The Unforgiven - Recap

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The episode begins and its shown how Hank met Karen at a bar for the first time. She is the bartender and Hank is flirting with her. He asks her for her name, but she isn’t very forthcoming. Later the two are shown having coffee together. Hank is disappointed that Karen doesn’t have a more exotic name like Sasha or Aasha. Hank turns around and sees the waitress serving them is Carrie. He then sees Carrie sitting in front of him instead of Karen. “Tell me you love me” Carrie tells him. Hank wakes up with a start and finds himself, lying on a hospital bed. He sees Karen sitting by his bedside. “Tell me what do you remember?” she asks Hank.

She elaborates that she wants to know about “that night” when he had said he would show up for dinner but he didn’t. She mentions that she kept calling him, but he didn’t answer. She got worried and drove up to Charlie’s and that’s where she found him and Carrie. “I didn’t fuck her Karen. I swear” he tells her. “She made me a drink, a really strong drink” he tells her. Karen tells him that the doctors have said he will be fine. He asks about Carrie and Karen’s expression turns grave. Hank later enters Carrie’s room and sees she has been kept on life support. He finds Carrie’s friend Sarah sitting by her bedside. Sarah tells Hank that Carrie is showing no signs of recovery and her parents might soon pull the plug. Sarah blames Hank for Carrie’s condition and tells him to “get out” of the room.

Hank is moved by the whole thing and goes to a bar by himself to drink his sorrows. Charlie meets up with him at the bar and tells him he has an offer for him. Hank says he isn’t really in the mood for work. Charlie tells Hank he is lucky to be alive, but Hank doesn’t feel that way. “You gotta get past this man. You gotta forgive yourself” Charlie says. Charlie adds that Carrie was crazy and tried to kill him. Hank punches Charlie in the face and says he shouldn’t talk about Carrie like that. Charlie is insulted and walks away. Hank later returns home all drunk and Charlie helps him undress. Charlie feels Hank needs to get his “shit together”. “You have Karen to think about and Becca” Charlie says. “They are better off without me” Hank retorts.

Hank feels all he ever does is “fuck their shit up”, so it’s best he stay away from them. Hank goes to sleep and begins dreaming about Karen and him once again. He recollects how he asked for her number but she told him she has a boyfriend, but that didn’t discourage him. Hank tries kissing her, but she pushes him away and goes home. Carrie then appears and asks him to leave Karen alone as he might end up hurting her or even killing her. In the morning, Charlie tells Hank to “get in the car”. He says they are going on a “field trip”. Charlie takes Hank to Atticus Fitch, who is getting a massage in his own private plane. Atticus, who is a rock star, wants Hank’s help in writing a musical named “crazy little thing called love”, which shall be on a popular movie of the same name.

Turns out, Atticus’s wife liked the movie and hence he wants to make the musical. Atticus suggests Hank write the script and he shall write the music and lyrics and together they can make a masterpiece about love. Hank turns down Atticus’s offer. Atticus then asks Hank is he is a fan of his (Atticus) work. Hank replies in the negative and Atticus is surprised to hear that. He asks Hank why he isn’t a fan. Hank says Atticus is smug and pompous; he also calls Atticus a dinosaur. Atticus is enraged at being insulted and punches Hank in the stomach. Hank then begins to puke. Later, Becca meets up with Hank at a bar. “You got us all worried” Becca tells him. “I don’t wanna talk about this shit” Hank retorts.

Becca changes the subject and tells him she is dropping out of school and wants to be a writer. Hank isn’t happy to hear this. “For better or for worse I am my father’s daughter” Becca argues. Hank isn’t convinced, but Becca is adamant. Later a drunken Hank crashes at Karen’s. When he wakes up he sees Charlie and his family holding an intervention. They feel Hank should go to a rehab. Hank is in no mood to relent. Charlie seeing no other option removes him shirt, shows him the bullet wound and says “I took a bullet for you man; the least you can do is heal yourself for me”.

Becca too joins in and tells Hank that his drinking is going to get him killed. “Just because I am older now doesn’t mean I don’t need a father” she says and hugs him. Later it’s shown that Hank has checked himself into a rehab called “Happy Endings”. The episode ends at this point.