Seth and Apep - Recap

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The episode begins and Russell and Mac are back in New York. They are waiting for the diamonds to be dropped off so Christine and Sean can be rescued. Don is on the street keeping a watch while the drop is made. Jimmy meets Zane, who asks for the diamonds. Adam in the meantime captures the faces of the kidnappers, using traffic cam. Zane is suspicious and asks Jimmy where he was for the 6 hours he was missing. Jimmy acts innocent and says he just wants his brother back. Zane in the end seems to buy the fact that Jimmy is innocent and asks him to come along, so they can get his brother and Christine.

Zane suddenly notices Don keeping a watch on them and realizes the cops are onto them. He immediately shoots Jimmy. Mac chases down Zane and asks about Christine. “You will never see her again,” Zane replies. Later, Russell tells Jo that Jimmy is in surgery. Mac in the meantime is questioning Zane who isn’t ready to cooperate. Christine and Sean in the meantime are being held captive somewhere and their captor is talking to someone on the phone. He asks the person on the other side as to what he should do. The man then threatens to kill them both, but Christine says if they are killed he shall never again see Zane, as he will lose the only leverage he has. “What kind of leverage could you possibly be?” he asks her. “My boyfriend is a cop” she replies. Sid examines the accomplice of Zane who was shot dead by Don.

Based on a tattoo on his body Sid concludes the guy is Egyptian. Sheldon looks at the tattoo and concludes the guy could be tied to a gang in New York with Egyptian ties. A notepad is found in the guy’s pocket, with things written in it in Arabic. Basically, it seems the guy was keeping some sort of a ledger. A Laundromat receipt is also found in the guy’s pocket. Mac in the meantime is recollecting his time spent with Christine. He is visibly agitated that try as he might, he isn’t able to rescue her. He recollects how he told her he loves her, the first time and is overcome with emotions. Russell comes just then and informs him that the Interpol got a hit on Zane. Turns out, Zane is wanted for murder in Egypt; he killed an Egyptian member of parliament. Mac and Russell conclude Zane in working for someone in the US and they need to “find out who that is”. Mac is handed a box that just came for him.

Inside the box “Answer our call at 3PM” is written and kept inside the box is a severed tongue. Mac is visibly disturbed and waits by himself in his office, for the call to come. Mac receives a call at 2:45PM. Jo and Russell in the meantime are waiting for 3PM so the call can be traced. Russell from a distance sees Mac leaving his office and goes after him. Sheldon finds out the deceased goon, used to extort money from Nyla the owner of the Laundromat every week and wasn’t a customer. “In this neighborhood you don’t do business for free” she says. She also mentions that the extortion has been going on for a few months. She also gives Sheldon a name; Farhaj. The goon apparently used to work for this guy Farhaj. The DNA report in the meantime has revealed that the tongue is of a male. Jo is relieved to hear that. Its 3:00 PM and the call comes. Jo picks it up as Mac isn’t around. The person on the phone asks her to come to a bench at a particular address, so she can collect an envelope.

Adam triangulates the location from where the call is coming. They arrive at the location from where the call came and see an abandoned cell phone in a nearby trash can. Jo then finds out that there is no envelope kept on the bench at the given address. They are baffled as to why the kidnappers are misleading them and that too after making contact. “We need to find Mac” Jo concludes. Mac on the other hand is in his car and is driving to someplace. He sees Russell tailing him. He stops the car and confronts Russell. He figures out the kidnappers contacted Mac. Mac reveals that Christine gave him an address of a warehouse and asked him come there alone. She told him that she would be killed if he doesn’t make it there alone. Russell tells him that it’s a set up and Mac knows that, but he says he will handle the situation.

Russell says he won’t try to stop Mac, but won’t leave him alone either. He says he will be close by, but the kidnappers wouldn’t even come to know he is there. Mac reluctantly agrees. Mac arrives at the warehouse and finds Sean’s dead body. Christine is nowhere around. Just then, he gets a call from Christine who is made to read a script that says Mac has proven he is willing to work alone and now it’s time to make a trade “Christine for Zane”. She gives him the location where he has to reach, within the hour. “Or they will kill me Mac” she adds, before she is forced to hang up. On Sean’s leg an eye is drawn, in blood. From the fingerprint in the blood they find out its Christine who drew it. Jo concludes Christine is trying to tell them something. Mac walks Zane out of his cell for the exchange.

It is in the meantime figured out by Jo and her team that Nayla isn’t at all the victim, but actually runs the extortion racket. Nayla is actually Zane’s sister. Nayla owns a restaurant in Little Egypt and its main door has the same symbol Christine had drawn on Sean’s leg. Jo concludes Christine could have seen the restaurant from wherever she is being held. In other words, Christine is being held captive in Little Egypt. Christine is possibly at Nyla’s Laundromat, which is across the street from the restaurant. Mac brings Zane to the airport hanger where he was told to bring him. The kidnapper asks Mac to release Zane, who is in the boot of his car and only then he say he will reveal where Christine is. Mac doesn’t agree and shoots the kidnapper in the arm and asks him to take him where Christine is. The kidnapper realizes that Mac means business and yells “I will take you to her”. The kidnapper brings Mac to a building and says Christine is being held captive in the back.

Mac asks the kidnapper to come along, so they can bring her out. Jo and her team in the meantime arrive at Nayla’s Laundromat with a search warrant. Jo and team do not find Christine there. Mac and the kidnapper on the other hand reach the back, where his accomplice named Ahmed is watching over Christine. Mac hides, while the kidnapper asks Ahmed to bring Christine out of captivity. Mac renders Ahmed unconscious and himself, removes Christine from captivity. Later, Mac thanks Russell for coming back to New York with him, just to help him out with this case. The episode ends at this point.