I'll Lay My Monsters Down - Recap

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The episode begins with Hank dreaming that he is in a bar and chatting with a deceased friend of his, who is a bartender. Hank tells his friend that he is confused about who he should choose between, Faith and Karen. Before he can come to a decision, Hank is woken up by Faith, who is packing her stuff to go on the tour with Atticus. She asks him if he is coming along. Instead of giving her an answer, he pulls her into the bed and begins making out with her. Hank later arrives at Karen’s, who is helping Marcy get ready for her wedding.

Hank wants to discuss with Karen whether he should go with Atticus on his tour. She says he is a big boy and can make his own decisions. The conversation veers towards Charlie and Marcy’s marriage. Marcy tells the duo that she is really excited about getting remarried to Charlie, and is sure that she and Charlie will make it work this time round. Hank arrives at the airport and, after entering Atticus’s jet, he is told that Atticus is too depressed to go on tour because Natalie, his wife, refused to take him back. Hank has a talk with him and Atticus says that he understands why Natalie doesn’t want to take him back, but adds that he has never done a concert without a good luck kiss from her. Atticus is embarrassed that he has to go on a tour in his bus, instead of his jet, because after his separation he can’t afford it.

Hank gives him a pep talk and makes him feel slightly better about things. Atticus urges Hank to come on tour with him, saying if they work on the opera together, maybe it will help him forget about his heartbreak. Hank says he will think about it and asks Atticus to stop moping around and get out of bed. Atticus, Hank, and Faith arrive at the venue, where he will be performing that night. While Hank and Faith are hanging out in an empty auditorium, Vince, a member of a band called “Mysstery”, approaches Faith and asks her to come to his tour bus. She says she isn’t interested, which pisses off the guy, so he insults her. Hank tells him to back off. He doesn’t, so Hank and Faith drive him away in their own special way.

Atticus is about to step onstage for his performance, but looks unsure. Hank whispers something in Faith’s ear and she approaches Atticus. She holds him and says he is the best. Then, after wishing him luck, she gives him a kiss. It seems to work, and Atticus steps onstage with a smile on his face. The concert goes well and, in the middle of it, Atticus, who is also an ordained minister, marries Charlie and Marcy onstage. Atticus looks at Karen and Hank and asks if there is anyone else who would want to get married this evening.

Hank imagines getting down on one knee and proposing to Karen but, in reality, he isn’t able to muster the courage to do it. While waiting backstage for Atticus to finish his performance, Hank gets a call from Becca, who tells him that she is really enjoying her trip. She asks Hank if he is happy, but Hank isn’t able to give her an honest reply. After hanging up, he tells Faith that he will go with her on the tour. Faith is really happy to hear that. On the tour bus, Hank and Faith cozy up in a bed and doze off. Hank begins dreaming about his bartender friend, again, who tells Hank that he made a good decision by choosing Faith.

During their conversation, Faith arrives and begins kissing Hank. As they're kissing, he sees Karen sitting at the bar by herself. He immediately rushes to her, which is when he wakes up from his sleep yelling “Karen”. Faith, who has also woken up because of the yelling, realizes that Hank is still in love with Karen. Faith confesses to Hank that she loves him and there is no one else who understands her better, but she knows that Hank wants to go back to Karen. She urges him to leave before she changes him mind. Atticus understands that Hank wants to go back for love, so he doesn’t try to stop him.

Before leaving, Faith passionately kisses Hank, so he has something to remember her by. After Hank leaves, Atticus tells Faith that he understands how much she will miss Hank. He tells her that he is there for her emotionally, spiritually and, if she needs, even sexually. Hank is dropped at Karen’s by Atticus’s bodyguard and knocks on her door. The season ends at this point.