Nine Thirteen - Recap

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The episode begins with a man walking on the street and trying to steal something. The man whose belonging he tries to steal grabs hold of him and beats him up. He pins him down on the hood of a cab. Just then the thief sees that a body is falling towards them from the sky. The next day the team arrives in front of building 913, where the victim is still lying on the cab; he is wearing a strange mask. Don is starting to believe in the bizarre legend connected to this building; the victim is the 37th person connected to the bizarre deaths after the first guy jumped off from the penthouse in 1929. Legend says that the building is cursed!

The first victim, Wentworth, lost all his money in the market his girlfriend Wilma watched this and then killed herself. And now it is believed that their ghosts roamed this building. Sid is on the site as well. Don says that the penthouse is used as a haunted tourist attraction by the building. Sid sees the leather mask on the face and tells them that Wentworth had some sort of sun allergy and so he covered his face with intricately designed leather masks. So somebody was influenced by Wentworth and decided to follow his footsteps! Well, no; Sid rules out suicide as he points out to the lacerated carotid artery. It is murder and there is a lipstick mark on the cheek; that could be the murderer!! Sid tells Lindsey that looking at the victim’s face; it seems that he did not resist the fall.

He could have lost consciousness due to the stab and then just fell down. Don arrives and tells them that the victim would dress up like Wentworth and stood in front of the building and took pictures. This could explain the lipstick mark. The security people know him as Jason and the people who run tours in the nightclub know him as Jake. There is no paperwork on him. So, our Wentworth is actually a John Doe. Sid processes the body and finds a glass piece on the short. He also finds an expensive bracelet inside the victim’s jacket. Turns out that our John Doe was a pickpocket and stole from innocent tourists while they were busy clicking pictures with him! Mac tells Adam to track down the owners of the phones as each one of them is a suspect.

One of the phones gets a threatening message and Mac wants Adam to start with that one. Next, Jo is at a store and notices a handsome guy in the store. She walks up to him and asks him why he is following her. He was at the bus top in front of her house and then at a coffee shop she had visited. He tells her that he is Grant Holliston and he would talk to her provided she promises not to shoot him! T5he team infers that the victim from somewhere between the 6th and the 13th floor of the building. He died before the impact. The blood from the lacerated artery flooded his lungs during the fall. There is some powdery black substance and black flex around the wound. The murder weapon has an uneven blade.

A page of some newspaper was pulled out of the mouth; it was rolled into a ball and was inside the mouth. Calvin, the owner of the phone with the threatening message is at the precinct and he tells them that he was in NY to have some fun. He had a tiff with John Doe and that could be when his phone was stolen. Calvin was supposed to meet a woman but he could not as his phone was stolen and there was no way to contact her. He did take the elevator to the club; but he used the stairs to come down 94 floors! He says that it was probably the alcohol. But he did not kill anybody and says that his trip was wasted. Jo talks to Grant and learns that he has her sister’s heart. He was suffering from a heart disease and Jo’s sister had donated her heart. He wanted to know more about the donor and that is why he was following Jo.

Jo is overwhelmed and so she leaves. Danny and Adam go to building 913 and find the primary crime scene. They find that the killer and the victim were of the same height. After slicing the victim’s throat the killer left and the victim, who tried to live, got up and staggered towards the ledge and fell off. Lindsey looks pretty off. Earlier Sid had noticed it and now Mac asks her if she is alright. Mac then talks to Christine about Lindsey. It is still not clear what the actual issue is, but there is definitely a wager for $10 between Mac and Christine. Hawkes tells Mac that eh murder weapon is handmade and going by the ingredients, Hawkes is sure that it was something that was made in prison. He also knows the recipe.

Hawkes makes the weapon and shows it to Mac. So, our killer is an ex-con and is back for revenge. Lindsey arrives to meet Mac; the ball of paper found in the victim’s mouth is the front page of the Chelsea boys weekly from 2011. Adam arrives and tells Mac that one of the phones belonged to Alex Henley and it was not stolen. So, Alex is our John Doe; but there is still no connection with the front page. They then check the list of convictions made on the date given on the magazine. The sequin that was found on Alex, suggests that it was a woman. Danny sees that one of them was present in the footage that recorded Calvin going up the elevator. Her name is Macy Sullivan. Now they need to connect her to the scene. The team learns that Macy has violated her parole. Mac figures out that she is running.

So they go to her house and check. Jamie finds out that Macy has colored her hair and cut it short. Don and Jamie go to the airport and find her. Macy is arrested. Don also finds a sequined scarf at her place with Alex’s blood on it. Macy admits to her crime. She tells Mac that Alex was her boyfriend and he was the one who used to steal. She was convicted for something she did not do. Alex asked her to bring a bag to him and she was the one who got caught with the bag. And so, she went to prison for possession of stolen goods. While she was in prison, she planned her revenge.

She thinks that what she did is worth going back to prison as Alex got what he deserved. Next, the team waits for Lindsey to walk up to Danny and break the news to him. Jo arrives. Lindsey tells Danny that she is pregnant. Lucy is going to be a big sister. Danny declares that he is having a baby. Sid asks the team to pay up. Lindsey asks Mac if she should tell everybody; but she sees that everyone knows there was a bet and Sid won it. The episode ends.