The Party - Recap

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The episode begins, and newly released from rehab, Bates has decided to join the Jesus-freak parade; as he wants to atone for his sins. Maybe it’s the right move for him, after how things have turned out. Surely, getting naked in public places before streaking home is not the best life plan, and its time he got his act together. Hank is totally amused by this decision of his, but unfortunately will no longer be allowed in Bates’ home, much to his dismay, as all bad influences must be purged in favor of the sobriety effort; and that also means getting rid of the bad influence that is Frank. Meanwhile, Runkle finds Hank having a lonely drink now that he has been ousted from the Bates home.

He is still trying his hand at getting his best friend and star client back and clearly regrets their earlier fallout. Hank says he’s going back to NYC after how things have turned out for him over here, and he is also still toying with Charlie, making him suffer for as long as possible for his betrayal. After Charlie leaves, disappointed at not being able to win his friend and client back, Lizzie walks in the bar and propositions Hank. Seems like a decent shot at revenge, but Hank declines – for now, as he seems to have other things on his mind. However, he agrees to accompany her back to Charlie’s to pick up his stuff. When they arrive, we find that Runkle has planned Hank a grand going-away party, with all of this season’s characters present. From the look of things the event might turn out to be a complete disaster. Meanwhile, Richard is fighting off the urge to drink with the help of his creepy little sponsor, Gabriel. Sam is drinking from a hysterically appropriate golden king’s chalice and Tyler is flirting with Cali in the background. Stu and Lizzie emerge from the bathroom, giggling. Charlie spots them and they readily admit to BJ#2.

Runkle is flabbergasted, but the two laugh and again blow it off, claiming it is ‘strictly business’, and nothing more, Runkle realizes he is clearly being played. Charlie is going to explode, but does nothing. As he is at a loss for what he should really be doing under the present circumstances. Marci confides in Hank, telling him she’s worried about Stu, who has not engaged her sexually in days. Hank reassures her, and Karen joins them on the couch. Just like old times. Marci leaves in a huff, off to find her man and likely grope him into submission. BJ#2 may end up affecting his performance, from the look of how things are shaping up. Runkle finds Lizzie in the nursery and professes his true affection for her, as he can’t take her being with some other man anymore. He asks her to be exclusive, but she flatly turns him down; much to his dismay and frustration.

As predicted, Marci tricks Stu into following her into Charlie’s bedroom, where she throws down the sexual gauntlet. After floundering a bit, Stu has no choice but to pull his pants down; now that Marci has enforced herself on him. However, BJ#2 has rendered him without need of satisfaction, and he is physically incapable of performing; much to Marci’s surprise and frustration. Though he blames it on alcohol, Marci storms out, proclaiming that she knows something is wrong, and she certainly isn’t convinced it’s the alcohol. Meanwhile, Hank walks in on BJ#3 in progress, but it’s not who you think – creepy sponsor Gabriel is in the bedroom servicing Bates; much to his shock and horror. Explaining how he was overcome with emotion and happiness from what Gabriel has done for him, Bates just confusedly says ‘What can I say – it felt like the right thing to do…’ and throws his hands in the air, not knowing how else to explain the current situation to Hank.

Hank chastises Bates for cheating on Karen, especially with Karen sitting in the next room; he seems visibly concerned about Karen’s feelings being hurt by what Bates is doing. Bates leaves and Hank walks out to find Karen. On the beach, Karen confides in Hank that Bates’ sobriety has challenged their relationship. Before long, the two are making out and Karen starts getting even more handsy; thus revealing what she was feeling for Hank all this while. Surprisingly, Hank is the mature one and stops her before they get too far; as he feels it’s a mistake for her to do such a thing at this point.

At the house, Tyler and Cali are missing. Hank secretly goes out looking for them and finds the two together in the bathroom; much to his surprise. Moments later, Hank is furious and the two begin to fight; as Hank just can’t take what he saw. They spill into the main room of the party and Hank completely beats the little punk to a much-deserved pulp, much to everyone’s surprise. The episode ends at this point, with the people at the party wondering what just happened.