Rock And A Hard Place - Recap

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The episode begins and Hank is trying to write something, but is drawing a blank. He seems to be facing a writer’s block. Later, he arrives at Karen’s and asks her out for coffee. She says she is headed for a meeting. He says he needs a muse and offers to come with her, so they can talk on the way. She says she is headed to Atticus Fitch’s house and mentions that he knows Atticus. She asks him why he refused to work with Atticus. Hank says he wasn’t interested in writing a Broadway musical. She refuses to be his muse and leaves. Hank mentions to her how he doesn’t like her working because since she started working she is “curt and brusque and always on the go”.

At work, Ken asks Charlie if he is really gay. “No I am not, and I am sorry I lied Ken. But I am a good agent” Charlie says. Ken asks Charlie to stand up and punches him hard in the stomach. Ken is basically angry that their agency has lost Robbie as a client. He punches Charlie in the stomach once again and Charlie collapses to the ground. Later at home, Hank finds a depressed Charlie sitting in his underwear sipping whiskey. Charlie says he is a “fucking failure”; he is unemployed, divorced and a “shitty father”. Hank tries to make him feel better. He tells Hank is living “paycheck to paycheck” and adds “there are no more paychecks”. Hank says he has an idea that would get the both of them out of trouble.

Basically, Hank has decided to work on Atticus’ musical. They talk to Stu about it and he agrees to “put in a call”. Stu in return asks Charlie to convince Marcy to “sit down” with him, so he can plead with her to take him back. Charlie says Marcy won’t listen to him. Hank steps in to help Stu. He calls up Marcy and convinces her for a “sit down” with Stu. Later, Hank and Charlie meet Atticus. He is in no mood to collaborate with Hank. He says he can’t collaborate with someone who isn’t a fan of his work. Hank is left with no other option but to lie to Atticus that, he is a fan of his earlier work. Atticus seems to buy his lie and is happy that Hank at least likes his earlier work. Atticus then mentions how he is in the middle of things.

Basically, he has fired his manager who was stealing from him and also hasn’t been able to get his hands on cocaine, because his dealer is missing. Hank feels this is a good opportunity for Charlie to pitch himself as Atticus’ manager. Atticus says he will hire Charlie, if he can get him a particular type of cocaine that he likes and the guitar of his rocker friend who died a few weeks ago. He wants the guitar, because it will inspire him to write a song as a tribute to his deceased friend. Atticus says he doesn’t know where the guitar is, but wants Charlie to anyhow find it.

Hank and Charlie’s quest for the guitar brings them to where Faith lives. Hank tells Faith that they need her dead boyfriend’s guitar. Faith says the rocker gave his guitar to a drug dealer as payment. Faith offers to take them to the drug dealer. They meet the dealer and tell him that they want the guitar and some specific kind of cocaine. The dealer has both, but asks them what they are prepared to do for him in return for him giving them the guitar and the narcotics. Faith reasons with the dealer that, the guitar doesn’t belong to him but to the world and “it should be out there making music” she says.

She feels the guitar could help Atticus make some beautiful music once again. “You make a convincing case Faith” the dealer says. But, he is still in two minds. In the end he says he likes Charlie’s suit and asks him to take it off. Stu arrives for a sit down with Marcy and sees that Ophelia too is there. From the moment she meets Stu, Ophelia begins talking down Stu for cheating on Marcy. Marcy then gets Stu a chastity belt for his cock, which has been designed by Ophelia. Marcy describes how the belt would make it really uncomfortable for him, if he thinks of cheating. She asks him to wear it, if he really wants to make it up to her. Stu reluctantly agrees. Hank and gang get Atticus the coke and the guitar.

He as a result hires both Charlie and Hank. Stu wears the belt and is barely able to walk. To make matters worse for him, Marcy puts on the TV and its playing “girl on girl porn”. In addition, she kisses him passionately before leaving for dinner with Ophelia. Stu as a result has an erection and yells out in pain. Hank thanks Faith for all her help. She admits to Hank that she finds him attractive because of his work. She says she can help Hank achieve greatness, because that’s what she does. They begin making out. She suddenly stops, wishes him “goodnight” and walks away. The episode ends at this point.