White Gold - Recap

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The episode begins with a guy and his friend, Abby, facing a wall on someone else’s property. The guy is scared and the girl is adamant on spray painting “MURDERERS” on the wall. Just then there is an accident and the guy thinks that it is the best to stay away; they think its just a “fender bender”. But then they hear gun shots. Next, the team arrives at the scene and the guy does not tell them that Abby was spray painting on the wall. He tells them that there were taking a walk and some photographs for their photography classes. Mac and Jo arrive at the scene and Jamie tells them that the victim is in his twenties and there is no id.

There are some animal right activists who have a “beef with the beef”. They were around the vicinity but did not see the murder. They did describe the car and the accident they saw. Mac listens to the whole thing and feels that it could be a case of carjacking and in the tussle the driver of the first car got shot. Next, the team processes the scene. Sid does the autopsy and tells Mac that there is no match on APHIS for the fingerprints. COD is excessive bleeding due to gunshots. There was white powder in his nostrils; flour; our man liked to bake! But there is more; there are three marks on his abdominal region. Sid tells Mac that the victim is missing his gall bladder and there has been a laparoscopic surgery done on him. The victim is too young for this kind of surgery and there have been very few reported cases in the local hospitals.

Lindsey has managed to determine the make and model of the car involved in the accident. She gives it to Adam. Adam then tries to give Lindsey a heads up about sibling rivalry that she might have to deal with. Danny ran a check with the hospitals and he tells Mac that he got information about our victim; Paul Tortucci. They also learns that he bakes pizzas; best in the village. They then go to meet Raphael Tortucci. They tell him that Paul is dead. Raphael is his uncle and Paul helped him in the bakery. They tell him that Paul was car jacked; someone took his BMW. But Raphael tells them that Paul did not drive that kind of car; he drove a crap van. So, Mac tells Danny that they had this all wrong; Paul was the carjacker and must have got shot. But Paul has a clean record and his business was doing well.

So, why would he take up something like this? Next, Lindsey tells them that the owner of the BMW was a woman named Rowena Black. Jamie and Don go to talk to her. Rowena tells them that she saw her car three days ago, and also she has a fractured leg and since that happened, she has left the house. Adam has put up a virtual simulation of the accident with the help of tread marks found at the site. It looks like the luxury sedan caused the accident. The van tried to avoid the collision but it was too late. So, we have a BMW carjacking a van!! They find both the vehicles in the impounding ground and they figure out that Paul was delivering something more than pizzas. There is a compartment on the floor of the van which was carrying something. But it is empty now. Hawkes and Danny process both the vehicles and pickup few evidences.

At the lab, Adam calculates that the weight of the cargo that was being transported is around 500 pounds. Danny tells them that it was speed that was being transported. Next, Mac and Jo check Paul’s apartment. Raphael arrives and they tell him that Paul was carrying 500 pounds of something and was trying to smuggle that thing to Canada. Raphael tells them that Paul bought the van used and he says that Paul was a good kid and that he was going snowboarding. Jo finds a thick wand of cash hidden in the wall. Hawkes finds out that the metal pellets he found on the passenger side of the car prove that the passenger was a welder. There is gun powder residue found on the window on the driver’s side. So the driver is the shooter. Hawkes tells Mac that according to the arrangement of the driver’s seat, the driver is around 6.4” tall.

Also, Hawkes has the details of the driver; Reno Martell. Hawkes found some blood in the car which was left behind when Reno tried to hot wire the sedan. Reno has priors in assault and car theft. Don and Danny go to Reno’s apartment and find large quantities of cheese!! This is the largest cheese bust in the history of NYPD! Hawkes tells Danny that the dug trace found in the car is from the cheese as it contains small traces of PEA. Hawkes thinks that maybe Paul wanted the perp to think that he was carrying drugs. Maybe, Paul was trying to con a whole bunch of people by making them think that he had coke or meth or some drugs. Hawkes then notices that one part of the floor is cleaner that the rest. Well, they find that there was lot of blood spilled on that area. Mac and Jo go to meet Raphael. Raphael tells them that he did know about the cheese.

Raphael tells them that his business was on a downward spiral. Then one day some Canadians arrived at his shop and started talking about how the cheese they find here is much better and cheaper that what they find there. Then Paul started smuggling cheese to Canada. So, that explains the number of stamps on his passport. But somehow they are still not convinced that Raphael did not know anything about this all this time. They then go to the backside of the shop and examine the place where the van was parked. Also, Mac feels that someone must have seen Paul loading the cheese in the secret compartment in the van. The cheese was wrapped in plastic and taped at the ends. This could look like a packed bundle of cocaine worth a few million. They then go to the store across the road, George’s. It is a garage.

They talk to George who tells them that at the time of the murder, he was at the coffee shop. Mac and Jo search the place and collect some evidence. Mac points out to Jo that somebody has been spying on Paul as near the backdoor, there are lots of cigarette buds and it gives a clear view of Paul’s van. George tells them that Felipe was the one standing next to the door and smoking. Felipe works for George. Next, Jo tells Hawkes that George’s alibi checked out. It looks like Felipe is the present suspect and could also be a welder. So, they work things out and Jo feels that Reno and Felipe could have had fallout. Just then Jo gets a call. Felipe is found in a dumpster; murdered! Hawkes looks at the stab wounds and tells Danny that this could explain the blood found at Reno’s. They find a matchbox o9f some hotel on Felipe’s sleeve.

Felipe was dumped in here after the dumpster was cleared. So, they infer that this matchbox would have fallen off the killer’s pocket while dumping Felipe’s dead body. Reno is their prime suspect. Don and Jamie go to the hotel and wait for Reno to show up. They arrest Reno and bring him to the precinct. He tells them that he did not kill Paul he says that the whole thing was Felipe’s idea. Felipe was new in town and Reno gad sold a car to him. Felipe called him one day and told him that he saw Paul loading something into his van. Felipe thought it was cocaine and so he asked for Reno’s help. Felipe was the one who stole the car. Reno thought that it would just be a fender bender and everything would go smoothly. But Felipe was on his own trip.

He was the one driving and he got out and shot Paul twice in the chest. Reno tells them that this was not a part of the plan. However, they took the stuff and went to his place. But on finding out that it was cheese, Felipe lost it and attacked Reno. Reno stabbed him in self defense. Next, Jo and Mac go in and tell Reno that they found his blood on the wire in the car and also that the driver’s seat was adjusted to Reno’s height. Reno then admits that he was driving. He also tells them that after the accident Paul walked up to the sedan and grabbed Reno’s hand and the gun went off. But again it was self defense. Jo then asks him about Felipe. She tells him that the neighbor’s heard yelling in English and Felipe did not know English!!

Reno has no way out and he admits that he killed Reno as he lost it when he found that they went through all the trouble for cheese! Case closed. Next, Mac goes to Raphael. Raphael feels that he has let down his brother. But Mac assures him that it was not his fault. He has a slice. The episode ends.