Everybody's A F**king Critic - Recap

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The episode begins and Hank after going through Becca’s book tells her that he didn’t like it. He suggests that she start writing a new one, and forget about this one, which really disappoints her. Charlie pays Marcy a visit and asks her why she isn’t returning his calls and she says she can’t see him anymore, just then Ophelia comes out and is really hostile towards Charlie and even slaps him. Ophelia then takes Marcy inside and slams the door on Charlie’s face. Hank finishes writing the musical and hands it to Charlie, who is eager to send Atticus and Stu a copy.

Just then Karen enters and she is really mad about how Hank trashed Becca’s book, but Hank says he was only being honest, which doesn’t convince Karen because Becca is deeply affected by his critique. At Atticus’s mansion, Atticus, Stu and Charlie all agree on one thing that this musical that Hank has written is shit and they say this to Hank’s face, which Hank doesn’t appreciate much. Stu even suggests Hank burn the present draft and start on a new one. At a bar, Charlie tells Stu that he recently slept with Marcy and thinks he is still in love with her, but Stu says he too loves Marcy.

Stu even offers to pay Charlie any amount that he wants to stop pursuing her, but instead Charlie brings up the Ophelia issue and says they have to first find some way to get around her. Hank pays Faith a visit and tells her that everyone hated what he wrote, so he wants her to read it and give an honest opinion. Stu and Charlie call Marcy to a bar and talk to her about Ophelia and although she initially isn’t interested, they manage to convince her to have one drink and hear them out. Faith after going through Frank’s draft tells him that it’s dark and funny, but it doesn’t have a heart and she feels he can do much better if he wants to.

She says Hank is trying too hard to prove to the world that he doesn’t want to write a flowery musical, but is forgetting that at the end of the day the story is about a boy meeting a girl, which is why he can’t be so cynical. He agrees with her assessment and then tells her how hard he was on his daughter just recently and Faith says he has to be really careful and tender in dealing with a girl Becca’s age. She then tells him an incident from when she was that age and how her parents begin really harsh on her at that point, affected her badly.

Ophelia lands up at the bar and isn’t happy to see Marcy having a few drinks and shooting some pool with the boys and she asks Marcy to come home with her. Ophelia says she tracked her down using her iPhone which they all find creepy, but she feels it’s no big deal and tries to drag Marcy out of there. Both Stu and Charlie try to stop her and she tazes them both, This really shocks Marcy, who angrily asks Ophelia to leave. Before leaving, Ophelia warns Marcy that she is going to regret her decision. Hank pays Becca a visit and tells her that his play too was rejected by everyone and so he knows how she feels.

He says it’s a huge achievement that at her age she has written a novel, when everyone else of the same age is busy texting and tweeting. Frank saying this makes her feel better and he even says there were certain aspects of her book that he liked and says if she fleshed out those parts, she could probably turn it into a novella. He apologizes to her for making her think that she wasn’t special and tells her that anyone can be cynical, but it takes courage to be an optimist, which is why he feels she shouldn’t give up writing.

She then offers to read his play and jokes that he might need some help reaching out to the younger generation, but Frank hugs her and says he doesn’t care about the younger generation and only likes her. The episode ends at this point.