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Semen-Gate - Recap

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The episode begins with Fitz moving forward with his “honest” campaign. Everyone apparently loves his new found honesty, and it’s a good thing because it’s just 2 weeks before the elections. He basically is focusing on the “immoral majority” to vote for him. “I am riding this honesty bullshit all the way to city hall” he says. He during his campaigning tells the crowds he promises nothing but the whole truth, as he is the “last honest man”. He feels nothing can stop him now. Just then a guy walks up to him and asks “if you’re so honest, where have you been these last 25 years DAD?”

Fitz offers him money to make him go away, but he isn’t interested in his money. He then mentions how Fitz ruined his mother’s life by making her drop out of school, then denying his son’s existence. Fitz wants some time to sort things out. But the guy is in no mood to forgive and says “tomorrow I tell the world how honest Richard Fitzpatrick is”. Fitz later tells Larry and Dot, they need to shut the guy up. Dot suggests Fitz’s son Barry undergo a paternity test. Ken on the other hand has opened “Megan Fitzpatrick Motors”. Megan wants to work with Ken, but he insists that she is only a “silent partner”. Megan as a result, unhappily leaves. Barry readily hands Fitz and Larry his DNA, for the paternity test.

Larry assures Barry, if Fitz turns out to be his father, he will make a public apology to him and his mother. “As long as you let him prove, he is not the narcissistic womanizing predator, your mother made him out to be” Larry adds. Barry, Larry and Fitz hang out together, while waiting for the results of the DNA test. Ken joins the three at their table. Fitz is bothered that Ken knows about Barry, but Larry insists Ken is family and therefore he deserved to know. Ken asks Barry to join him in selling pre-owned cars, rather than be a scientist. Dot on the other hand is at the clinic with Fitz and Barry’s DNA. While waiting for the tests to be run, Dot sees Ali come in. Ali tells Dot, she is there for “genetic compatibility testing”. “Alright cut the crap Foxley; what are you really doing here?” Ali then asks.

Dot in turn gives Ali a piece of her mind, for assuming she can’t be there for the same reason Ali is. Just then, its Dot’s turn to go in and she leaves the conversation halfway and enters the lab. Barry takes Larry and Fitz to his college lab. He explains his research to Fitz, and talks about this girl Natalie, who he is competing with for a fellowship. Fitz pours some alcohol into little beakers in the lab and raises a toast. While he is at it, Richard mistakenly drinks Barry’s research which is also in a small beaker kept nearby. Barry is shocked to see his years of hard work go down Richard’s digestive tract. Later, Fitz decides to make it up to Barry by breaking into the lab, to destroy Natalie’s research.

He basically releases a caged baboon that, Natalie was experimenting with. Fitz even drugs the animal to make it perky. The baboon then leaves the lab. Josh is depressed about the fact that Fitz has cut him out of his campaign. He shares this with Ruptal 2. Barry enters the lab and sees Fitz and Larry shredding Natalie’s research. Barry is aghast at this discovery and reveals that he is greatly interested in Natalie, and all that they have done has ruined his chances with her. He is then shocked to find the baboon missing. “He is HIV positive, he is dying” Barry tells the two in horror.

Barry is even more shocked to know that, Fitz has fed the baboon erectile dysfunction medication. “We have to get him back” Barry yells and rushes out. Josh tells Ruptal 2, he is a sleeper agent for the Special Forces. He says he doesn’t know if his mission has been cancelled. Josh then receives a call from Fitz asking him to come and help out. Larry with Fitz and Barry head out to the campus and warn everyone about the infected baboon. Natalie hears this and isn’t happy about it. She asks them to find the monkey or warns them that she shall turn them into her test subjects. Josh arrives at the campus with rifle in hand, to shoot the monkey down. Larry and gang on the other hand spot the monkey. Larry tries to catch hold of the monkey, but just then Josh shoots a tranquilizer dart in his neck, from the rooftop.

He was basically aiming for the monkey. At the lab, Ali finds out, Chester is not the father of her child. Fitz and gang in the end manage to cage the monkey, with a little help from Josh who pulls his pants down, to distract the monkey. Barry tells Fitz, he never wants to see him again. Dot comes in just then and informs him “you’re not the father”. The episode ends at this point.