Raw - Recap

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The scene opens, and somehow Hank has smoothed things over with Becca and we find the two of them making breakfast at Charlie’s. And to be honest – Hank made a pretty impressive pancake from the look of things. Anyway, Becca wants to know if Hank read Tyler’s screenplay, and when he says no, she gets him to agree to read it by threatening to never speak to him again. Actually a realistic possibility at this point. Later, Hank reads the screenplay. He spends all afternoon doing it and finally we find out that he’s furious because the story is fantastic, much to his surprise. Now at Karen’s, who also apparently forgives him for last episode’s stripper assault, Hank further explains that not only is the writing exceptional, but the content is wildly sexual and terrifyingly autobiographical. Basically, Hank is reading a detailed account of how Tyler beds his daughter.

He is visibly disturbed by this. Meanwhile, Runkle shows up at Marci’s for an impromptu visit with his son, where he is greeted by Stu and Marci who running late to couple’s therapy. Unfortunately, Charlie is informed by Lizzy that mini-Runk was just put down for a nap. Hm. What could he do instead? Sleep with the super-hot British nanny who is clearly way too young/attractive to be interested in him! Charlie had the same idea. Meanwhile, Hank makes his way over to Tyler’s where his ex-hippie, space cadet mother is outside tending to her hippie garden. Immediately you can tell how Tyler got so wild; it’s clearly apparent from the present surroundings. This lady is clueless and useless, from the look of things. However, she is young and pretty and tells Hank she’s going to smoke some weed, so clearly Mr. Moody is interested. Tyler’s mom informs Hank she’s got a, well, fascination with penises. There is really no other way to put it. She asks to see Hank’s, and of course Hank obliges. In rushes a huge, flannel-clad ragingly angry lesbian woman. Yes. That’s right a lesbian woman.

Apparently Tyler’s mom is married to this woman, who clearly isn’t pleased at seeing Hank all de-trousered in her living room. When she finds out who he is, however, things soften a bit, as the happy couple loves Becca, and think she is just perfect for Tyler. Back to Runkle and his disgusting body on top of Lizzy. They finish and start talking, and Lizzy begins to reveal herself as the gold-digging little harlot we knew she was. She is low on cash and needs head shots to launch her career, which Runkle agrees to treat her to. Guess it’s actually kind of a fair trade; with Runkle getting what he wants and the girl getting what she wants. Meanwhile, Stu and Marci get home early. Naked and startled, Lizzy and infant-man jump out of bed and hide behind the sofa.

Marci and Stu begin to role-play in their bedroom – this time Stu is a contractor working on Marci’s house and her husband, Charlie, is crippled and in a wheelchair. Essentially, Charlie needs to listen to his ex wife fantasize about cheating on him in a world where he is paralyzed and living out his days in a wheelchair. Not so fun. Horribly annoyed, he announces his presence by screaming and throwing one of Stu’s Oscar statues at a framed piece of artwork. He is clearly enraged, and makes no bones about it. Back at Tyler’s, they’re talking about their kids and the obvious sexual relationship they have. Hank is flanked by these two crazy lesbians, who are wildly open about sex. Tyler arrives and breaks up the awkwardness. Back at Stu’s, Marci is furious and wants Lizzie fired.

Stu interjects and wants the four to go see their couple’s therapist together. Not sure that’s the best idea, but it surely is worth a try. Meanwhile, Hank finds out from Tyler that the young man is a huge Hank Moody fan. Additionally, Tyler opens up to Hank that he is truly in love with Becca. He says all the right things, admits that he’s been brash only to impress Hank, and Hank believes him. They begin to talk about the screenplay. Hank seems somehow convinced by Tyler’s justifications. Meanwhile, at Karen’s, Hank admits that maybe Tyler wasn’t all bad. Karen agrees. She then apologizes to Hank about the stripper disaster, because Bates broke down and cleared Hank’s name.

Although the noise about Karen wanting to leave Richard is apparently gone, at least she doesn’t hate him anymore. Later, Hank gets back to Runkle’s and finds Samurai Apocalypse waiting for him. When he walks in, he’s ambushed by Rob Lowe’s crazy movie star character. Neil is going to play the main character in Santa Monica Cop, much to Hank’s dismay. This guy is a nut. Next morning, Neil wakes up and is carrying another script around the apartment, which he says is amazing, possibly his next role. Surprise! It’s Tyler’s script! Hank is shocked and annoyed, clearly. Now the whole COUNTRY can hear how sexually served his daughter is! The episode ends, on this truly nightmarish note for Hank.