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Cake Boss

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 19/Apr/2009 A Bride, a Boat, and Bamboozled!
2 1x02 25/May/2009 A Fire, a Fashionista, and Family
3 1x03 01/Jun/2009 Bunny, Birthday, and Burnt Food
4 1x04 08/Jun/2009 Weddings, Water, and Wacked!
5 1x05 15/Jun/2009 Bi-Plane, Bridezilla, and Busting Buddy
6 1x06 22/Jun/2009 Undead, Unclothed, and Unhappy Mama
7 1x07 29/Jun/2009 Doves, Ducks, and Delicacies
8 1x08 06/Jul/2009 Museum, Mistakes, and Mother Mary
9 1x09 13/Jul/2009 Soldiers, Sand, and Salad
10 1x10 20/Jul/2009 Chinese Culture and Cannolis
11 1x11 27/Jul/2009 A Blindfold, a Bikini and Breathing Fire
12 1x12 10/Aug/2009 Leaning, Lobsters and Lectures
13 1x13 17/Aug/2009 Fireworks, Falling Fondant and Fathers

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
14 2x01 26/Oct/2009 Plants, Pranks and a Proposal
15 2x02 26/Oct/2009 Candy, Crash and Crisis
16 2x03 02/Nov/2009 Robots, Rollerskates and Relatives
17 2x04 02/Nov/2009 Painters, Pool and Pink
18 2x05 09/Nov/2009 A Battleship, Ballet and Burning!
19 2x06 16/Nov/2009 Children, a Cage, and a Challenge
20 2x07 23/Nov/2009 Pizza, Poochies and Pop-in-Law
21 2x08 23/Nov/2009 Golf Greens and Gravity
22 2x09 30/Nov/2009 Freaks, Fast Food and Frightened Frankie
23 2x10 07/Dec/2009 Colorful Characters and Christmas Costumes
24 2x11 14/Dec/2009 Motorcycles, Manhattanites and Misbehaving
25 2x12 04/Jan/2010 Blushing Brides and Busy Bakers
26 2x13 11/Jan/2010 Apples, Arguments and Animal Prints
27 2x14 18/Jan/2010 Sizing, Sleeping Stretch and Sesame Street
28 2x15 25/Jan/2010 Chimps, Cinema and Crumb Cake
29 2x16 31/Jan/2010 Cars, Collapse and Couture
30 2x17 01/Feb/2010 Aquarium Adventures and an Announcement
31 2x18 08/Feb/2010 Castles, Cannolis and Cartoon Characters

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
32 3x01 31/May/2010 Governor, Giant Lisa and Good-bye Mama
33 3x02 07/Jun/2010 Peppermint and a Polar Bear Plunge
34 3x03 07/Jun/2010 Roses, Romance, and a Romeo
35 3x04 14/Jun/2010 Tournament of Knights and a Tasty Tiramisu
36 3x05 14/Jun/2010 Hieroglyphics, Hearse and Happy Parents
37 3x06 21/Jun/2010 Chopped Head and a Crazy Cravings Cake
38 3x07 21/Jun/2010 Magazines, a Mega Screen and Maurizio
39 3x08 28/Jun/2010 A Princess, a Pirate and a Perplexing Arch
40 3x09 12/Jul/2010 6-foot Sub Sandwich, Zeppoles and a Sick Mauro
41 3x10 19/Jul/2010 Color, Camouflage and Cupcake Day
42 3x11 26/Jul/2010 Key to the City and a Key-tar Cake
43 3x12 02/Aug/2010 Barbers & Bulls
44 3x13 09/Aug/2010 Mother's Day, Mama and Mom-To-Be
45 3x14 16/Aug/2010 Helmet Cake, Healthy Mauro, & Huge Train Cake
46 3x15 23/Aug/2010 Strawberries, Sinatra, and Sick Ovens
47 3x16 11/Oct/2010 Familia, Fishing and Family History
48 3x17 18/Oct/2010 Frescos, Fountains and Family Wishes
49 3x18 18/Oct/2010 Cassata, Cheesecakes and Crates of Wine
50 3x19 25/Oct/2010 Sandals, Sandwiches and Shelves
51 3x20 01/Nov/2010 Pipes, a Phoenix, & a Problematic Kitchen
52 3x21 08/Nov/2010 Snookie, Super Anthony & a Ship
53 3x22 15/Nov/2010 Sweet Sixteen, Stars & a Saber Sword
54 3x23 22/Nov/2010 Crazy Chocolate Cake & Carlo's Centennial Celebration
55 3x24 29/Nov/2010 Santa, Sunrise & Snowmen Cupcakes

