Mad Dogs and Englishmen - Recap

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The episode begins and Hank had dozed off on his typewriter, while rewriting the musical. He wakes up and sees Atticus, who has already read the rework, and loves it. Atticus tells Charlie that he will be living at his house for a few days, because his wife caught him having sex with the housekeeper and kicked him out. Eddie Nero, who is now Yusuf Nero, pays Hank a visit. Nero has a chat with the group, and recalls how he gave a man a blowjob once. Atticus joins the conversation, and tells them he once allowed a man to give him a blowjob. Faith arrives a while later, with a bunch of girls, and Atticus’s drug dealer. Trudy is also a part of the group. She and Charlie retire to his bedroom for some sex.

Faith reads the rework, and tells Hank she is really impressed. Faith feels her job is done, so they should end their association before one of them gets hurt. Frank agrees, but they begin flirting with each other and making out. Charlie and Trudy come out. He sees that Marcy has arrived with Stu and Karen. Hank comes out with Faith, and is surprised to see Karen. Faith quickly takes Trudy aside, for a drink, before she blurts out something. Karen asks him about Faith and he says she has simply guided him professionally. Karen doesn’t believe him, and is clearly jealous. Hank notices this. Nero interrupts their conversation and begins flirting with Karen. She doesn’t seem to mind, and walks away with him. Hank is really mad.

Stu and Charlie bring Marcy to Atticus’s room, where he is lounging with a bunch of naked women. She is a huge fan of his, and wanted to desperately meet him. Atticus keeps Marcy with him, and tells Stu and Charlie to leave. Marcy seems happy with the arrangement. Karen and Faith have a heart-to-heart about Frank. She warns Faith to be careful, and not get into a serious relationship with Frank because she might end up getting hurt. Faith’s friends tell her that they can see that she really likes Frank. They suggest that she consider having a serious relationship with him. Faith admits that she likes him, but says that she isn’t ready for anything serious. Marcy offers herself to Atticus, and tells him to do with her what he likes. Atticus’s wife has come looking for him at Charlie’s, because she is ready to forgive him. She finds him pleasuring Marcy, and is livid.

Hank is really jealous, on seeing that Nero and Karen are having an intimate conversation, and are really enjoying each other’s company. Atticus’s wife drags Hank to one of the bedrooms, and says she wants to have sex with him. He is really reluctant, but she says she knows some things that will really make it worth his while. He reminds her that she loves Atticus, and she admits that she does. She changes her mind and walks out. Faith sees the whole thing and Hank is glad that she is there. They begin making out, and Karen arrives at that very moment. They immediately stop, on seeing her, but Karen walks away looking enraged. Hank goes after her, and sees her entering a bedroom with Nero. He yells her to stop, and tells her that Nero is crazy, but that doesn’t help.

Nero comes out, after a while, and tells him Karen was really amazing in bed. In anger, Frank punches him in the face. Nero retaliates by kicking him. Eventually, Frank gets the better of Nero and breaks a bong on his head, rendering him unconscious. Atticus comes out with a gun and announces to everyone that, if his wife doesn’t take him back, he will shoot himself. His wife tells him that she forgives him and, after taking the gun from him, she punches him in the face. Hank sees Karen storm out, and chases after her. She confesses to him that she constantly keeps hoping that things would work out between them, but something always stops that from happening.

Hank tells her that he won’t see anyone else, if she doesn’t want him to, but he can’t help if she is the one who keeps him at arm’s length. She says she doesn’t have a problem with him sleeping around, but is bothered when she sees someone looking at him the way she used to. Hank realizes that she still loves him, and they hug each other. The episode ends at this point.