Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be - Recap

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The episode begins with a dream sequence featuring Hank’s old pal, Lew Ashby. It’s a dark, red bar supposed to represent hell from the look of things, and apparently this is where Hank imagines himself ending up, for all the deeds he has done. Back in the real world, Hank arrives at Karen and Bates’ house to make sure Bates, comes clean with Karen, about all he has done recently, as he feels it’s only fair that Karen know about all his exploits. Bates tells Karen that he needs to be free and that he is not capable of staying married, a fact he has discovered after his recent exploits, and the two are equally relieved from the looks of it, Bates with having come clean, and gotten rid of his guilt and with Karen no more feeling guilty about still harboring feelings for Hank.

Before leaving for good, Bates tells Hank and Karen they should be together, as they were always meant to be; thus echoing something that both Hank and Karen had in their minds. Thus, the two might end up being together once again, from how things are shaping up. Immediately cashing in on her renewed single identity, Karen allows Hank back into her bed, something that she probably wanted all along, from how things appear. Hank too plays along readily, as he too no longer has to suffer the guilt of betraying Bates in any way. Later, Hank takes a familiar father-daughter walk with Becca by the Venice canals, going over how she made the right decision to dump Tyler, as he was bad news from the beginning; Hank is visibly relieved that she has gotten rid of him at last.

But Becca has a shock in store for him, before long, Becca breaks the news to Hank that Tyler countered her breakup with an offer to marry him – eventually – and that she agreed; Hank is not only shocked but horrified to hear this, and reacts accordingly. After puking into the river, Hank says goodbye to his seriously delusional daughter; as he is at a loss and doesn’t know how to react to the whole situation, anymore. Meanwhile, Runkle and Marci are having a chat about Lizzie, and Marci tricks Charlie into admitting that Stu was cheating; something that she was suspecting all along, and he has just managed to confirm her apprehensions. The exes start out for the set to confront their cheaters, as they apparently have had enough, and it might lead to a huge showdown, from how things are shaping up. Meanwhile, Sam is locked in his trailer where Hank joins him, pining over Cali who admitted to him that she was messing around with Tyler; much to his anger and dismay. Sam is waving his piece around and threatening to bring the Sam Apocalypse; as he is simply unable to stomach the fact that Cali did this to him, and is hell bent on retribution.

Hank calms him down, for the time being, and urges him not to do anything foolish, as it would only make matters worse, and get him into unnecessary trouble. After shooting commences, Tyler can’t seem to get with the program and continues to flirt with Cali in view of Sam; enraging him further. Enraged, Sam grabs Tyler by the throat and has had just about enough of his ways; from how things look. Hank gets in between Sam’s loaded gun and Tyler’s chest, and begins to spew off about his and Cali’s relationship, just so that he can prevent Sam from doing something foolish, and in the process manages to take his attention away from Tyler. Sam is obviously enraged to no end on hearing Hank’s confession, and just when Sam raises his gun to fire at Hank, Runkle arrives and dives in front of the bullet, Secret Service-style.

Meanwhile, Marci gives Stu a piece of her mind for all his transgressions, Tyler thanks Hank for literally saving his life, and Cali is moved by Sam’s display of affection for which he would go to the lengths of killing someone, and lastly Hank forgives Charlie at long last, as he can’t stay angry at him, now that he has saved his life. Thus, all the things seem to have fallen in place, and wrapped up nicely. Later at Charlie’s, Hank is surprised by his crazy ex, Kari. She’s lost her job and is back to ask Hank one question, which she seemed to have in her mind all along – if he ever actually loved her. He says no and Kari convinces him to stay for one drink. She begins to act irregularly, seeing this Hank is immediately on the alert, and realizes that she has digested an entire handful of pills, much to his shock and dismay.

Moments later, Hank begins to pass out and it’s clear that his crazy past has once again caught up to him from the look of things, this time perhaps for the last time. Kari it turns out has planned a romantic double-suicide for them, and hence has spiked both their drinks. She tells him to tell her that he loves her. He hallucinates and thinks that Carrie is Karen. He says that he loves her and the episode ends at this point.