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
56 4x01 31/Jan/2011 Circus, Celebrity Chef & Surprise!
57 4x02 07/Feb/2011 Shark Cake, Scooter, & Smelly Fish
58 4x03 07/Feb/2011 Hot Air Balloon Cake & Happy Little Bakers
59 4x04 14/Feb/2011 Toilets & Textiles
60 4x05 21/Feb/2011 Ships, Sonograms, & Sister Drama
61 4x06 28/Feb/2011 Snow Globe, Story Book Cake & a Scare
62 4x07 07/Mar/2011 Pucks, Pastries & Pushy Grace
63 4x08 14/Mar/2011 Staten Island Chuck, Strange Oddities and Sal
64 4x09 21/Mar/2011 Punches, Psychics & Pastries
65 4x10 28/Mar/2011 Designer, Deadlines & Diagnosis
66 4x11 04/Apr/2011 Tulips, Taxes & Take It Easy
67 4x12 11/Apr/2011 Second Anniversary, Surgery & St. Patty's
68 4x13 30/May/2011 Space Shuttle, Stepping Up & Surprise!
69 4x14 06/Jun/2011 Houses, Help, & Hitting the Road!
70 4x15 13/Jun/2011 Headphones, Helicopters, & Handcuffed
71 4x16 20/Jun/2011 A Big Bumblebee & a Bossy Grace
72 4x17 27/Jun/2011 Competition, Complications, & Communion
73 4x18 11/Jul/2011 Bugs, Break Ups & Burned-out
74 4x19 11/Jul/2011 Moving Cake, Marbles & Mess Ups
75 4x20 18/Jul/2011 Cheeseburgers, Cures & a Challenge
76 4x21 25/Jul/2011 Campfires, Computers & Concerns
77 4x22 01/Aug/2011 Prize Cow, Pop-Tarts & Patience
78 4x23 26/Sep/2011 Chandelier Cake & A Christening
79 4x24 26/Sep/2011 Paleontology & Popping the Question
80 4x25 03/Oct/2011 State Fair, Syracuse Bound & Special Anniversary
81 4x26 03/Oct/2011 Transport Troubles & Two Brides
82 4x27 10/Oct/2011 A Funny Regis & Fifty Weddings
83 4x28 10/Oct/2011 Bees, Beware & Business
84 4x29 17/Oct/2011 Chocolate Race Cars & Choosing a Dress
85 4x30 24/Oct/2011 Spirits & Spumoni
86 4x31 31/Oct/2011 Coffins, Costumes & Cake On a Gurney
87 4x32 07/Nov/2011 Soap, Sonograms & Surprises
88 4x33 14/Nov/2011 Props, Pies & Party Time!
89 4x34 21/Nov/2011 Church Cake, Carats, & a Castano's Pool Party
90 4x35 24/Nov/2011 Family Feast
91 4x36 28/Nov/2011 Family Secrets
92 4x37 28/Nov/2011 Bling, Barbecue & Blueprints
93 4x38 23/Jan/2012 Cake Block, Cruise & a Carlo's Ceremony
94 4x39 30/Jan/2012 Touchdowns & Tattoos

