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Lawyers, Guns and Money - Recap

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Abby arrives at her car and finds Hank passed out behind the wheel. She pours her bottled water on him. When he comes to, they grab some coffee and she fills him in on the case. Plead guilty, $1000 fine, 18 months probation. He asks if he can do a PSA for the community service "Just say no to underage sex." Also, can he borrow $1000? She notices a young woman smirking at Hank from the next table over. He approaches her, and she says he's famous, pointing at the laptop. He slams it shut, with her fingers in it, and takes it away. She calls him a dick. Abby gets the laptop back and the owner opens it. The picture of Hank in bed with Sasha and Mia is up, and Abby says the woman is right. Hank is a dick.

Hank waits out front for the news, and it's bad. Not only is the deal off, but he needs to find himself a new attorney. Abby is done swimming upstream.

Sasha arrives, and he tells her this is all her fault. She comes bearing good and bad news. She's dropping out of the movie, because it's been too much bad press. Considering she's responsible for the bulk of it, this is wildly ironic. She's topless when there's a knock at the door. It's Karen. she meets Sasha. She of course recognizes her, because she's seen her picture all over the internet.

Hank plays the sympathy card. His attorney dumped him. Karen suggests he apologize to his attorney. She gives him a stern talking to. If nothing else, he's always been a good dad, and now he's losing that as well.

Marcy arrives to give the lady of the house "The Full Kardashian". There is no lady, it was Stu. He had Irma call. Marcy's people said the only way she makes house calls is if somebody puts out that kind of money. He cost her an entire afternoon's worth of money and Stu promises to make up the loss in funds. Marcy only agrees to stay if she's waxing, so Stu agrees. He's getting the full Kardashian.

Hank beats himself up all the way over to Charlie's couch, and face plants. But Charlie has good news! Eddie Nero is back on-board. He can't get Hank's movie out of his head. He wants to spend some time with Hank, see how his mind works. Charlie wants to take a pass because Eddie doesn't like him, but Hank insists.

As Marcy works on Stu, he tells her about his rise to the top. He worked on Urban Cowboy, and that's one of her top 10 guilty pleasures movies. She's so happy to hear it, she doesn't make him go through the entire waxing. She figures she'll Netflix Urban Cowboy but he tells her to watch it with him. She says rain check but Stu says no. He's donating his entire collection next week, since he never had kids.

Eddie hooks up with Hank and Charlie. He wants to make the character more likable. He wants to watch Hank making love so he'll know how to act him out. Hank says he's leaving. Eddie calls him a pretender, but himself an artist. Hank asks if he got a certificate, and Eddie says yeah. It's called an academy award. He talks a bit about everything, then kisses Charlie. Hank's phone rings, and he's grateful. It's Becca, so he leaves immediately. Eddie invites himself along and Hank says no, but he still winds up arriving with both Charlie and Eddie. She's $100 short on her tattoo. Hank refuses to pay, and the guy who worked on her says he's gonna call the cops.

Eddie pulls his gun, and one of the guys from the shop pulls his as well. Pearl and Becca recognize Eddie, and while he's beaming at them Hank punches him in the nose and disarms him. Hank tells Charlie to pay the man, and waves Becca and Pearl out of the shop.

Karen meets with Abby. She asks her to reconsider her decision. When Abby asks why she should give Hank another chance, Karen says "because I've given him too many and now it's someone else's turn?" Abby asks Karen how she put up with him for so long and she really doesn't know. But she does know the Hank everybody else knows, and then she knows the Hank nobody else knows. The one who listens and hears, and can see right through you. That's who she kept coming back for. She still wants the best for him, because she still wants the best for her daughter. Abby thanks her for coming.

Becca can't understand why her parents have tattoos but she can't. She's all stuck up and prickly until Eddie tells her her dad is cool, and he's doing the movie. He finally gets it, it's about a guy trying to keep it together while falling apart. It's not about screwing teens, it's about family. Charlie, Eddie and Hank have a group hug.

Stu tries the old stretch and arm around on Marcy. She laughs, and he tells her he's making his move. They banter a bit, and he gets honest. He sucks with women, but he likes her. Thanks for hanging out, and it's been a wonderful day. She says that's sweet, and then they kiss.

Hank meets Abby in his bar. It's mean of her to show up in his neck of the woods when he's been fired. He figures she's there to meet a date, but he's wrong. He figures that since technically she's not his lawyer right now, they can get up-close and personal. So they do.