Another Perfect Day - Recap

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Abby and Hank chat about the case. He's nervous, she's not. He asks her up to his place. Nice try, Hank. Can she blame him? It's the Friday before the Monday he goes on trial. She tells him good night, and hang in there. She's good at this.

His key won't function, so Hank runs down to the front desk. Turns out the credit card company declined his card. He's $25k behind.

Becca finds Hank asleep in his car. He didn't want to wake them up, and he couldn't get a hold of Charlie. Karen said he could come in, and he heads upstairs.

The real estate agent is having more sick fantasies with Charlie. He's really getting into it. He gets off before she does. She doesn't mind. Marcy calls, and tells him he needs to come have dinner with her and Stu that night. He wants to bring a date, and she says fine.

Karen tells Hank she could use some money. Becca wants driving lessons and a car. Ben's doing it for Pearl, so she wants one too. Karen volunteers to give her driving lessons.

The three of them get in the car, and Becca tries to figure out driving a stick. She changes her mind about learning to drive. It's too hard. Karen says no problem, she can just ride the bus. Becca decides to fight with the stick some more. She's off and running, driving like a champ.

Charlie and Peggy arrive at Marcy and Stu's. Marcy realizes that Charlie is dating their real estate agent. Stu gives Peggy a tour of the place after she almost accurately guesses the year the house was built.

Marcy gives Charlie grief after Stu and Peggy walk away.

Karen says Hank can stay the weekend if he wishes. Becca would like it, and that way they can make sure he gets to court on Monday. Karen has a date for dinner. She says they're just friends. Hank thinks Ben is a lucky man. He reminisces about back when they were dating, and Karen asks him to stop. Pearl gets dropped off to Hank with Becca.

Hank makes a casserole, and chats with Becca and Pearl. He can't get on the same page as them. They're just going to hang out and write a song. They'll play it for him when it's done.

He falls asleep on the couch, reading. Becca puts a blanket over him, grabs his keys and heads out.

Dinner at Stu's is going great. He wants Marcy to share her big news. She pours herself a big glass of wine. Stu tells her she can't drink it, think of the baby. Peggy asks if she's keeping it, and Charlie asks how this happened. He's really not amused. It all happened too soon.

The phone rings, and Hank wakes up. There's been a bad accident. Becca and Pearl are okay but the car isn't. Karen and Ben arrive. Ben blames Hank, but the girls own their own. Becca says she would have done it even if Karen had been home, and Karen agrees. Ben takes that as Karen defending Hank, so takes Pearl and leaves.

Charlie and Peggy head home. She's not speaking to him. She's mad because he still has feelings for Marcy. Peggy can't be with someone who loves another woman. He tells her honestly that he doesn't know if they are headed anywhere, but Marcy will always have a place in his heart. She grabs the cigarette lighter and burns his chest with it. Pandemonium erupts. She apologizes, and uses oral sex to help him over it.

Hank tells Becca he'll be really mad at her, but tonight he's glad she's okay. Becca's scared. She doesn't want him to be guilty. She doesn't want people looking at him that way. He's not that guy. She likes what a great day they had. Right up until she ruined it. Hank tells her she made a terrible mistake, but we all do. Then it's tomorrow, and you get up and shoot for another perfect day.

Karen and Hank talk about what happened. She says he tricked her. It was the smile. She trusted that smile. Hank says the guy with the smile was a good guy. He doesn't see him much anymore. He used to be her future, now he's almost her past. She's worried about Monday, just like Becca. His life has come down to him being on trial for raping a teenage girl.