In the Clouds - Recap

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The episode begins with Hank telling Becca to go back to school. “No I am not doing that” she says. “What are you doing?” Hank asks. “I am living the life of an artist” she replies. She says she is reading a lot of books and is close to finishing her novel. She says she wants to experience everything while she still can. Hank in the end relents and tells her to keep working on her novel and smoking weed, but requests her to stay away from the “hard stuff”. Charlie arrives and mentions that they have to be on Atticus’s jet, “Air force 69”. Hank and Charlie arrive on Air force 69. Atticus tells Hank he hasn’t been able to come up with even one song, for their musical.

The problem is he is flying to New York to play his music for his Broadway producers, but he has no music. Atticus feels if they have a story the music will immediately begin flowing out of him. Atticus leaves for a bit and his wife then comes on to Hank. Hank isn’t at all comfortable and does his best to keep her off. The jet is about to take off and Charlie is really nervous and is sweating like a pig, because he is afraid of flying. Faith arrives a little later with Tiny’s widow, Trudy. Faith reveals that Trudy and she are good friends now. The jet takes off. Faith and Hank spend time with each other and apparently seem to be having fun. They eventually begin flirting with each other. Hank asks her if she is ready to be his muse. She says she isn’t sure because, she has a feeling he is “more trouble than” he is worth. Atticus calls for Faith.

He basically tells her that he wants to have a “sexual relationship” with her. Faith turns down his offer. Atticus argues that she inspired Tiny to do some of his best work by having sex with him and he would like the same benefits. Faith says she can’t do it because his wife is outside. He says he slipped her “an Ambian”. Faith feels that’s an awful thing to do. “She loves drugs” Atticus argues. She says when she hooks up with a guy she goes “all in”. “I want to know what we are trying to accomplish here” she says. Atticus tells her he is trying to write music for a “rock opera”. Faith tells him to play something for her. “I have to audition for you?” asks a shocked Atticus. Trudy in the meantime tries to calm down a terrified Charlie. She begins giving him a hand job to calm him down.

He quickly ejaculates. She is then reminded of her husband Tiny and walks away sobbing. Hank on the other hand is spending time with Atticus’s wife. She suddenly falls headlong on his penis. Hank feels she has gone down to give him a blowjob, but it turns out the Ambian has had its effect and she as a result has dozed off. Atticus comes out of his room just then and he is yelling at the top of his voice. He accuses Faith of being inappropriate with him and wants her out. She says he is lying and is doing so only because she refused to “fuck him”. Trudy though, believes Atticus and accuses Faith of being a “home wrecker”. Hank on his part believes Faith and says “if she goes I go”. “You can fucking finish you musical by yourself, you little spoiled ginger” he tells Atticus. “Get your house in order because your wife is looking for a strange” Hank adds.

Atticus is outraged to hear this and slaps Hank across the face. Suddenly in the middle of all this, the plane hits turbulence and the captain instructs everyone to take their seats and fasten their seatbelts. They all believe they are going to die and they would rather die, doing things they want to do. So Atticus begins playing music on his piano and singing. Charlie and Trudy have sex. Atticus is suddenly inspired and with a smile on his face tells Faith that, this is the moment he has been waiting for. Faith sees Hank calling someone up and says “she knows you love her”. “I suppose she does” he agrees and hangs up. Faith kisses Hank and says she wants to spend the last moments of her life listening to some great music and making out with the guy who defended her honor.

Eventually, the jet manages to land safely in New York. Atticus tells everyone he has churned out a song. He thanks Faith for being “a proper fucking muse”. He apologizes to her for his “deeply childish behavior” and says he tends to get that way when his “manhood is assailed”. Everyone steps out of the plane except Hank and Faith, who have sex in Atticus’ room. The episode ends at this point.