Hell Bent for Leather - Recap

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The episode begins with Charlie and Hank drinking to his semi-successful rehab stint. They are also drinking to Charlie becoming a successful “gaygent”. Charlie mentions how great it is being a gaygent. “It’s good to have you back buddy” Charlie then says. Charlie asks what Hank is planning now that he is out of the rehab. Hank says he is planning a novel or a short story and mentions how Faith inspired him to write it. Hank says he doesn’t want to work for Hollywood, at least not for the time being. Charlie can’t imagine why Hank would want to work for free, when he can get him a “major payday”. Charlie isn’t ready to give up and mentions a few proposals he has lined up.

Next day, Charlie brings Hank along for a meeting. Turns out, Robbie has still not arrived and Charlie is really nervous because of this. Hank asks him to relax and says he is sure Robbie will arrive soon. Charlie mentions that a woman named Ali is running the studio where they have come for the meeting. Hank reminds Charlie that he and Ali were dating at one point and their relationship had ended rather acrimoniously. Charlie had apparently forgotten this and now looks even more worried. Ali arrives and calls the two into her office. Ali clearly isn’t very happy to see Hank there.

She asks where Robbie is and Charlie assures her, he shall be arriving “shortly”. Ali focuses on Hank and asks him about how he plans to write this new movie. Hank answers but Ali who is still apparently angry with him, taunts him about the past. Hank feels Ali wants to get back with him and says he is cool with the idea, because he is now single, which he was not when they were dating the last time round. Ali is offended by his suggestion and asks the two to “get the fuck out of her office”. Just then, Robbie makes a dramatic entry and makes a compelling case, thus selling Ali and the studio their idea. Charlie is ecstatic.

Later, Robbie invites Hank and Charlie for a celebration. Hank tries to excuse himself, but Robbie makes it clear that Hank has to be at the party, if he wants to be a part of the project. “He will be there Robbie” Charlie assures him. Hank and Charlie later arrive for the party, which is happening at a club called “Manhole”. Hank sees Richard bartending there. Richard asks him what he is doing there. “Charlie is gay now” Hank says, explaining his reason for being there. Hank sees Ali and her assistant too are at the club and is intrigued. “Robbie invited us to celebrate” Ali explains. Robbie takes Charlie for a ride on his bike. Charlie visibly worried looks in panic towards Hank, who has a smirk on his face.

Ophelia, Karen and Marcy are in the meantime having dinner together. Ophelia is busy ranting about how redundant men are and Marcy seems to agree with her every word. Karen feels, Ophelia’s “utter hatred for men is a little extreme”. Ophelia tries to make Karen understand her point of view, by pointing out to Karen that all the men she has ever dated have abandoned her. Marcy too seconds Ophelia’s argument. Ophelia says Karen has to give up on this fantasy of a “fairy tale ending”. Karen doesn’t seem convinced. Just then a couple of men send over some drinks for them. Ophelia, who is still busy ranting, is mortified to see this. The men then come over to their table and begin flirting.

Karen and Marcy seem fine with it, but Ophelia tells the men off. The men don’t seem discouraged by it, so Marcy jumps in to help. She asks the men if, after a night of debauchery, they will be fine with their morning breath and all the gas they will pass thanks to the cheese they have eaten. She says a couple of other disgusting things, in the end managing to discourage both the men enough to leave their table. Ophelia is amazed at what Marcy just did and congratulates her for it. At the club, Hank reveals to Ali that Charlie actually isn’t gay and is only pretending to be gay, because he wants Robbie as a client.

Robbie in the meantime suggests to Charlie that they have sex. Charlie is shocked at this proposition. Robbie asks him to think about it and says he shall be back in a bit. Ali and Hank are busy making out. Ali’s assistant who is into Charlie, gives him a blowjob in the meantime, in one of the rooms at the club. Charlie is really turned on and wants to have sex. The girl says she needs to pee and put her diaphragm in. She goes to the loo and just then Robbie knocks on the door and enters. He sees Charlie standing naked and assumes Charlie is ready for sex. Robbie pushes Charlie on the bed and whips out his dick. Just then the assistant comes into the room naked. Charlie pretends he doesn’t know her and even accuses her of trying to rape him.

She is livid and tells Robbie that Charlie is only pretending to be gay. Robbie asks Charlie to prove he is not gay, by giving him a blowjob. Charlie has no other option left but to admit the truth. “I am straight as an arrow” he tells Robbie. Robbie fires him and walks out. Hank in the meantime is having sex with Ali. Charlie arrives and tells them that he has been found out and fired. Hank tells Ali they have to stop. Ali isn’t happy about it and puts on her clothes and angrily leaves.

Later, Hank arrives at Karen’s doorstep to meet her. He basically says he is interested in getting back with her. She says they have to give it time and it might happen in the future. He also tells her he is planning to write something. They bid each other “goodnight” and Hank leaves. The episode ends at this point.