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Boys & Girls - Recap

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The scene opens with Hank hurriedly finishing the work entrusted to him by the Samurai. His hurry is because he wants to return to New York, as soon as possible. Charlie beseeches Hank to stay in LA for a while longer on wingman duty, but Hank is anxious to return to the East coast. He decides to drop off at Becca’s before leaving. Charlie further confides in Hank that, despite his recent surge past the 100-mark, he is malcontent by the lack of romance in his life, instead seeking pleasures of the virtual sort on the internet. Hank and Charlie sign off on a hug, with Charlie having a “shame boner”. Meanwhile at Becca’s, Hank meets Richard leaving the house in a fit of extreme rage.

The reason; Tyler got to Richard’s four year old bottle of premium alcohol; which he keeps as a symbol of his sobriety. Hank inquires about how Tyler is; “demanding” Karen tells him. Becca walks in, Hank tells her that he is leaving. Becca hugs him, but is preoccupied; she leaves to get medicines for Tyler. Hank flirts around a bit with Karen. The demanding Tyler calls out for Karen to serve him dinner. Hanks, takes it to him instead. Hank and Tyler get talking. While Hank is taking a bite out of Tyler’s dinner, Tyler tells him that Becca insisted he stay in her house; so he could be taken care of. Hank fires verbal barbs at Tyler, in the bargain also threatening him. Hank tells Tyler to come clean with his daughter. Meanwhile, Charlie is pleasuring himself while watching some porn.

He is interrupted, by his ex-wife and his son at door. The kid runs in, puts on the television, and lo behold; gets to watch some porn. The parents hear the television and run in too. Charlie’s ex-wife and her new husband are going out on a date and need Charlie to watch their son. Charlie tells them, how he is trying to wean himself off the ‘hardcore stuff’ by watching good old time porn; and masturbating like a teenager. The kid comes to Charlie unhappy about something. They realize that they haven’t brought along the kids favorite blanket “Mr Blankey”. They scoot for their date, leaving a whining kid for Charlie to deal with. At the Samurai’s house, Hank submits to the Samurai his completed work; and expresses his desire to leave a quickly as possible. Kali and the Samurai had plans, but the Samurai wants to read the script; he promises to make it up to her later.

Kali walks away in a huff. Samurai does feel guilty about letting Kali down though. The Samurai requests Hank to take Kali out instead; and show her a good time, Hanks refuses. In the end, the Samurai manages to talk Hank into taking Kali out. Meanwhile, his kid is driving Charlie crazy with his wailing. The baby sitter who was fired in the last episode is called by Charlie for help. He is ecstatic on seeing her. Meanwhile, Hank and Charlie visit an underground club to hang out. Kali flirts with Charlie. She tries her best to turn Hank on. Hank tells her about the warning, by the Samurai, to keep his filthy paws off her. Kali tells Hank, how the Samurai helped establish her career. Meanwhile, Charlie and the baby sitter are hitting it off, over a glass of wine. The two share details of their life’s failures with each other. Suddenly Charlie starts kissing her and tries to get physically intimate. The sitter isn’t very pleased and tells him off severely.

Charlie apologizes to her, and tells her that it’s probably the effect of him watching too much porn on the internet. Back at the club, Hank sees Kali talking to some guy and butts in. The guy challenges Hank to a fight. Somehow the conversation gets into weird territory, with Hank teasing the guy and insulting his parents. In the heat of the moment, Hank manages to pin the guy down give him a ‘Titty Twister”, and run away from the scene with Kali. Next they are shown sitting in a convertible atop a hill with the top down; and the panoramic view of the city in front. Hank and Kali are having a good time and sharing a laugh. Kali tells Hank about her humble beginnings from the Bronx. Kali asks Hank for a goodbye kiss, as he is leaving in the night. The kissing ultimately leads to a series of kisses, which then graduates into the two making out in the car.

Hank drops Kali home, and is jokingly accosted by the Samurai. The Samurai tells Hank that he really loved the stuff Hank has written for him. The Samurai, pretends like he suspects the two, and points a gun to Hank’s throat, scaring Kali and Hank to no end. Hank gets a call from Karen. At her house Hank is informed by Karen, that Becca is upset and won’t come out of her room. Karen tells him that Tyler was cheating on Becca. Hank acts surprised, and wonders why Tyler would say something like that to Becca. Hank consoles Becca, giving her a pep talk. Becca tells Hank that she now understands why her mom put up with his s--- for so long. She tells Hank that she still loves Tyler, just like her mom loved Hank despite his philandering ways. She also appreciates the fact that Tyler was honest with her. The episode ends with Hank deciding to cancel his flight, in order to spend the evening consoling his heartbroken daughter. The episode ends.