Blind Faith - Recap

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The episode begins with Becca telling her parents at the dinner table that she wants to go on a literary pilgrimage. Hank is not very happy to hear this, but Karen tries to be encouraging. Hank says going on this pilgrimage won’t make her a writer, but sticking to writing pages of her book will. Becca walks off in a huff, while Hank and Karen continue arguing about the issue. Hank arrives to meet Faith and sees her hanging out with a guy named Beckett, who is a musician. They three of indulge in some light conversation and Beckett seems to take a liking to Hank, who he thinks is cool.

While shooting some pool, Hank and Faith talk about how she doesn’t seem to have a job or any particular aim in life. Faith says she likes drifting through life and also tells him, how men have always been really kind to her. Hanks notices that Faith is avoiding a phone call and Faith tells him it’s her mother who is calling. She and her mother don’t see eye-to-eye, but Hank suggests she pay her mother a visit and make amends. Faith agrees, but only if Hank comes along. Hank agrees and they drive to where her mother lives. Faith’s mother is happy to see her, but can’t stop herself from commenting that Faith is dressed like a “slut”.

Faith introduces Hank as her boyfriend and her mother is happy that Hank doesn’t have long hair or tattoos like her pervious boyfriends. Hank meets Jack, Faith’s father, and he seems a lot cooler than her mother and also seems to have sense of humor about things. He sends Hank and Faith to get some booze from the liquor store for him because his wife refuses to get him any. Before entering the store, Faith kisses Hank and thanks him for encouraging her to meet her parents.

While shopping for booze they run into
Shannon, Faith’s old friend from school, who is pregnant. Shannon is surprised to see Faith and says she had thought Faith was sleeping around with rockers and making sex videos. Faith pretends that she is now leading a normal life and Hank introduces himself as her fiancé. During their conversation, Shannon mentions how Faith’s mother was embarrassed of what she had done. So after Faith left, she lied to everyone that Faith ran away and joined the Peace Corps. Hank is curious about what Faith had done, but Faith quickly changes the topic before Shannon can reveal anything.

Back at home, Faith’s mother forces everyone to say grace before dinner. She thanks the lord that Faith hasn’t contracted any sexually transmitted diseases despite her promiscuous nature. During dinner, she asks Hank and Faith how they met and they lie that they met at a church. Faith’s mother is glad that she has turned a new leaf and turned to the lord again. Her mother brings up the subject that Shannon was talking about earlier and Faith says she has already apologized for it a number of times. Her mother says she hasn’t still forgiven Faith for what she did, even though the lord might have. Jack can’t take it anymore and yells that she can’t keep blaming Faith just because she didn’t want to be a nun anymore. Both Jack and Mary, Faith’s mother, walk away from the table in anger.

While sitting in an empty church with Hank, Faith tells him that she couldn’t live the life of a nun anymore and so one day she decided to quit. She says that despite not being a nun she still is a believer and her search for god still hasn’t ended. She says sex, god and rock’ n roll are all connected and Hank tells her about his dream, where he talks to god in a church and after that that he has sex with a nun who comes in. Faith looks around and beings kissing Hank, which leads to her giving him a blowjob. Faith and Hank return home and Jack tells Faith to apologize to her mother because she has been crying and praying since the fight. While Faith goes in to apologize, Jack tells Hank to sit with him.

They have a heart-to-heart and Jack tells Hank that probably he should have encouraged Faith more when she was growing up. He feels he should have made her feel loved instead of judging her like her mother and he did. Faith and her mother both apologize to each other and make amends. Her mother wants Faith to visit them more often and she promises she will. Mary stops Hank and Faith from sleeping in the same room because they aren’t married, so Faith has no other option but to fantasize.

She finds herself in a church, where Atticus is Jesus. He comes down from the cross to make love to her and they begin kissing, which is when she wakes up from her dream. She kisses her parents both of whom are asleep and sneaks out of the house with Hank and her stuff, in the middle of the night. They drive back home and the next day Hank tells Karen they should let Becca go abroad. Karen says she was already considering that and they both go together to give Becca the good news. The episode ends at this point.