Quitters - Recap

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The episode begins with Charlie paying Hank a visit at the rehab. Hank admits to Charlie that he is feeling better with his stint at the rehab and is keeping an open mind about things. Charlie covertly hands Hank a small packet of pot he has smuggled in for him. It’s to take the edge off, Charlie tells Hank. Hank thanks Charlie but also comments on how Charlie is suppose to support his sobriety. “Come on weed don’t count” Charlie says. Charlie is distracted when he sees an actor named Robbie Mac at the rehab. He leaves Hank to say “hello” to Robbie. Later at a group therapy session, Hank tells everyone he sees himself as a “drug and alcohol enthusiast”.

The doctor reminds Hank that he is an addict and has even resorted to drinking his own urine. Hank admits that’s true but adds that it’s not as unpleasant as it sounds. The doc also mentions how Hank is distraught over his former lover who killed herself. Hank admits he is and argues that anyone in his position would feel the same way he is feeling at the moment. One of the group members named Faith who doesn’t like Hank’s attitude, asks him as to why he is there and is wasting everybody’s time, if he doesn’t want to be there. Charlie in the meantime is having a chat with Robbie. He asks Robbie what it is that, he is looking for in a representative. “I am looking for a man who is an advocate for me and my career” Robbie tells him. Also, he wants a man who is openly gay.

Robbie adds that he wants an agent who understands him as an artist and a gay man. “I want a gaygent” Robbie says. Charlie reluctantly lies to Robbie that he is gay, in sheer desperation to be his agent. “I knew it” Robbie says with a smile and adds that, he had a strong feeling Charlie is gay. Robbie then hugs Charlie and kisses him on his cheeks. “I have a really good feeling about this” he tells Charlie, happily. Karen in the meantime is called for a job interview. She and Marcy are both high on dope but Karen still agrees to go for the interview. At the rehab, Hank apologizes to Faith for earlier and strikes up a conversation with her. Faith tells him she is a groupie, although she would be liked to call a “muse” as men have written songs about her.

She also adds that she is not his type and isn’t the least bit “fuckable”. “I only fall for extraordinary men” she adds. “Would you say you are extraordinary?” she asks him. He says that he doesn’t know and Faith likes his honest reply. Just then his daughter pays him a visit and he rushes to see her. Stu pays Marcy a visit and tries to win her back with a stash of pot. It seems to work as she pulls him in. He tells how much he misses her. Stu realizes Marcy is horny when he sees a dildo stuffed in her pocket. He then insists that he shall give her a blowjob and she after a bit of reluctance agrees. At the rehab, Roscoe who is apparently Becca’s new boyfriend introduces himself to Hank. He tells Hank that he admires what Hank is doing and mentions that he too has been in the rehab twice.

He elaborates that was in the rehab for alcohol and various kinds of drugs. Hank is visibly disturbed with Becca’s choice of boyfriend and gives her quite as stare. At the interview the employer finds out Karen is high but she still hires him. Turns out, the employer is the wife of a musician, at whose mansion Karen will be working. Charlie finds out that his signing Robbie is big news along with the fact that he has come out of the closet. Charlie is shocked to find out that the news of him being gay is all over the internet. But, Charlie realizes a whole new world has opened up to him thanks to him lying about his sexuality. He is excited about that. Hank on the other hand packs up his stuff to sneak out of the rehab.

He on his way out sees Faith praying in her room. “All you prayers have been answered I am leaving” he tells her. Faith suggests that Hank not “bail” like a coward. Also, she tells Hank that, if he leaves he will never be able to find out what she is in the rehab for. She then admits to Hank that she was sleeping with this famous guitarist in a hotel room and when she woke up in the morning she found him dead. Turns out, the guitarist had been to the rehab they are in now a number of times, so she decided to grieve him by checking into this rehab.

Frank thinks it’s a good idea. She then tells Frank he should stay, just so he can take a vacation from his life. Frank agrees and suggests they get high. Faith agrees and Hank removes the pot Charlie gave him. The episode ends at this point.