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
95 5x01 28/May/2012 Fitting In, Fed Up & A First Birthday
96 5x02 28/May/2012 Trash, Twirls & Tough Love
97 5x03 04/Jun/2012 Stained Glass & a Surprised Danny
98 5x04 04/Jun/2012 Fast Hands & a Flaming Pearl
99 5x05 11/Jun/2012 Liberty, Layups & a Loaded Dinner
100 5x06 11/Jun/2012 Bar Mitzvah, Beads & Oh Baby!
101 5x07 18/Jun/2012 Beer, Buttercups & Bumbling
102 5x08 25/Jun/2012 Presidents, Peanut Butter & Popping-in
103 5x09 02/Jul/2012 Working at the Car Wash
104 5x10 02/Jul/2012 Silly Seuss & Surprise!
105 5x11 09/Jul/2012 Ice-ing on the Cake
106 5x12 09/Jul/2012 Going Up?
107 5x13 16/Jul/2012 Under the Sea
108 5x14 16/Jul/2012 That's Some Nice Meat
109 5x15 23/Jul/2012 Cakes on a Plane
110 5x16 23/Jul/2012 A Bittersweet Homecoming
111 5x17 26/Nov/2012 A Golden Opportunity
112 5x18 03/Dec/2012 Ugly Feet and a Fiesta
113 5x19 03/Dec/2012 From Fury to Furry
114 5x20 10/Dec/2012 Operation: Tank Cake
115 5x21 10/Dec/2012 Hocus Pocus
116 5x22 17/Dec/2012 Buddy and the Rockettes
117 5x23 17/Dec/2012 Cut the Ribbon and the Cake!
118 5x24 07/Jan/2013 Twirls, Whirls and Crashes
119 5x25 07/Jan/2013 Players, Lawyers, and Pranksters
120 5x26 28/Jan/2013 Light Up the Night
121 5x27 04/Feb/2013 Crane Cake and Puppy Love
122 5x28 11/Feb/2013 A Cowboy in Hoboken
123 5x29 18/Feb/2013 Superheroes and Bakers Unite
124 5x30 18/Feb/2013 We Will Survive

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
125 6x01 27/May/2013 Hurricane Sandy Strikes
126 6x02 27/May/2013 Welcome Back Robin!
127 6x03 03/Jun/2013 Cake Smash
128 6x04 03/Jun/2013 Sugary Slopes
129 6x05 10/Jun/2013 Rebuilds & Raw Fish
130 6x06 10/Jun/2013 Seeing Double
131 6x07 17/Jun/2013 Snowed Out
132 6x08 17/Jun/2013 From Russia with Cake
133 6x09 24/Jun/2013 Glow in the Dark Cake
134 6x10 01/Jul/2013 Muscles and Marriage
135 6x11 08/Jul/2013 Easter Basket Case
136 6x12 15/Jul/2013 Fire and Ice
137 6x13 22/Jul/2013 Hair Raising
138 6x14 29/Jul/2013 Buttercream Submarine
139 6x15 05/Aug/2013 Camp Carlo's
140 6x16 12/Aug/2013 Momma's Birthday Surprise

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
141 7x01 30/Dec/2013 Gator Bite
142 7x02 30/Dec/2013 On the Road Again
143 7x03 06/Jan/2014 ¡Viva Cake Boss!
144 7x04 06/Jan/2014 Pimp My Cake
145 7x05 13/Jan/2014 Next Great Bride
146 7x06 13/Jan/2014 Carlo's Cowboys
147 7x07 20/Jan/2014 Sicilian Samurai
148 7x08 27/Jan/2014 Down the Drain
149 7x09 03/Feb/2014 Icing the Cake
150 7x10 10/Feb/2014 Biceps and Birthdays
151 7x11 17/Feb/2014 Fiery Competition
152 7x12 24/Feb/2014 Up, Up & Away

S02 - #122/Feb/2010Best of Cake Boss7
S03 - #231/May/2010Ultimate Cake Boss7.5
S04 - #306/Mar/2011Baby Special7
S04 - #410/Oct/2011Dear Buddy7

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Classification: Reality
Genre: Cooking/Food
Status: TBD/On The Bubble
Network: TLC ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: May 25, 2009
Episode Order: 12
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