The Dope Show - Recap

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The episode begins with Charlie returning home with Hank in the morning. He sees his place has been trashed by Becca and her friends. There are empty bottles of alcohol lying on the floor and young guys and girls are passed out all over the house. Hank goes in and sees Becca making out with Roscoe, her boyfriend, in a hot tub. Roscoe gets out of the hot tub to get a condom. Hank confronts him and punches him in the stomach. Becca is forced to clean the house up. She is angry that Frank hit Roscoe but Hank doesn’t seem to care. Karen is also there and they are both trying to discipline Becca.

Becca on her part feels they are making a big deal out of the whole thing. They concede Becca has kept it together most of her life despite having the kind of parents she has but at the moment she is “out of control”. “But I am having so much fun” Becca counters. Hank doesn’t want to discuss this issue any further and asks the two to come along with him. Charlie pays Marcy a visit and tells her he recently had a life or death experience and it clarified things for him.

He is ready to take care of his son Stu so she can go shopping. Marcy feels Charlie is trying to work some kind of angle here. Charlie assures her that he is not. Hank has brought Becca to Atticus’ house to show her the ugly side to partying like a rock star. Atticus comes out to welcome them in. Atticus is clearly high. Becca is too astonished to say anything. Atticus brings them to his living and sitting there is Marilyn Manson doing some coke. Hank whispers to Atticus that he wants his help in discouraging Becca from a life of partying because she still isn’t an adult. Atticus agrees to help.

Just then Manson tells Hank he would be honored if Hank did some narcotics with him because he is a big fan of Hank’s writing. Becca on hearing this is excited. Hank is at a loss for words. Charlie is out with little Stu and is in the play area of a mall. A mother named Trisha introduces herself to Charlie. She has three kids, who are playing there. Using some pretence she takes his cell phone number and texts him asking him to meet her in the bathroom for sex. Charlie is shocked especially because she told him she is married. He asks Stu to keep playing and goes to the bathroom. At Atticus’s house, Manson and Atticus are really setting a bad example for Becca.

She is now convinced narcotics are cool. Hank and Karen realize their plan has horribly backfired. Karen feels they should leave but Hank wants to stick around because he is sure the realization will eventually dawn upon Becca. Charlie enters the bathroom and in one of the stalls Trisha is waiting for him. She has removed her top and is ready with a video camera. Turns out, she has a porn website and wants Charlie to record her giving Charlie a blowjob and then cumming on her face. She gives him a mask to put on so no one can recognize him in the video.

She begins giving the blowjob but when Charlie cums he doesn’t shoot the load on her face. Trisha is angry and says he wasted his load. She is too pissed and doesn’t want to go again. Hank is walking around in Atticus’ house when Atticus’ wife spots him. She comes on to him and suggests they go to one of the rooms in the house and have sex. Hank tries his best to get out of there and back to where Karen and Becca are. She forces him to feel her breast. He reluctantly complies. Just then Karen arrives and sees what Hank is doing. She says Marilyn Manson is trying to get her and Becca into a threesome. Hank rushes out of there.

Hank then tries some reverse psychology on Becca and says if he was her age he too would do the same things because it’s so much fun. Manson asks Hank to leave Becca with him and Atticus, and assures him she will be fine. Hank much to Karen’s surprise agrees and he and Karen leave. Becca apparently wasn’t expecting this and looks worried. At Marcy’s house, Marcy and Charlie together put little Stu to sleep. Stu is happy that both his parents are there with him. Charlie proposes he and Marcy get back together for Stu’s sake but Marcy isn’t interested. Charlie isn’t ready to give up and tells her he still loves her.

She is shocked to hear this. She then makes it clear to Charlie that she is done with men. Charlie kisses her and she doesn’t seem to mind it. They two then begin making out. Karen and Hank are waiting for Becca to come out on her own. A while later Becca rushes out. She apparently couldn’t take Atticus and Manson’s shenanigans anymore. Later at home, Becca assures Hank and Karen and that she has learned her lesson. She asks them to trust her and says she will never end up like Atticus and Manson. Becca goes to her room and Karen brings up the issue of Hank grabbing Atticus’ wife, Natalie’s, boob. Hank says she made him do it.

Hank fathoms Karen is jealous but she claims she doesn’t want him to screw up the only job she has. Hank makes it clear to Karen he isn’t interested in Natalie and the only woman he is interested in is her. Karen on her part isn’t convinced. Marcy and Charlie had sex. They then talk. During their conversation, Charlie finds out Marcy knows about Trisha and her sex website. She asks Charlie if he did something with her but he lies that he didn’t.

She opens Trisha’s website and discovers Charlie lied to her. She recognizes Charlie from his dick in the blowjob video. She angrily storms out of the room. Becca hands Hank the rough draft of her book. Hank feels it’s a true accomplishment and is proud of her. The episode ends at this point.