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What rock star appears as an exaggerated version of himself in season six Easy msd85• Alice Cooper
• Marilyn Manson
• Dave Grohl
• Axl Rose
What 'Lost' alum guest starred in season six as a friendly drug dealer Medium msd85• Matthew Fox
• Jeff Fahey
• Jorge Garcia
• Mark Pellegrino
What 'Lost' alum played Hank's season six love interest Faith Easy msd85• Sonya Walger
• Rebecca Mader
• Emilie De Ravin
How many episodes were in the sixth season Medium msd85• 11
• 12
• 14
How many episodes were in the fifth season Medium msd85• 11
• 12
• 13
• 14
How many episodes were in the fourth season Medium msd85• 12
• 13
• 14
How many episodes were in the third season Medium msd85• 11
• 13
• 14
How many episodes were in the first season Medium msd85• 12
• 13
• 14
When Hank is done getting ready to go to court in season 4, he looks in the mirror and says "I look like an FBI agent", this is a subtle reference to what previous role of David Duchovny Easy msd85• Ira Kane - Evolution
• Fox Mulder - The X-Files
Season 5 takes place how many years after the events of season 4 Medium msd85• 2
• 3
• 4
Why is Hank eager to go back to LA from NYC in the premiere of season 5 Medium msd85• He misses Karen
• He fears an angry ex-girlfriend
• He needs to make some money badly
Who is Karen married to when season 5 begins Medium msd85• Hank
• Bill
• Richard
• Ben
What rapper plays Samurai Apocalpyse in season 5 Medium msd85• Method Man
• Mos Def
In what year did the show premiere Medium msd85• 2006
• 2007
• 2009
On what premium cable network does the show air Medium msd85• Cinemax
• Showtime
• Starz
Who does Hank talk down from jumping off the ledge of a building Easy msd85• Mia
• Charlie
Who saves Hank from drowning in Stu's pool after falling and hitting his head while drunk Medium msd85• Charlie
• Karen
• Ben
Hank is one of two men supsected of being the father of Sonja's baby in season 2 What is the name of the other man Medium msd85• Ben
• Charlie
Who is the father of Marcy's baby Medium msd85• Stu Baggs
• Charlie Runkle
• Rick Springfield
What was Hank sentenced to at trial for statutory rape Medium msd85• 3 Years In Prison
• 3 Years Probation
• 5 Years Probation
An overdose of what drug kills music producer Lew Ashby in season 2 Hard msd85• Cocaine
• Crystal Meth
• Heroin
What is the name of the porn star girlfriend Charlie had in season 2 Medium msd85• Rose
• Daisy
• Lily
What side job does Hank work for most of the third season Easy msd85• Radio Host
• Bartender
• College Professor
• Musician
What famous rock guitarist cameos as a guitar shop employee in season 4 Hard msd85• Slash
• Tony Iommi
• Zakk Wylde
• Tom Morello
Who plays Eddy Nero, the famous actor set to portay Hank in the movie based on his life, in season 4 Easy msd85• Brad Pitt
• Rob Lowe
• Jerry O'Connell
What is the name of the band that Becca joins in season 4 Easy msd85• Diamonds And Pearls
• The Guitar Goddesses
• Teenage Nightmare
What serious crime is Hank put on trial for during the fourth season Easy msd85• Leaving An Accident Scene
• Statutory Rape
• Grand Theft
What 90's grunge song does Becca's band play for their first live gig in the fourth season Hard msd85• Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit
• Pearl Jam - Alive
• Alice In Chains - Would?
What Rolling Stones song both opens and closes the first season Hard msd85• Start Me Up
• You Can't Always Get What You Want
Why was Charlie fired from his job as a talent agent in season 2 Medium msd85• He slept with his boss' wife.
• He embezzled money from the company.
• He was caught masturbating in his office.
Hank has had several encounters with a red-headed prostitute who goes by the alias of Trixie. What is her real name Hard msd85• Judy
• Beatrice
• Jane
• Beth
What is the name of the attractive cooking show host that Lew hooks Hank up with in season 2 Medium msd85• Ashley Madison
• Sasha Bingham
• Jill Robinson
What is the name of the porno film that Charlie produces and ends up starring in during Season 2 Medium msd85• Sex Toy Story
• Vaginatown
How many different women did Hank have an affair with while Karen was away in New York in season 3 Medium msd85• 1
• 2
• 3
What is the name of the famous music producer that hires Hank to write his autobiography in season 2 Easy msd85• Warren Zevon
• Lew Ashby
• Eddy Nero
What is the name of Hank's original novel that Hollywood adapted into the movie "A Crazy Little Thing Called Love" Easy msd85• F***ing And Punching
• God Hates Us All
• Hell-A Woman
• California Dreamin'
Network: SHOWTIME ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Status: Ended
Airs: Sundays at 09:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: August 13, 2007
Ended: June 29, 2014
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