Dead Rock Stars - Recap

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The episode begins at the rehab during a group therapy session. Faith is told to share her story with the group and she narrates her story about how she woke up next to a dead musician. The doctor tells Faith she should bid the dead musician a final goodbye. She says it’s too late as the funeral is already taking place. “You should be there” the doctor tells her. She doesn’t feel it’s a good idea but the doctor is insistent and feels it will take the weight off her chest and she shall be “able to soar again”. Faith doesn’t want to go to the funeral alone, so the doc tells Hank to go along with Faith. Hank reluctantly agrees after whining a bit.

At home, Charlie on the other hand is busy watching a video of two men having sex. He sees that man-on-man sex is not arousing him, as he doesn’t have a hard on. Hank enters with Faith just then and Charlie tires to stop the video, but his remote doesn’t seem to be working. Hank sees the video and tells Charlie it’s ok and it was bound to happen sooner or later. Hank says he is proud of the fact that Charlie has at last come out of the closet. Charlie explains that he was simply testing himself and says he is in a huge pickle. Hank has no time to listen to Charlie as he has to make it to the funeral and is at Charlie’s to pick up a suit. Hank also tells Charlie whose funeral it is he is going to. Faith and Hank later arrive at the funeral. Faith is allowed in to pay her last respects, but Hank isn’t. Charlie on the other hand meets Robbie and his boss who is sitting with Robbie.

Charlie begins talking shop with Robbie and tells him he has three scripts out of which he can choose. Just then, a guy shows interest in Charlie and Robbie encourages Charlie to go and share a few intimate moments with the guy. Charlie tries avoiding it but his boss and Robbie insist that Charlie go with the guy. Charlie has no other option but to go with the stranger. At the funeral, Faith and the rock star’s widow, get into an argument. She recognizes Faith as the girl who her husband was having an affair with. She calls Faith a “whore” and leaves. Faith is disturbed by what just happened, but Charlie tries to console her. She reminisces about her time with the rock star and begins to cry. Faith suggests they have a drink and then head back for the rehab. Hank asks her to hold on, takes her VIP pass and leaves to do something.

Charlie meets the stranger in the restroom and tells him he is straight, but the guy doesn’t believe him and feels Charlie is just playing. Charlie reiterates that he isn’t gay although he is pro homosexuality. He tells the stranger why he is pretending to be gay. The stranger takes offense to this and tells Charlie what he is doing to Robbie is really wrong, as Robbie is a great man for being the first movie star to come out and openly admit he is gay. The stranger threatens to march “out there” and tell Robbie the truth. Charlie offers to bribe him to keep his mouth shut and the guy agrees. At the funeral, Hank tries to steal a cross hanging from the dead rock star’s neck, so he can take it back to Faith as a memorabilia. He tries removing the cross hanging from a chain but it doesn’t seem to be coming off.

In the end he manages it and when he turns around he sees Atticus standing there. Atticus recognizes Hank as the guy who turned down the offer to work with him a few weeks ago, and then threw up in his jet. Atticus takes offense when Hank says he is a fan of the dead rock star, as a few weeks ago Hank had told Atticus that he isn’t a fan of his work. Atticus argues that he is as brilliant a musician as the dead guy. Just then Faith arrives to get Hank out of there. Atticus recognizes her and tells her how much the dead rock star used to like her. The dead guy’s wife arrives just then and is livid on seeing Faith there. She assaults Faith and the two get into a fight. A holographic image of the dead rock star appears just then and everyone stops to look.

The hologram of the musician mentions that if they are seeing him now, then he is probably dead. He gives his last performance and everyone applauds. Later, Faith and the dead musician’s wife make up and so do Atticus and Hank. Hank and Faith then party at Atticus’s house. In the morning, Karen arrives for her first day at work and a naked Atticus opens the door.

She is shocked at the sight. She eventually manages to gain her wits and tells him she is the new designer for his home. He calls her in and puts some pants on. She goes into his living room and sees Hank sleeping on the floor with hordes of other naked men and women. Karen isn’t at all happy to see him there. Hanks wakes up, utters some gibberish and goes back to sleep. Atticus then takes Karen to listen to one of his songs. The episode ends at this point.