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Blood Actually - Recap

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The episode begins with Mac looking at Valentine Day cards. Alongside, we also see three men being killed at three different places in the city. Jo is processing one of the crime scenes and she collects some evidence. Jamie arrives and looks around. She tells Jo that this victim’s name is Theodore Hart. She also states that the neighbors heard two men fighting. But Jamie doesn’t think that the victim can pay 12k for a place like this. Jo says that the room is registered to a man named Wayne Brown and also that he lives ten blocks away. Jamie wonders why someone would spend so much money on a hotel room if he lives just ten blocks away.

Jo wants to find Wayne Brown. They interrogate Wayne. Wayne tells them that he was planning to have a couple of drinks at the bar and then leave. His plans changed when a beautiful woman named Laura, came up to him and started talking. Wayne says that he did not want to be alone on Valentine’s Day and so he booked a room. Laura asked him to wait upstairs and that she would come in a while. Wayne was waiting for her in the room and there was a knock. Wayne assumed that it was Laura. It was a man who he didn’t know, and the man stated beating him up. Wayne says he did not know what to do and so he picked up the corkscrew and punctured his attacker’s neck and fled the scene fearing that the man would get up again.

Wayne says that he did not even know that his attacker was dead. Jo thinks it could be a jealous husband or boyfriend. She now wants to find Laura. In the morgue, all three victims are brought in. Lindsey arrives. Sid begins with Hart. He says that there is a puncture wound to the neck; but it missed all the vitals. Lindsey wonders what killed Hart. Sid then points out to a wound at the back of Hart’s head and declares that the COD is blunt force trauma. There are some flecks found in the wound which looks like green glass. So, Jo’s theory of him hitting his head on the ground after being stabbed seems wrong.

Lindsey tells Sid that either Wayne was standing behind the victim when he struck him or there was someone else in the room. Jamie arrives with more details on Hart. Jo learns that Hart was a pimp and so, it is possible that the woman was a hooker. Lindsey arrives and tells them that they found out that Hart did not go up to the room alone. There are partial prints found on the chocolate strawberry and champagne bottle. He merged the prints and got a complete print. It belongs to Laura Palmer, who was arrested a lot of times for solicitation. Moreover, the print is upside down, which means the bottle was used by her as a weapon.

Jo interrogates Laura and Laura tells her that she was there in the room with Wayne and she was late to check in with Hart. Hart was pissed and he attacked Wayne. She says that Hart would have killed Wayne and so she struck him with the bottle. Jo tells her that Wayne tried to save her by telling them that he killed Hart. Laura is arrested; but Lindsey assures Wayne that the DA would let her go under self-defense. Danny is questioning Sandra Chandler, the wife of the second victim, Bernard Chandler. She tells Danny that she found Bernard lying on the floor when she returned from the gym. She tells him that Bernard had something important to discuss.

They find a box of chocolates and Sandra tells them that she would never send chocolates to Bernard because he was trying to lose weight and also that he was diabetic and sweets were his weakness. Sandra goes to attend her mother-in-law’s call. Danny thinks that Bernard is loaded and that is the only reason why a pretty woman like Sandra married him. Sid examines Bernard’s body and tells Danny that Bernard overdosed on sugar and that is the COD. Also, there is a fresh injection site which suggests that he tried using insulin; but for some reason it did not work. Adam tells Hawkes that he went through Bernard’s phone and found out that he was having an affair with someone name Evelyn. Hawkes tells Adam that the sugar free chocolates from the box were replaced by regular chocolates.

There was a sugar free label on the box, which someone tore off before calling the cops. They suspect the wife. Sandra is brought in for interrogation. Danny tells her that they found no insulin in the house; instead they found a mixture of sugar and water in her vanity. They know that Sandra replaced the insulin with sugar syrup. So, when Bernard ate the regular chocolates, he started feeling dizzy and so he reached out for his insulin. But instead of insulin, he injected himself with sugar syrup and that killed him. They found the syringe in the garbage shoot. Sandra admits to her crime. She tells him that she came to know about her husband’s affair with a woman named Evelyn and she couldn’t bear the thought of her husband living a life with someone else.

So she killed him. But then Danny reveals the fact that Evelyn was Bernard’s travel agent and she was an aged woman. Bernard was planning a trip for Sandra and he wanted to surprise his wife. But his love for her got him killed. Don and Mac examine the third crime scene. The victim is Jeremy Howser, the CEO of a Fortune 500 investment firm and has been in the news lately. Jeremy was shot in his back; but the gun ended up underneath him. There was an investigation on him because he had defaulted some of his clients. Also, he was in the middle of an ugly divorce and there are millions involved. Wendy, Jeremy’s wife is present at the scene. Jeremy was coming to meet her.

In fact, he was the one who asked her to meet so that they could settle things like adults. He said that he was tired of fighting. Wendy tells Mac that Jeremy had a temper and she did want to get rid of him. But she says that she did not kill him. Sid tells Mac that the COD was the gun shot. But he also tells Mac that there are defensive wounds on his knuckles that were from several hours before the murder. Sid missed an ink stamp on the victim’s wrist. He tells Mac that it needs to be enhanced. Adam tells Mac that the bullet found in the body was not a match to the gun found under the body. Mac shows him the ink stamp and Adam at once recognizes the club that the stamp belongs to. Adam then rushes to meet his girlfriend, Michelle.

The bullets that killed Jeremy came from a gun that was registered under Officer Thomas Reynolds. He was cleared recently of a case for unjustified shooting. Reynolds runs a security firm and it has a long standing affiliation with Jeremy’s firm. Don tells Mac that Jeremy’s secretary heard Reynolds and Jeremy fighting and later he saw Reynolds walk out with a black eye and pink slip. Reynolds was fired. Mac thinks that Reynolds killed Jeremy for revenge. They go to Reynolds’ house; but it is empty. Mac finds some pictures. They realize that Reynolds was doing surveillance on Wendy. Later, they find Reynolds; he has turned himself in. He tells them that Jeremy wanted dirt on his wife and so he employed him.

But Reynolds found out that Wendy was a nice and selfless lady who used to help the needy. When Reynolds told this to Jeremy, Jeremy lost it. He punched Reynolds and fired him. At that time, Reynolds realized that Jeremy was going to kill his wife. So, Reynolds started keeping an eye on Wendy again. He knew that she was meeting Jeremy. He saw Jeremy pull out a gun to shoot his wife. Reynolds did not know what to do; and so he shot Jeremy. He panicked and ran off. But he then turned himself in because he knows that Wendy would do exactly the same thing and he wanted to be a better person like Wendy. Mac tells him that Jeremy had got a stamp from a club nearby. He also bought a gun off the streets.

And if all this did not work, he also bought himself a one way ticket to Geneva. This proves that Jeremy had his wife’s murder all figured out. But he did not expect Reynolds’ selfless act. Case closed. Next, Mac and Christine spend a romantic evening together. Lindsey and Danny are home and Lindsey tells him that they barely get to spend time with each other. Just as they are about to get cozy, Lucy arrives. Don has a beautiful surprise for Jamie; a candle lit rooftop dinner and Jamie loves it. They kiss. The episode ends.