray him and beat him down and take the gun and cash from Mark. There was going to be no gun involved.

He knew that Mark carried one gun on the right side of his waist. What he did not know was that Mark carried another gun. The third guy, Eric, who they owed the money to, wanted to come along to make sure that they did not skim any money from Mark. He tells them that his full name is Eric Blaylord and he is crazy. He has bodies on him. Danny, Jamie and Lindsey go to catch Eric and he fires at Jamie and Lindsey. But they manage to get him. During the interrogation, Eric lawyers up. At least they can hold him long for firing at cops. They now need proof to connect him to the scene. Mac has an idea. Eric is locked up in the same cell where Anthony is kept and the two men end up discussing what happened. Anthony tells Eric that Roland flipped on them.

Eric calls Anthony stupid and tells him that the cops played him. He says that Roland was dead after Mark shot him and he dumped Roland’s body in the trunk of the car. Anthony is shocked as he had seen Roland talking to the team on the screen. We then see that the guy who walked in to the room was actually Adam and since he was wearing a hood, his face wasn’t seen. The video that Anthony saw was a computer trick where Adam had replaced his face with Roland’s. He had used one of Roland’s interrogation videos from 2002. Eric is super pissed and he asks Anthony whether he told the cops that he shot Mark. Anthony is petrified. Eric tells him that he is going to kill him. Bingo!

So, the team now has enough proof to charge them with murder. Thank God for civilized lies! Next, Lindsey and Danny go over to Mark’s house to pay their respects. They hand over Mark’s badge to Jason and Jason is really thankful to them. The episode ends.