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The Abby - Recap

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The episode begins with Charlie returning home, and interrupting Hank and Faith’s make out session. Charlie is worried because Atticus has decided to retire and, as a result, is pulling out of the musical. He tells them Atticus is only concerned with his sobriety at the moment and has checked into Happy Endings, the rehabilitation clinic where Hank and Faith were. Charlie wants Hank to talk some sense into Atticus, saying Atticus will lose millions because of this decision of his. Hank is reluctant, but Faith thinks they should help Atticus out.

At Happy Endings, Hank and Faith arrive and find Atticus meditating. They interrupt his meditation and try talking some sense into him, but Atticus has apparently lost all interest in the material world and is adamant about staying in the rehab. Gabriel sees the two there and tells them to leave because they are having a negative effect on Atticus. While at it, he also asks Hank about Richard’s whereabouts, but Hank says he doesn’t know. While Marcy and Karen are hanging out at a café, Ophelia arrives and invites Marcy to lunch. She tells Marcy how sorry she is for her earlier behavior, which is why she wants to make it up to her.

Hank and Faith arrive in a classroom, where Richard is passionately lecturing a bunch of students. At the end of his lecture, he receives a loud applause from all the students. Richard is glad to see Hank there and asks him how he can be of service. Hank says he wants to smuggle some drugs into the rehab and wants Richard to distract Gabriel. Richard says that Hank’s proposition sounds like an adventure and is more than willing to do it.

During lunch at Ophelia’s place, Ophelia tells Marcy that she is in love with her although she isn’t a lesbian. She says she has never had sex with anyone and would want Marcy to be her first. Marcy says she isn’t interested and begins to walk away. Ophelia hugs her goodbye and before Marcy can react, she tazes her. After she has fainted in her arms, Ophelia kisses her and tells her how she has gotten her at last. Hank arrives at Happy Endings, Richard in tow, and Gabriel is overjoyed to see Richard. Hank tells him he wants to meet Atticus and Gabriel is too distracted to mind. At home, Charlie puts on some porn and is about to masturbate, when he receives a text from Marcy that says “Help”.

Hank and Faith meet Atticus and dangle in front of him the packets of drugs they have brought. In order to avoid temptation, Atticus tries to run away from them, but they chase after him, drugs in hand. Eventually, he settles down and they again try to talk some sense into him. Hank has even brought Becca along, so she can lie to Atticus about how big a fan she is of his. When Becca asks Atticus to return, it seems to have the desired effect. Atticus says that he isn’t ready to give up his sobriety just yet. He says they should talk more over a glass of wine. Charlie comes searching for Marcy at Ophelia’s and after Ophelia invites him in, she tazes him. He falls to the ground unconscious.

Gabriel is interrupted while he is busy having sex with Richard in his room. One of the helpers at the facility tells him to come and see for himself what is happening outside. Gabriel sees all his patients doing the drugs Hank and Faith have brought. Richard joins in and suggests Gabriel join in too. Gabriel reluctantly snorts some coke and really seems to enjoy it, while the helpers are shocked to see this. Marcy and Charlie come back to their senses and find themselves in chains in a room in Ophelia’s house. They have a heart to heart and both confess that they still love each other.

Ophelia arrives with a pair of gardening shears to chop off Charlie’s penis, but Marcy pretends she hates Charlie so much that she wants to do it herself. Ophelia believes her and, as a result, frees her and hands her the shears. The moment she does that Marcy punches her in the face and Ophelia collapses on a nearby couch. She cuts Charlie’s restraints. While Marcy is at it, Ophelia sneaks up on her and tries to taze her, but Marcy turns around, grabs the tazer, and uses it on Ophelia. She immediately faints. Hank and Faith are at Charlie’s, and Atticus, who is now back on drugs, is singing them a song.

Charlie and Marcy arrive and give everyone the news that they are planning to get remarried. Atticus says he is an ordained minister and offers to marry them onstage during his tour. Marcy and Charlie both like the idea. Atticus invites Faith and Hank to join him on the tour, so they can work on the musical. Faith likes the idea, so she and Hank both agree. Becca leaves for her literary pilgrimage and both Hank and Karen bid her an emotional goodbye. After she has left, Karen wonders if Becca was the only thing that was keeping her and Hank together. The episode ends at this point.