At the Movies - Recap

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The scene opens, and just when you thought our scruffy-faced friend Tyler was out of Hank’s hair for good, the little weasel has now burrowed his way into that which Hank holds most dear – the literary world. What a nightmare. Hot onto the scene in full agent form, Runkle beseeches Hank to put in a ‘good word’ for him with the young talent. Insulted and definitely a little jealous, Hank is displeased. Actually, he specifically tells Charlie that representing Tyler would be ‘offensive to him on a deeply personal level.’ Runkle succumbs. Hank after all has a way of putting things. At the Santa Monica shoot, the cheesy lines Hank has scribbled don’t seem to be working and Hank would rather play Fruit Ninja on his iphone than help.

Back at Runkle’s, Lizzie counsels Charlie on the Hank/Tyler conundrum while performing sultry underwater duties on the man of the house in the Jacuzzi. Lizzie bobs her head up from under the water to ask Charlie to speak to Stew about reading for a small part in Santa Monica Cop. Makes way more sense now. In his trailer, Hanky lights up a doobie and tries to write some new lines. Stew enters, takes a drag and gives his star writer a pep talk. Afterward, the young female starlet of the movie struts in and begs Mr. Moody for some more zingy lines of her own. Apparently this girl fancies herself a real actress and wants some depth to her character. You can’t tell if Hank’s going to sleep with this girl, but if going on track record alone, the answer is undoubtedly YES. At Charlie’s absurd high-rise office, Tyler is in for a meeting and wondering why the Infant Man keeps ducking his calls. Runkle informs Tyler that he cannot do business with him; yet unable to release young the prospect so soon, he invites Tyler out for a drink. In the trailer, Starlet loves Hank’s new work. She loves it so much, that – wait for it – she removes her dress and immediately navigates south on Moody Island. Another day in the life of Hank Moody.

Not so fast, though – Stew and the director come barging in for an update on the new lines, spoiling all the fun. Although Stew doesn’t thank Hank in the same vein as Starlet, he’s equally pleased with the script. Tyler lays it on really thick with Runkle. Telling him about all the opportunities at his fingertips with production companies, Runkle is sweating. He can see the dollars rolling in. After a minute, Charlie submits and asks Tyler to let him represent him. The eternal snake, Tyler, unconvinced of Charlie’s loyalty, tells Charlie that in order to prove himself, he needs to approach this scary-looking dude in the bar and say some very inappropriate homoerotic things to him. This kid is bad news. Hank arrives in Sam’s extremely ghetto hotel room, and Sam is really angry about something.

A second later, Hank is being dangled off the hotel balcony by two of Sam’s goons, apparently over the Starlet transgression that took place earlier. Obviously displaying how just how insane Sam will eventually become if (when) he finds about Hank and Cali. One he recognizes Sam’s #1 status on set and vows never to upstage him again, Hank is lifted to safety. Realizing Tyler is not joking with his absurd suicide-mission request; Charlie does what he’s told and approaches the big scary dude in the bar with his homoerotic script in mind. After delivering his line, big scary dude’s friends carry Runkle off into a dark corner. Sam apologizes to Hank for his behavior, saying he’s stressed about being the star of the picture. Predictably, Sam then goes on to tell Hank how crazy he is about Cali.

Afterward, Sam socks Hank in the stomach as further punishment for the Starlet incident. He’s a real gem, this guy. After returning from the back corner unharmed, having only been penis-slapped in the face by the big scary dude – yes, the guy literally slapped Charlie in the face with it, as punishment – Tyler tries to pull a bait and switch. Saying he can’t be represented by someone so spineless, Tyler tells Runkle he’s signing with a different agency; to Runkle’s utter dismay. Determined to not have endured a facial penis–slapping for nothing, Runkle gets in Tyler’s face and forces the kid to sign on the dotted line. It works. Back on set, Hank is informed that he’s been fired. But wait, who’s going to finish writing the scrip? TYLER is!

In struts the mouse-faced nemesis, immediately taking Hank’s place in the writer’s chair. Charlie is unable to get a word in with Hank, who fires him – both as a friend and as an agent. Hank leaves and goes to see Becca at the coffee shop she works at. Becca informs Hank that Tyler has openly given Hank credit for the job, a deed for which Becca is wholeheartedly grateful for. In walks Karen, who also admires Hank for ‘helping’ Tyler with his first paying gig. Just like old times, the three decide to go to the movies together. Like a happy little family. The episode ends on this cheery note, with the Moody family together again, even if it is for a few moments.