Perverts & Whores - Recap

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The episode begins, and Runkle shows up at Karen’s, where Hank is holed up to emotionally heal and avoid his ex-best friend. Hank’s hatred is sincere, and Charlie’s pleas to be forgiven are ignored; although Charlie is shown trying his best to win Hank’s forgiveness. Charlie even tries drowning himself in the pool, but Hank refuses to acknowledge him; despite his supposed attempts in trying to kill himself. On his way out the door to take new agent meetings, Hank gets a taste of some solid Becca/Karen alone time in his new suburban sanctuary (thanks to Bates opening the door by getting shipped to rehab). The new mature Moody points out how sweet of a moment it is, and how foolish he’d been to let it all slip away; the time he is spending now with his ex-family is the reason this realization has dawned upon him.

Karen seems giddy. Returning home in his soaking wet suit, Charlie encounters an elated Lizzie, who has miraculously landed a part in Santa Monica Cop, thanks to Stu; and she is visibly overjoyed by this news. Charlie raises an eyebrow, clearly wondering if Lizzy has played them both. And oddly enough, she casually turns down Charlie’s request to migrate to the bedroom; much to his surprise. Hank ends up at a bar with a new agent prospect and runs into Stu. Obviously, moments later Runkle walks in to join Stu; Hank is clearly not happy with the new arrival. Hank and his new friend Larry leave, and Runkle begins to pine for his old friend with a dispassionate Stu. Lizzie comes up in the lunch conversation and Charlie begins to pry at Stu for information about her unlikely casting; he tries his best to pry out as much information from him, as he possibly can. Before long, Stu breaks the news to Charlie that he too was sexually propositioned by the British bombshell; much to Charlie’s shock and dismay. Stu did what any married man with a weak resolve would – he cheated!

Charlie is crushed on hearing this; in fact he is heartbroken. Not only did he think they were actually dating, but now he knows that he was being completely used, and she clearly did not have any genuine feelings for him. Larry has taken Hank to some fictitious filmmaker’s villa, where he can see what it would be like to work with a truly talented and respected director. Hank is thrilled, and then gets an even greater surprise – moments later, in walks his old friend Trixie with another working girl, and she and Hank embrace. So far, new agent Larry is putting Runkle to shame in grand fashion. Speaking of Runkle, he lumbers into his house to find Lizzie the ‘actress’, still glowing over her new part, and she still can’t seem get over the fact that she has actually managed to secure it. Crushed, Runkle begins crying like a baby and asks Lizzie about the blowjob debacle.

She doesn’t seem to think it’s a big deal, and assures Runkle that servicing Stu meant nothing, it was purely business. Charming her way out of another situation, Lizzie leaves unscathed and Charlie seems confused, as he wonders about what Lizzie just told him. Trixie and Hank catch up on old times while undressing, but are interrupted by shrieks of terror coming from the other end of the villa. Startled by the shrieks; Hank rushes towards the direction of the noise. Lars the director is chasing around one of the other girls, scaring her with threats of odd perversion. Of course Hank intervenes, telling Lars to calm down, as he too finds Lars’ behavior inappropriate. Enraged by Hank’s audacity, Lars physically engages the much younger Hank, who ends up jabbing the old cook in the nose.

Before long, Hank and Larry are on their way out, and Larry wants nothing to do with Hank, after all that has just transpired. This could reunite the old dastardly duo of Hank/Charlie by default, from the way things are shaping up. Meanwhile, Marci arrives at Charlie’s, and it seems like Runkle is fixing to tell his ex-wife that her husband has cheated on him. He’s a complete mess and Marci assumes it’s because of Hank; thus she doesn’t suspect anything else is amiss. Before long, Runkle’s inner infant emerges again and he begins to cry. He tells Marci what Lizzie did, but lies to her about with whom. He actually ends up doing something pretty manly in protecting Marc, and not divulging the actual facts to her.

Back at Karen’s, Hank is back to sweet-talking, saying how nice it’s been to spend time with his ladies; he clearly misses them not being a family anymore. In walks a crying Becca, who apparently found some disturbing texts on Tyler’s phone. Hank catches Tyler outside and scalds him for making his daughter miserable again. Tyler then mentions that the girl in his phone is Cali, which prompts further bashing from Hank; as that revelation enrages him further. Stern warnings are issued, but Tyler seems content to continue flirting with danger, as he has been in the past. Back inside, Hank continues playing house, and joins Karen in consoling their daughter. The episode ends on this note.